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Laser Diode


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Laser technology  related subject: Physics: the theoretical aspects of lasers
Amateur laser construction
Diodelaser Binding of Molecules, Fermi Distribution, Inversion in Semiconductors, Types of Laser Diodes, Spatial Distribution, Spectral Properties, Beam Shaping, Polarisation Properties
How laser shows work a brief and basic explanation of how laser display systems produce the exciting effects we all love
ILDA-format ILDA File Format
ILDA standards
ILDA standards
ILDA Image Data Transfer Format The International Laser Display Association has developed an “image data transfer” format, used to exchange frames between systems. You can obtain frames from any program with an ILDA conversion program, and transparently load them directly into any system that supports ILDA standard frames, pdf file
Laser Introduction to lasers and laser electronics, Stimulated emission devices LASERS, pdf file
Laser applications
Laser communications communication using lasers, a tip
Laser Diode Characteristics Measuring Diode Laser Characteristics
Laser diode emission control Precision method for laser diode emission control
Laser diode optics laser diode optics
Laser diodes tutorials and application notes, various types of laser diodes, opto-electronic characteristics of laser diodes, spatial characteristics of laser diodes, laser diode lifetime requirements, test and characterization of laser diodes
Laser microphone to detect sound within a room (having an outside window) at a distance.  The principle being that sound vibrations will cause the window glass to move sufficient to deflect the LASER beam across the receiving photo detector
Laser modulation and other stuff Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Laser Printer Laser Printer
Laser projector
Lasers a LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an electromagnetic oscillator which combines light amplification with feedback.  The laser uses mirrors to feed the light output from an optical amplifier through a delay (the travel time of the light) back into the amplifier input
Lasers a practical guide to lasers for experimenters and hobbyists, basic laser principles, laser safety, general laser information, laser instruments and applications, laser and parts sources,  laser experiments and projects, a tip a tip a tip  
Lasers Nature of Light, the processes of Absorption and Emission of Light, the processes of Amplification of Light and The Laser, common Types of Laser, Intrinsic Semiconductors, Extrinsic Semiconductors
Lasers Laser gain medium, Laser pumping sources, Laser beam properties, Laser Properties Related to Applications, Collimation, Monochromaticity, Coherence, Intensity and Radiance, Focusability, Examples of Common Lasers, HeNe, Argon ion and Krypton ion, HeCd, Copper vapor, CO2, Excimer, Organic dye, Nd:YAG and Nd:glass, Ti:Al2O3, Erbium fiber, Semiconductor lasers (solid state), Operation of a HeNe Laser, Laser structure, Laser operation, Laser beam development, Longitudinal frequency modes, Transverse spatial beam modes, Laser cavity properties, HeNe laser wavelengths
Laser technology photonics experiments, optics experiments
Laser instruments and applications
Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Emission of Light by Semiconductor Diodes, LED's & lasers, Basic Semiconductor Laser Design, Structures of Laser Diodes, Temperature Dependence of Laser Output, Mounting and Cooling of Laser Diodes, Spectral Characteristics, Spatial Characteristics, Quantum Wells Laser, laser pointer
Optoelectronic devices
Sam's laser FAQ
Semiconductor laser diodes semiconductor laser diodes
Semiconductor lasers Principles of the Semiconductor LASER, LASER conditions, Interaction of Light and Electrons and Inversion, Light Amplification in Semiconductors, From Amplification to Oscillation: Second Laser Condition, Specific Topics, Turning on a Laser Diode, Laser Modes
Semiconductor lasers pdf file
Semiconductor lasers the semiconductor laser is a laser in which semiconductor serves as photon source. Semiconductors (typically direct band-gap semiconductors) can be used as small, highly efficient photon sources. Such semiconductor photon sources find application in displays, optical storage, communications, printing, surveying, and as small efficient optical pumps for other optical processes
Types of Lasers Gas, Liquid and Solid Lasers, Excimer Lasers

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