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CDROM - CDRW  related subject:
Bootable CD-roms to create bootable CD-Roms, a tip
CD burners How cd burners work, A CD recorder, CD writer or CD burner is a compact disc drive that can be used to produce discs readable in other CD-ROM drives and audio CD players. A DVD recorder produces DVD discs playable in stand-alone video players or DVD-ROM drives. A Blu-ray Disc recorder produces BD discs playable in BD-ROM drives, ...
CD/DVD/CDRW drives installation guide Installation/Upgrade Guide for CD/DVD/CDRW Drives
CD/DVD Drive
CD focusing based on astigmatism CD focusing based on astigmatism
CD focusing mechanism CD focusing mechanism, animation
CD lens systemen pdf file, in Dutch
CD player the basic fundamentals of the compact disc player
CD - player de werking ervan in het Nederlands, in Dutch
CD player operation
CD Q-subcode decoding and display Q-bit subcode, IR link
CD-R/CD-RW CD-R works by replacing the aluminum layer in a normal CD with an organic dye compound, CD-RW use phase change, which relies on a very special mixture of antimony, indium, silver and tellurium. This particular compound has an amazing property: When heated to one temperature, it crystallizes as it cools and becomes very reflective; when heated to another, higher temperature, the compound does not crystallize when it cools and so becomes dull in appearance, pdf file
CD-R and CD-RW pdf file
CD recording FAQ CD-R is short for "CD-Recordable". Recordable CDs are WORM (Write Once, Read Multiple) media that work just like standard CDs. The advantage of CD-R over other types of optical media is that you can use the discs with a standard CD player
CD-ROM pdf file, in German
CD-R Specifications Specification of CD-R Raw Material, Disc Physical Specifications, Optical Requirements, Mechanical Characteristics, Characteristics for Recording & Playback, System Control Signal
CD the inside story laser tracking, sampling, D/A, sub code, data format, CDI, video CD, DVD, CD-RW, technical considerations, DVD basics, DVD capacity, DVD speed, the DVD consortium, DVD audio obsolete, DVD audio update, DVD MPEG video, DVD writer formats, DVD-RAM UDF filesystem, calculating disk space for audio files, writing CD-ROM's under Linux, CD rewritable (CD-RW), CDR
Compact disc this tutorial explores how a laser beam is focused onto the surface of a spinning compact disc, and how variations between pits and lands on the disc surface affect how light is either scattered by the disc surface or reflected back into a detector: java applet
Compact Disc player
Optical storage: its all in the pits pdf file
Understanding CD-R and CD-RW pdf file
Volume and File Structure of CDROM for Information Interchange Standard ECMA-119
Transferring LPs to CDR: some advice
DVD  related subject: DVD technical info part of television systems, CDROM-DVD tools
CD/DVD/CDRW drives installation guide
CD media world software, CD, DVD, CD-R, CDRW, CD recording, CD/DVD media writer information site, overburning
CD rom guide CDI, video CD, DVD, CD-RW
Copy entire DVD-9 movie to a single DVD-R using DVD Shrink
DVD writers the new technology of writable DVD's, DVD initially stood for Digital Video Disc but now stands for Digital Versatile Disc. Like a CD, DVD is an optical storage system for read-only, recordable and rewritable applications
Time for DVD consumer's guide to DVD & home theater systems, a tip
Universal Disk Format UDF Data interchange independent of hardware platforms, operating systems or software, UDF White Paper, pdf file
DVD formats 
DOUBLE LAYER DVD+R MEDIA WHITE PAPER Double Layer Disc Structure, pdf file
DVD: Double Layer DVD Recording Technology
DVD discs- DVD-R versus DVD+R the two main types of recordable DVD media are called DVD-RW  and DVD+RW, pdf file
DVD formats DVD formats
DVDMedia pdf file
DVD-RAM Digital Versatile Disc - Random Access Memory
DVD ram disk standard part of Ecma standards
DVD-Recordable pdf file
DVD-Recordable 4.7 GB Media White Paper pdf file
DVD - Read-Only Disk standard
DVD+R DL DVD+R DL (DL = Double Layer) will enable users to record four hours of DVD-quality video, DVD+R DL
DVD-RW white paper, pdf file
Understanding DVD-RAM DVD-R DVD-RW DVD-ROM DVD types: DVD-RAM - Random Access Memory (read and write), DVD-R or DVD+R recordable (only write one time), DVD-RW or DVD+RW re-recordable or rewritable (read and write), DVD-ROM read only memory (read only)

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