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Digital audio: general overview related subjects DAC/ADC conversion, Memory CD, Webdesign wavs-midi, Speech technology
Audio and multi media mpeg layer 3, advanced audio coding, audio scrambler, watermarking, audio compression, psycho acoustics
Audio FAQ analog tape recording, digital recording and interconnection, digital editing and mastering, sound reinforcement, sound restoration, recording technique, speakers, acoustics, sound
Digital audio
Digital audio Digital Audio: Theory and Reality, Oversampling, Dither, Jitter, Aliasing, Phase, The Fourier Series, The FFT, An Introduction to Digital Reverb, Filters
Digital audio explained digital filters, dither, digital distortion or peak monitoring
Digital audio for multimedia pdf file
Digital audio primer
Digital audio programming information, algorithms, code, links
Electronic music interactive online course about electronic music
Principles of digital audio CD-player
Sound tutorial there are several different formats available for audio playback on the web. Two common and easy-to-create file formats are wav and aiff files. Included within this tutorial is an extensive example of these two formats and how compression can alter the way an audio file will sound
Technical audio papers
Theory and techniques of electronic music about using electronic techniques to record, synthesize, process, and analyze musical sounds
Audio samples related subject Webdesign: wavs - midi - sound, Midi files
AIFF audio samples
Audio samples AIFF, mp3, wav, au (unix/next standard, supposedly the most universal, no compression)
Auditory scales of frequency representation pitch, frequency, bandwidth
Digital/analog voice demo
MP3 test files
Multimedia loudspeaker test tones
Samples of various internet audio compression techniques
Sound examples sound examples, a tip
Sound files piano Sound files
Sound formats test page
Sound samples sound samples coming from several sources like PSK31, MT63, QPSK, morse code
Speech coding demonstrations demonstrates the speech/music quality obtained after one stage of encoding and decoding through the specified speech codec
Speaker age and sex manipulations
Voice coder demonstration
Audio topics
Audio effects explained a series of original articles that explains how effects work, what the common effects parameters do, some of the implementation issues, and also include sound examples to demonstrate how those parameters alter the sound
Digital design/analyze digital/analog filter, FIR, IIR, FFT, DSP, VHDL source code, step/impulse response, Bode/Nyquist diagram, mixed signal, polynomial roots...
Digital filters digital filters, a digital filter uses a digital processor to perform numerical calculations on sampled values of the signal. The processor may be a general-purpose computer such as a PC, or a specialised DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip
Digital recording techniques during digital recording of the analog signal, analog to digital (A/D) conversion takes place from continuous time-amplitude coordinates to discrete time-amplitude coordinates
Digital synthesizers wavetables, frequency modulation, waveshaping, modeling, voice level processing, midi
Dither Explained pdf file
Filtering analog signals after D/A conversion Butterworth, Bessel, Cauer, pdf file
Jitter dedicated to jitter-related problems concerning audio reproduction and recording
PC soundcard recording
Resolution, bits, SNR and linearity a discussion of the key converter performance parameters and some actual measurements of converters
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) cinema sound
Super audio CD technology description of the new Super Audio CD standard
Timing errors and jitter In a sampled (digital) system, samples have to be accurate in level and time. The digital system uses the two bits of information – “the signal was this big at this instant” – and does subsequent maths on it, pdf file
Transferring LP's to CDR some advice, experiences in transferring LPs to CDR

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