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Telephony: Telephony overview Telephony signaling Telephony topics

Fax - telegraphy - Morse code 
Electromagnetic telegraph a technical history of the 19th-century electromagnetic telegraph, with special reference to the origin and variey of the alphabets, or codes, that were used
Fax technology facsimile (fax) technology, the transmission of images over a telephone line
Morse code
Morse code designed to help you learn and practice Morse Code
Morse code and phonetic alphabets Morse code translators and listings of the Morse code and of various phonetic alphabets
Morse code practice page
Morse code practice page
Telegrafische codes in Dutch
Telegrafische codes van Belgische spoorwegstations in Dutch
Telegraphy dedicated to the study of all aspects of Morse telegraphy
Telegraphy a tip
Telephone schematics - vintage telephone 
Antique phones from the 1920's to 1970's
Bell telephone schematic this is part of Bob's telephone file many telephone circuit diagrams
Old telephones and how to repair them
Sound recording research at Bell Labs
Telephone, Telephone technical info
Telephone schematics and more
Telephone audio signal processing 
A-law algorithm an a-law algorithm is a standard companding algorithm, used in European digital communications systems
A-Law and mu-Law companding implementations pdf file
Audio processing pdf file
Audio signal processing in advanced cellular phones
Cellular & PCS technology ppt file
Code division multiple access CDMA
Digital Transmission of Analog Signals Digital Transmission of Analog Signals, Analog Pulse Modulation, pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), pulse width modulation (PWM) and pulse position modulation (PPM), sampling process, Digital Pulse Modulation, Pulse code modulation (PCM) and delta modulation (DM), Pulse Code Modulation, PCM Channel Banks, CCITT -Law, CCITT A-Law, PCM Transmission, pdf file
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
Modulation and demodulation pdf file
Mu-law algorithm a mu-law algorithm (μ-law) is a standard analog signal compression or companding algorithm, used in digital communications systems of the North American and Japanese digital hierarchies
Mu-Law companding a companding operation compresses dynamic range on encode and expands dynamic range on decode
PCM Pulse Code Modulation, click left on tutorials, scroll down, voice coding algorithms, Educypedia
Pulse code modulation PCM is a Time-Domain Waveform coding method, an analog signal is sampled at a rate of 8000 times per second, Pulse Code Modulation
Pulse code modulation Pulse Code Modulation. PCM is a Time-Domain Waveform coding method and is defined within CCITT G.711
Quantization Quantization
Signal quantization and compression click on laboratory for an interactive experiment
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is a multiple access technique used by several cellular communication systems
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), pdf file
Waveform Coding Techniques
-Law and A-Law Companding -Law and A-Law Companding, pdf file
-Law and A-Law Companding
Telephone sounds and tones 
Generate DTMF tones, Detect DTMF tones online tool: allows you to convert phone numbers to audio clips in a variety of different formats
Sample stereo DTMF tones mp3 files, TouchTone sounds
Telephone and modem dialing sounds telephone sounds, modem sounds, dialing sounds, ringing
Telephone songs
Telephone sounds you need real player
Telephone sounds 2 you need real player
Telephone system audible tones
Telephone traffic engineering 
Erlang-formule pdf file
ERLANG - VoIP white papers
Erlang the erlang describes the total traffic volume of one hour, or 3600 seconds
Erlang-C Calculator
Forecasting en staffing
Prestatie-Analyse van Telecommunicatiesystemen
Telephone traffic calculators
Telephone traffic engineering

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