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Audio transformers  related subjects: High voltage transformers
Audio transformers explains transformers in relation to wired microphones and audio usage, Audio transformers can: Step up (increase) or step down (decrease) a signal voltage. Increase or decrease the impedance of a circuit. Convert a circuit from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa
Impedance matching transformers
Impedance transformers impedance transformer using 1:1 transformers, 9:1 impedance transformer
Loudspeaker transformer loudspeaker transformer
Push-Pull Amplifier Transformers Push-Pull Output Transformers
Transformer Coupling
Transformer hum
Transformers: principles and building LF transformers, electromagnetism, inductance, leakage inductances computation, distorsion, air gap cores, losses, building a transformer, construction (LF transformers)
Tube amplifier transformers production process
Miscellaneous types of transformers 
Autotransformer An autotransformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding, ..., autoformer
Auto Transformer The primary and secondary windings of a two winding transformer have induced emf in them due to a common mutual flux and hence are in phase, pdf file
Auto Transformer Auto Transformers, An autotransformer is a special variation of a transformer, in which primary and secondary windings have been combined, pdf file
Current transformer What is the purpose of a current transformer? It measures alternating current flowing through a conductor. Since it is used to measure current, a current transformer is often classified as a type of instrument transformer
Current transformer pdf file
High voltage transformer for TV pdf file
Impedance matching transformers
ISDN transformers pdf file
LVDT Lineaire Variabele Differentiële Transformator LVDT Lineaire Variabele Differentiële Transformator, pdf file, in Dutch
Microwave oven transformers microwave ovens contain a very powerful high voltage transformer (MOT = microwave oven transformer). A typical output voltage is 2kVeff, at around 1000W power
Microwave oven voltage-doubler circuit
Neon sign transformer A Neon Sign Transformer (NST) is a transformer made for the purpose of powering a neon sign. They convert line voltage from the 120-240v range up to high voltages, usually in the range of 2 to 15 kV. Most of these transformers generate between 30 and 120 milliamps
Pulse transformers pulse transformers, The magnetic flux in a typical A.C. transformer core alternates between positive and negative values. The magnetic flux in the typical pulse transformer does not. The typical pulse transformer operates in an “unipolar” mode
Pulse transformers pdf file
Pulse transformers pdf file
Pulse transformers pdf file
Railway Transformers pdf file
Rotary transformer feritte cores pdf file
Spaartransformatoren pdf file, in Dutch
Tansformateur d’impulsions en Français, Les circuits magnétiques en régime impulsionnel
Welding transformer welding transformer
Power transformers 
3 Phase Isolation Transformers 3 phase isolation transformers have 3 primary and 3 secondary windings that are physically separated from each other
3 phase transformer info
3 phase transformer ppt file
Current transformer current transformers
Current transformer Current transformers (CTs) are an indispensable tool to aid in the measurement of AC current. They provide a means of scaling a large primary (input) current into a smaller, manageable output (secondary) current for measurement and instrumentation, pdf file
Current transformer Current transformers: how to specify them, pdf file
Current transformer pdf file
Three phase transformers three phase transformers, pdf file
Three phase transformers three phase transformers, Transformers used in three-phase systems may consist of a bank of three single-phase transformers or a single three-phase transformer which is wound on a common magnetic core, pdf file
Three Phase Transformer Winding Configurations and Differential Relay Compensation Basic Transformer Design Concepts, Three Phase Power Transformers, pdf file
Transformers Why We Use Transformers, How Transformers Operate, Three Phase Transformers, Typical Transformer Construction, Transformer Design Consideration, Transformer Applications
Welder Schematic welder schematic, a full appreciation of the square wave welder, square wave welder electrical schematic
Welder Schematic Technical Paper of Square Wave Electrode Welders, pdf file
Welder Schematic Homebuilt arc welder, Electrical Schematic, wiring diagram
Zig Zag Grounding Transformers drawings of Zig Zag Grounding Transformers
SMPS transformers  related topic: Isolated DC-DC Converters
Flyback transformer Transformer Construction Guide. This application note is a design and construction guide for margin wound or triple insulated wire wound flyback transformers, pdf file
Flyback transformer Flyback transformer
Flyback transformer Flyback transformer, A flyback transformer (FBT) or line output transformer (LOPT) is a type of transformer used to generate the high voltage needed for driving a cathode ray tube (CRT), ...
Flyback transformer flybacks can be found in all types of monitors and screens that use a cathode ray tube (CRT), e.g. TV sets, computer monitors etc. A flyback serves several purposes in a TV set, mainly the generation of the acceleration voltage for the CRT (typically 20-30kV), and of several auxiliary voltages
Swicth mode power transformers Switch mode power transformers are used extensively in electronic applications, usually within a switch mode power supply. A switch mode power supply is usually powered from a D.C. source, such as a battery. The switching mode power supply converts the input D.C. source to one or more output D.C. sources. The power supplies are often referred to as “DC to DC” converters
Swicth mode power transformers Structured Design of Switching Power Transformers
Swicth mode power transformers  Powercube transformer, pdf file
Transformer Design Consideration for off-line Flyback Converters using Fairchild Power Switch For flyback coverters, the transformer is the most important factor that determines the performance such as the efficiency, output regulation and EMI, pdf file

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