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Active semiconductors technology:
General overview IGBT JFET MOSFET Thyristor-Triac-UJT Transistors

Bipolar junction transistors  related topic: Transistor circuits
Bipolar junction transistors bipolar transistors work as current-controlled current regulators. In other words, they restrict the amount of current that can go through them according to a smaller, controlling current, The transistor as a switch, Meter check of a transistor, Active mode operation, The common-emitter amplifier, The common-collector amplifier, The common-base amplifier, Biasing techniques, Input and output coupling, Feedback, Amplifier impedances, Current mirrors, Transistor ratings and packages
Bipolar junction transistors Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), BJT types, operating modes of the BJT, BJT configurations, analysis of internal currents, the Ebers-Moll model, the BJT as an amplifier, operational (quiescent) point analysis, pdf file
Bipolar junction transistors BJT, The BJT is a three-terminal component, The three terminals are called, the emitter(E), the collector(C), and the base(B), ..., pdf file
Bipolar junction transistors Structure and principle of operation of a npn bipolar junction transistor, BJT, NPN bipolar transistor and PNP bipolar transistor, Transistor Operation (NPN), Basic Circuit Configurations, Small-Signal Models, Ideal and Perfect Bipolar Transistor Models, Transconductance Model
Bipolar junction transistors ppt file
Bipolar junction transistors a bipolar transistor uses a small current to control a larger current, a little like a relay. Bipolar transistors generally have 3 terminals. The control terminal is called the base. The other 2 terminals are known as the emitter and the collector and they carry virtually all of the current flowing through the transistor
Bipolar junction transistors bipolar junction transistor, a bipolar transistor essentially consists of a pair of PN Junction Diodes that are joined back-to-back
Bipolar junction transistors how transistors work, pdf file
Darlington Transistors how Darlington Transistors work
BJT and FET Transistors Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Field Effect Transistor (FET), Input Impedance of a Transistor, Output Impedance of a Transistor for the Emitter Follower (Common Collector), The Field Effect Transistor (FET), Regions of JFET operation, Current Source, Source Follower, Educypedia
BJT Basics how transistors work, pdf file
Komplementär darlington transistor schaltung in German
Courbes caractéristiques d'un transistor 1 en Français
Courbes caractéristiques d'un transistor 2 en Français
Courbes caractéristiques d'un transistor 3 en Français
Gate drive characteristics and requirements for HEXFET power MOSFETs pdf file
Inside RF Power Transistors Inside RF Power Transistors, The purpose of this application note is to show some of the chip level design considerations and technical details for Ericssons bipolar RF Power transistors, pdf file
Power MOSFETs and high voltage bipolar transistors pdf file
Power Transistor Safe Operating Area Special Considerations for Switching Power Supplies, The power transistor, in today’s switching power supply, exists in an environment which is quite hostile to semiconductors. Large currents, large voltages, high temperature, high frequency, and low impedance sources add up to something close to the worst of all possible worlds for the transistor, ..., pdf file
Transistor bipolaire en Français
Transistor bipolaire en Français, pdf file
Transistor dynamics
Transistor en Français
Transistor en Français
Transistor in Dutch, pdf file
Transistors three-terminal, solid-state electronic device used for amplification and switching
Transistors transistor tutorials
Phototransistor technology  related topics: Optics, Transistor circuits
Application Circuits for the Phototransistor Switch pdf file
Design Fundamentals for Phototransistor Circuits pdf file
Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits pdf file
Photodiode/Phototransistor Application Circuit Photocurrent Amplifier Circuit using Transistor, pdf file
Photodiode-Phototransistor technology pdf file
Phototransistor technology Design Fundamentals for Phototransistor Circuits, pdf file
Using Surface Mount Phototransistor Optical Interrupter Switch pdf file
vbpw77 Application Note

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