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Diode types 
Germanium diodes tutorial germanium diode, germanium diodes have the advantage of an intrinsically low forward voltage drop, typically 0.3 volts; this low forward voltage drop results in a low power loss and more efficient diode
Gunn diode How a Gunn diode works
Gunn diode How a Gunn diode works
Gunn diode Gunn diode, pdf file
Gunn diode Gunn diode, pdf file
Gunn diode The Gunn Oscillator is a source of microwave energy that uses the bulk-effect, gallium-arsenide semiconductor. The basic frequency of a gunn oscillator is inversely proportional to the transit time of a domain across the semiconductor, ...
Gunn diode Fabrication and characterization of planar Gunn diodes for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits, Educypedia
Gunn Diodes Application Note Gunn Diodes Application Note, Gunn diodes are used as transferred electron oscillators (TEO) by using the negative resistance property of bulk Gallium Arsenide, pdf file
Inductive flyback catching diodes inductive flyback catching diodes
PIN Diodes Application Note PIN diodes are typically used in both the forward and reverse bias configuration. The PIN diode, when biased in the forward direction, acts as a variable resistor, ..., pdf file
PIN Diodes Application Note PIN Diodes Application Note, How a PINN diode works, pdf file
PIN diode fundamentals How a PINN diode works, The PIN diode finds wide usage in RF, UHF and microwave circuits.
It is fundamentally a device whose impedance, at these frequencies, is controlled by its DC excitation. A unique feature of the PIN diode is its ability to control large amounts of RF power with much lower levels of DC, pdf file
PIN Diodes Design with Pin Diodes, pdf file
PIN Diodes
Point contact germanium diode point contact germanium diode
Schottky Barrier Diodes Schottky Barrier Diodes, pdf file
Schottky diodes Schottky diodes, The Metal-Semiconductor Junction. Schottky Diode
Schottky diodes How a Schottky Diode works, pdf file
Schottky Diodes in Power Factor correction circuits Schottky Diodes in Power Factor correction circuits, pdf file
Sinterglass Diodes Connected in Series for Increased Reverse Voltage pdf file
Step Recovery Diodes Application Note Step Recovery Diodes Application Note, pdf file
Step recovery diodes step recovery diodes, Selection of Ultra-Fast Recovery Diodes Used in Flyback Circuits, This application note describes the diode selection process and snubber design for high voltage inverting flyback converter
Step recovery diodes specifications Step recovery diodes specifications, Step Recovery diodes are epitaxial silicon varactors, pdf file
Tunnel diode Esaki diode, How a Esaki diode works
Tunnel diode tunnel diode characteristics, How a tunnel diode works
Tunnel diode ppt file
Varicap diodes 
BB184 UHF Low Voltage variable capacitance diode pdf file
BB204B; BB204G VHF variable capacitance double diodes pdf file
Varactor diode Varactors are commonly used in parametric amplifiers, parametric oscillators and voltage-controlled oscillators as part of phase-locked loops and frequency synthesisers.It is principally used as a voltage-controlled capacitor, and its diode function is secondary, ...
Varactor diode modulator
Varactor Diodes pdf file
Varactor Diodes Application Note Varactor diodes are typically used in a reverse bias configuration, pdf file
Varactors a varactor diode or varicap diode is also known as a variable capacitance diode or a varicap. It provides an electrically controllable capacitance, which can be used in tuned circuits
Variable capacitance diode varicap diodes, How a varicap diodes works
Variable capacitance diode Variable capacitance diode, BB132, pdf file
Variable Capacitance Diodes The varactor diode is a device that is processed so to capitalise on the properties of the depletion layer of a P-N diode. Under reverse bias, the carriers in each region (holes in the P type and electrons in the N type) move away from the junction, leaving an area that is depleted of carriers, pdf file
Zener diodes 
Diode Zener en Franšais
V-I characteristics of Zener diode
SILICON ZENER DIODES Zener diodes are special silicon diodes which have a relatively low, defined breakdown voltage, called the Zener voltage, pdf file
Zener diode characteristics pdf file
Zener diode characteristics zener diode characteristics, pdf file
Zener diode characteristics zener diode characteristics, Zener effect and Zener diodes, Zener Applications
Zener diode values zener diode values, How a zener diode works
Zener diodes pdf file
Zener effect and zener diodes
Zener Diode Values Common Zener Diode Values

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