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Coils  related subjects: Transformers, Safety equipment - protection devices
Aircoils aircoil technology
Aircoils calculation design of an aircoil
Aircoil inductance calculation design of an aircoil
Aircoil inductance calculations inductor, self inductance, choke, winding, air coil, wire, inductors, transformers or solenoids
Chip Coils Chip Coils, pdf file
Chokes and inductors pdf file
Coilgun design electromagnets, magnetisme in coilguns, inductors
Coils inductors, transformers or solenoids
Coils and transformers Coil and transformer technology
Coils application notes Inductor performance in high frequency DC-DC converters,  Determining inductor power losses, Testing inductors at application, frequencies, Measuring self resonant frequency, Current and temperature ratings, Calibration, compensation, and correlation, Soldering surface mount components, Signal transformer application, Data line filtering, Common mode filter design guide, Common mode filter inductor analysis, Transponder coils in an RFID system, Measuring sensitivity of transponder coils, Determining inductor power losses, Ferrite and Powder Core Materials for Power Inductors, Mounting Conical Inductors
Coils, inductance and resonance
Coil suppression can reduce relay life pdf file
Constant phase element
Contacteurs en Franšais
Determining inductor power losses
Ferrite toroidal cores Nicker Zinc ferrite cores, Manganese Zinc ferrites cores
Ferromagnetic core data ferrite, iron powder, ferromagnetic, toroid, emi, rfi, bead, rf, hf, suppression, inductor, variable, tuneable, adjustable,coil form, choke, filter, e-core, pot-core, pot core, ham radio, amateur radio, electronics, electronic components, QRP, balun, transformer, ferromagnetic core information
Gapped cores pdf file
How an inductor works
Inductance Magnetic Flux, Gauss's Law for Magnetism, Flux through a loop, Induced EMF and Faraday's Law, Induced emf through a Closed Loop with N Turns, Direction of the Induced EMF: Lenz's Law, Motional EMF, Self Inductance of a Solenoid, Inductance of a Solenoid, LR Circuits, Current Flow Through an Inductor, Energy Stored in an Inductor, Transformer, Eddey Curents, Metal Detector, Transmission of Power
Inductance at high frequencies
Inductance at low frequencies
Inductance of a Solenoid Inductance of a Solenoid, aircoil, Aircoil inductance calculation
Inductances en Franšais, pdf file
Induction induced current, induced emf, Faraday's law of induction, Lenz's law, motional emf, induced electric field, Maxwell's equations
Inductors and inductance Mutual inductance, Self inductance, The energy stored in an inductor, The energy density of a magnetic Field, RL circuit, RC circuit, Transformers, Impedance matching
Induction induced current, induced emf, Faraday's law of induction, Lenz's law, motional emf, induced electric field, Maxwell's equations
Inductors Magnetic fields and inductance
Inductors pdf file
Inductors and Transformers
Inductor energy storage pdf file
Inductors - EMC components
Inductors a tip animated
Inductors and transformers pdf file
Ignition coils ignition coils are used in cars to produce a spark which initiates the combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders
LF transformers theory (high level)
Luchtspoelen ontwerp van luchtspoelen, in Dutch
Onchip inductors and transformers pdf file
Magnetic properties of materials Magnetization curves, Diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials, Ferromagnetic materials, Ferrimagnetic materials, Saturation, Materials classified, Permeability, Relative permeability
Producing woundcomponents provides practical guidance for students, who need to wind their own inductors, transformers or solenoids
RF choke How a Super Wide-band RF Choke Maximizes Amplifier Performance, pdf file
RF choke This paper will describe the results of using this RF choke in biasing wide-band amplifier circuits. Performance characteristics such as gain, return loss, IP3 and power output will be presented, pdf file
Rogowski coils a Rogowski coil is an 'air-cored' toroidal coil placed round the conductor. The alternating magnetic field produced by the current induces a voltage in the coil which is proportional to the rate of change of current (the base of chokes)
Self inductance structures
Silicon spiral inductors pdf file
Solenoids and actuators
Spiral inductor design design and optimization of a 10 nH square-spiral inductor, pdf file
Stray Capacitances of Single-Layer Solenoid Air-Core Inductors presents a method for predicting parasitic capacitances of solenoid HF inductors made of one layer of turns with circular cross sections, uniformly wound around a cylindrical nonconductive core, pdf file
Toko coils Toko coils
Toroid and Ferrite Bead Winding Notes With a torroidal core, whether it is used in an inductor or transformer, every time a wire passes through the hole in the core, it counts as one turn. If you want to make more than one turn, then you have to pass the wire through the core in the same direction each time
Toroidal cores Toroidal cores
Toroid calculation
Toroids toroids
Winding Toroids for the Dexterously Challanged
Transformers, chokes and inductors work, and properties of magnetics when a electric current flows through a conductor ( copper wire), it generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field is strongest at the conductor surface and weakens as its distance from the conductor surface is increased
Voice-coil actuators and swing-arm actuators Voice Coil harddisk
Wound components a practical guidance to wind inductors, transformers or solenoids

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