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DOS related topic: DOS software
About MSDOS Disk Operating System, Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System) is a command line user interface, while MS-DOS is not commonly used by itself today, it still can be accessed from Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME by clicking Start / Run and typing command or CMD in Windows NT, 2000 or XP
CP/M an operating system for 8-bit computers
CP/M information
DOS (and text Windows) internet info
DOS for Windows9x useful DOS commands
DOS networking HOWTO
DOS operating system learn how to write simple batch files to automate operations, and to take the tedium out of command-line typing, hints and suggestions to improve your usage of DOS and speed your computer's operations, file name extensions, Educypedia
DOS websites
DR-DOS page DOS Caldera Novell, Digital Research, CP/M OpenDOS DRDOS lineo
Learn DOS DOS tips and hints
MS-DOS 5.00 - 8.00 undocumented + hidden secrets
Minimum DOS 6.2
Understanding DOS pdf file
DOS batchfiles
Batch file help batch files are programs that allow MS-DOS and Windows users to create a file to perform a long tasks fast
Batch files for windows a tip
Batch file programming batch file programming, pdf file
Batch files Batch files for DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/98, NT 4, 2000 and XP, (DOS) commands and their usage in batch files, a tip
Batch files to develop a batch file to enhance productivity of a single user operating system on a personal computer
DOS commands
DOS DOS 7 external and internal commands
DOS applications a listing of the applications included with DOS
DOS command index Information about all current DOS commands
DOS commands the complete list including Batch, recover tools, tips and tricks, ...
DOS reference
EasyDOS index information about all current DOS commands
Fdisk instructions
MS-DOS Ver 6.22 & up
DOS topics
Autoexec.bat and config.sys AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS are configuration files that DOS automatically runs every time you turn on or reboot your computer. These files determine what programs are automatically started, where DOS looks for programs, how your computer's memory is managed, and how much of your computer's resources are reserved for use by different DOS functions
CONFIG.SYS Commands The CONFIG.SYS file is a text file that contains special commands. These commands configure your computer's hardware components so that MS-DOS and applications can use them
DOS extensions a computer file extension is commonly a three characters addition that follows the name of a file. This extension helps IBM compatible computers such as computers running Microsoft Windows to identify what program to associate the file with and how to properly open the file
MS DOS extended errors AX Extended error code, BH Error class, BL Recommended action, CH Error locus
POST - Cold Boot / Power On Self Test Activities
Setting up Email in DOS
TCP IP software for DOS, packet drivers, dialer, PPP

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