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DMX512 Keyboard Parallel Port RS232-485
Firewire Overview PC mouse USB

RS232-485 Technology: General overview related subjects: Datacommunication: bussystems, I2C-I2S bussystems, Circuits
Data transmission circuits RS 485 multipoint RS485/RS422 transceivers, EIA-485/EIA-422A differential bus transceivers, low power RS485 / RS422 multipoint transceivers, RS485 / RS422 quad differential line receiver
General introduction to serial protocols
Interfacing with the computer USB bus and RS232, In telecommunications, RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) is a standard for serial binary data signals connecting between a DTE (Data terminal equipment) and a DCE (Data Circuit-terminating Equipment). It is commonly used in computer serial ports. A similar ITU-T standard is V.24, a tip
Liaison série en Français
RS232 RS-232 Features Explained, Selecting and using RS-232 Interface Parts for Your Power Supply Voltages, Selecting and Using RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 Serial Data Standards, New RS-232 ICs Feature 1µA Supply Current, ±15kV ESD Protection, and 3V Operation
Selecting and using serial data standards RS232. similarly, RS485 and RS422 : how to convert one to another, and how to combine them in certain applications
Serial Data Communications Introduction and OSI Network Model, RS-232 Wiring and Connections, Typical RS232-Hardware Configuration, Low-Level serial Interface Hardware, Programming the 8250 UART, MAX232 Driver/Receiver Family, Specific Programming Environments, Serial Data Communications in DOS, TAPI communications in Windows, Serial communications in Linux and Unix, Serial communications using Java
Technical articles RS485, USB, serial and parallel port
Windmill data acquisition software, RS232, RS485, ethernet, USB, Wan, modbus
RS232 - software 
Port.dll zip file
Port.dll zip file
Serial I/O (RS232) under DOS, it was possible to directly access these ports. However, Windows 95 and above forbid direct hardware access. Therefore, this page exists to help get around windows
RS232 software
Visual Basic .NET Code Sample using the COM port in VB.NET
RS232 - RS422 - RS485 topics  related topic: RS232 cabling
DCIBUS maakt gebruik van het RS-485 protocol, in Dutch
Determining clock accuracy requirements for UART communications
Fundamentals of RS-232 serial communications today, the most popular serial communications standard in use is certainly the EIA/TIA-232-E specification. This standard, which has been developed by the Electronic Industry Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA), is more popularly referred to simply as "RS-232" where "RS" stands for "recommended standard", pdf file
IEEE 488 en Français
Interfacing the serial / RS232 port
I/O 485 manual pdf file, 549 Kbytes
Line drivers and receivers
Parallèle Centronics habituellement utilisée pour la communication entre un micro-ordinateur et une imprimante, en Français
Practical tips on serial communications RS-232 is a standard that describes a common method of serial signalling using a voltage that switches between a positive level for logic "0" and a negative level for logic "1"
RS232 Nederlandse site, in Dutch
RS232 C RS-232C is the most recent version of the EIA (Electronics Industry Association) standard for low speed serial data communication. It defines a number of parameters concerning voltage levels, loading characteristics and timing relationships
RS232 connections, and wiring up serial devices
RS232 data interface
RS-232 fundamentals The electrical characteristics section of the RS–232 standard includes specifications on voltage levels, rate of change of signal levels, and line impedance, pdf file
RS232 standard EIA232 standard
RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485, transfer protocols
RS232 - RS485 converter
RS232 - RS485 converter pdf file
RS232 - 485 balanced voltage interface RS422 interfaces are typically used when the data rate or distance criteria cannot be met with RS-232
RS 422 RS 485 RS-422 Balanced Voltage Interface, RS232-485 Technology
RS 422
RS422 - 485 interface pdf file
RS422 and 485 Standards Overview and System Configurations ANSI TIA/EIA-422 and TIA/EIA-485 standards, commonly known as 422 and 485, respectively, specify balanced data-transmission schemes for transmitting data over long distances in noisy environments. These standards are compared, and their basic differences and similarities are discussed, pdf file
RS-422 Converter to 422 Device Illustration
RS422 RS485 application note the purpose of this application note is to describe the main elements of an RS422 and RS485 system, Data Transmission Signals, Unbalanced Line Drivers, Balanced Line Drivers, Balanced Line Receivers, EIA Standard RS-422 Data Transmission, EIA Standard RS-485 Data Transmission, Tristate Control of an RS-485 Device Using RTS, Send Data Control of an RS-485 Device, ... , Educypedia
RS422 RS485 application note pdf file
RS449 cable length recommendations
RS449 interface cable connections, part of Connectivity info connectivity provider: here you will find everything about LAN, WAN, serial, parallel and telecom cables
RS449 interface RS449 gets it's speed from the fact that, unlike RS232 which uses signals with reference to ground, it's receivers look for the difference between two wires
RS-485 and MODBUS pdf file
RS-485 and MODBUS
RS485 Bus Systems The RS485 interface is - like the RS422 interface - designed for serial high-speed data transmission over long distances and is widely used in industrial applications
RS 485 differential data transmission system
RS485 - basic info This application note discusses the EIA-485 standard for differential multipoint data transmission and its practical limits. It is commonly called RS-485, however its official name is EIA-485 which reflects the name of the committee at the time it was released, pdf file
RS485 quick reference for RS485, RS422, RS232 and RS423, voltages, current
RS485 The RS-485 is the recommend standard by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) that specifies the electrical characteristics of generators and receivers that may be employed for the interchange of binary signals in multipoint interconnection of digital equipments, ...
RS485 standard the basics
RS530 converter RS530 is just like RS422 and uses a differential signaling on a DB25 - RS232 format - EIA-530 Transmit (and the other signals) use a twisted pair of wires (TD+ & TD-) instead of TD and a ground reference as in RS232 or V.24. This interface is used for HIGH SPEED synchronous protocols, ...
RS530 reference RS530 is a standard for synchronous serial interfaces. Reducing the number of signal pins allows the use of the common and much inexpensive DB-25 connector
Selecting and using RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial data standards Three common serial data standards, RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485, are described by specification and electrical interface. Cable termination techniques, use of multiple loads, daisy-chaining of RS-232, conversion of RS-232 to RS-485, conversion of RS-485 to RS-232, and RS-232 port-powered RS-485 conversions are described
Serial and UART tutorial serial and UART tutorial, RS232 - software
Serial Port Communication Serial communication requires that you specify the following four parameters: The baud rate of the transmission, The number of data bits encoding a character, The sense of the optional parity bit, The number of stop bits, ...
Tools for RS-232 interfacing
Transient Protection of RS-422 and RS-485 Systems
Using RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers in Fieldbus Networks This article describes several fieldbus technologies, and highlights some particularly useful features of the available RS-485 transceivers, RS-485/RS-422 Fieldbus, INTERBUS network, RS-422 Transceiver, PROFIBUS DP

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