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DMX512 Keyboard Parallel Port RS232-485
Firewire Overview PC mouse USB

Computer ports - parallel port related topic: Computer cabling
Bi-directional parallel port cable (DB25 male to DB25 male)
Centronics parallel port The Standard Parallel Port (SPP) is also known as the Centronics parallel port
Centronics Pinouts The 36-pin Centronics connector is commonly used for parallel printer interfaces. The 50-pin connector is often used for external SCSI interfaces
How to Use a PC's Parallel Port to Communicate with 2-Wire Devices The purpose of this application note is to show how to build a quick, simple, and cheap 2-wire (IC-compatible) interface using a PC's parallel port
HPIB bus pdf-file
IEEE1284 the standard signaling method for a bidirectional parallel peripheral interface for personal computers
IEEE-1284 / centronix / parallel port a detailed description of the port signals, pdf-file
IEEE-1284 parallel printer interface cable pinout IEEE-1284 parallel printer interface cable pinout
Interfacing to the IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port 8 output pins accessed via the DATA Port, 5 input pins (one inverted) accessed via the STATUS Port, 4 output pins (three inverted) accessed via the CONTROL Port, The remaining 8 pins are grounded
LPTCAP parallel port print capture system LPTCAP is a hardware and software solution which allows an IBM-compatible PC running MS-DOS to capture print data sent by another PC, or any device with a Centronics parallel printer interface parallel port diagnostic and information utility from Parallel Technologies (88K)
Parallel connector pin assignment The parallel port socket on your computer uses 25 pins. On most peripherals like printers, the 36 pins Centronics version is used. Both connector pinouts are shown here
Parallel port Hardware Properties, Pinout, Port Addresses, Software Registers, Standard Parallel Port (SPP)
Parallel port control and data Acquisition, Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
Parallel port Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel Port, Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP), pdf-file
Parallel Port Data Acquisition Modules pdf-file
Parallel port explained parallel port, two new types of parallel ports with extended features are now available: the Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) and the Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). EPP and ECP are standards defined by IEEE 1284 and Microsoft ECP Specifications. Both EPP and ECP ports may be operated in the SPP and bi-directional modes; however, operation in their feature modes requires both compatible peripherals and appropriate software drivers
Parallel port FAQ
Parashell parashell allow's you to control the parallel port (input and output) using simple command line arguments
PC Parallel Ports Basic Parallel Port Information, pdf file
PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
Printer Port interfacing zip file
Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments
Use of a PC printer port for control and data acquisition use of a PC printer port for control and data acquisition, pdf-file

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