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DMX512 Protocol 
DMX4Linux DMX512 is the industry standard for controlling lighting devices. DMX4Linux gives you access to a wide range of DMX interfaces with the Linux operating system, DMX512 controller, Lighting control system
DMX339 PWM Controller pdf file
DMX512 DMX signal timing, 8N2 byte encoding, DMX-A specification
DMX512 DMX wiring, XLR, Digital MultipleXed, The structure of the DMX512 signals
DMX512 DMX512-A is an RS-485 based communications protocol that is most commonly used to control stage lighting and effects
DMX512 mark after break, DMX512, DMX512 protocol,
DMX512 en Franšais
DMX512 en Franšais
DMX-512 Bus Repeater circuit
DMX protocol in Dutch, pdf file
DMX512 Applications DMX512 Applications, This page has information showing basic ways to use our DMX decoders and encoders for lighting and special effects
DMX-512 lighting protocol DMX-512 lighting protocol, DMX512 is a method of connecting a single controlling source to multiple receivers, Serial data can be sent up to 4000 feet over microphone-like cables, Up to 512 devices, or functions on a device, can be controlled with 8-bit resolution
DMX signal timing DMX signal timing, DMX uses a standard 8N2 byte encoding, which means 1 startbit, 8 databits and 2 stopbits
DMX512 - The Protocol DMX512 was originally envisioned as an additional control protocol, to be used alongside existing protocols. Rather than co-exist, it has displaced almost all proprietry protocols, The Standard, and where to get it. Connector pinouts, Termination of DMX512 lines
DMX512 protocol DMX512 protocol
DMX512 protocol DMX512 protocol, The purpose of this article is to give an overview of how the DMX protocol works and to describe a common interface, The DMX512 protocol uses the XLR style connectors (see below) to transmit RS-485 data, ...
Real-Time Bluetooth for DMX-512 Communication The DMX-512 protocol sends 512 bytes to each unit, connected by a bus wire. Each unit is configured to receive a specific byte, ...
Using a PIC« Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication dmx512 protocol, application note
What is DMX512 What is DMX512, DMX512 explained, pdf file

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