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PC startpages, PC start pagina's

PC startpages recent articles include Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 965, BFG 7600 GT OC and ATI X1800GTO, How CRT and LCD monitors work, Free alternatives to software piracy Your Guide To Computer Hardware, overclocking, computer, hardware, pc, processor, cpu, motherboard, graphic card, multimedia, storage, drivers
Computer hope helping you with all your computer related questions complete information on all hardware and software, a tip
Hothardware Processors, Video, Motherboards, Storage, Memory, Sound, Networking Systems, Notebooks, Cooling/Misc
Linux journal monthly magazine of the Linux community
Speedguide the site focuses on system performance, with areas including broadband internet connections, windows, overclocking, registry
TechConnect magazine new technologies
Tom's Hardware Guide computer, PC, motherboard, mainboard, CPU, processor, chipset, RAM, memory, hard disk, storage, drive, video card, graphics card, 3D accelerator, HDD, BIOS, overclocking, 3D card, benchmarking, intel, amd, nvidia, 3dfx, matrox, athlon, pentium 3, RAMBUS, SDRAM, SGRAM, DDR, hardware, VIA, MMX, SSE, 3DNow!, SCSI, IDE, EIDE, disk, drive, monitor, CDROM, Power Supply, PCI, AGP, ISA, 3D, card, pentium iii, pentium 4
Windows IT Pro info, articles and FAQ's on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, SQL Server, IIS, Exchange Server, scripting and Windows security issues
X-bit labs CPU, Chipsets, Memory, Mainboards, Video, Storage, Multimedia, Coolers, Mobile
Desktops, Laptops, Handhelds, All Computer Systems, Digital cameras and video, Monitors & LCDs, Scanners, Multifunctional Printers, All Peripherals, Networking & WiF, VoIP, Security & System Utilities, Business Software, Web Software
PC en ICT start pagina's  in Dutch
Breekpunt Breekpunt is een Nederlandstalige site voor al uw computernieuws, handige programma's, de beste tips, de handigste links, interessante artikelen over alles wat met computers te maken heeft
Technologische opvoeding - ICT een introductie tot de hardware, software en gebruik van de computer bios, drivers, upgrades, software, utilities, boot disk
Websonic is een verzameling van tips/trucs/tutorials voor de website, pc en grafische programma's op een overzichtelijke en duidelijke manier, software download
Webwereld ICT-nieuws ICT-technologie, PC, server, hardware, software, mac, windows, downloads, reviews, tools, ..., voor de ICT-professional

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