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Computer cabling & connectors: overview 
Computer cabling scroll down
Computer ports serial ports, USB, RS232, 25-polig, SUB-D, 9-polig, SUB-D, 25-polig, SUB-D, Centronics, Gameport, 15-polig, SUB-D, Universal Serial BUS, IEEE-488, Centronics, 24-polig
Connector reference connectors, pinout, DB-25, DB25, DB-9, DB9, RJ-45, RJ45, ethernet, 10Base-T, crossover cables, serial cable, USB cable, ISA, null-modem connector, SCSI, DIN, PS2 cable, keyboard cable, null modem cable
Connect world pinouts for various connectors, pinouts for PC hardware interfaces, null cables, twisted pair cable, ESDI cable pinout diagram, USB, MT-RJ connector, firewire, cable modem, MT-RJ fiber optic connector, IDE, EIDE, ATA, ATA-2, ATAPI, Fast ATA, Ultra ATA, Ultra DMA, DMA/33, DMA/66, HSSI, plastic fiber optics, SCSI, Educypedia
EIA232 Reference Chart shows the pinout and signal names for DB25, DE9, and RJ45 connectors. EIA232 is a standard way for serial binary communication between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit terminal equipment (DCTE). The EIA232 signal are unbalanced (Single Ended), unidirectional (point-to-point) reference to ground. Normal output ranges are 5 volts. Data is transfer in an asynchronous frame format in 8-bit binary packets
Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse Pinouts pinout, serial port, parallel port, laplink cable, network cable, monitor, com1, com2, lpt1, printer cable, data transfer, direct cable connection, network cables, peer to peer, crossover ethernet cable, straight through ethernet cable, lan cable, rj45 crossover, rj45 straight cable
PC Cables and Connectors Serial Ports, DB9, DB25 RS-232C interface standard, RJ-11, RJ-45, Parallel Ports, USB, FireWire/IEEE1394
Pinout of most common connectors Serial 9 Pin (PC), Serial 25 Pin (PC), Parallel (PC), Centronics (Printer), PC Gameport / MIDI, Keyboard 5 Pin (PC), Keyboard 6 Pin (PS/2), VGA, SCART connector
Pinouts pin-out diagrams for connectors and components, more than 700 pinouts and brief technical description of computer hardware components, pinouts of cables, slots, adapters, keyboard, mouse, memory, video, power supply, floppy drives, ..., a tip
Overview of Consumer Electronics Connectivity HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), DVI (Digital Video Interface), DVI-A stands for analog, DVI-D Digital video, DVI-I: Combines DVI-D and DVI-A, DVI Single Link or DVI Dual Link, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), RGBHV, EIA 770.3 (YPbPr Component), S-Video Super Video, Composite Video, pdf file
Computer cabling & connectors: topics 
Cable and pin information routers and networking devices, Connecting to the Management (EIA 232) Port, Twisted-Pair Cable Pinouts, EIA 232 Port and Cable Pinouts, EIA 232 Port Pinout, EIA 232 Modem Cable Connections, EIA 232 Null-Modem Connections
CD ROM audio connector
Firewire connector pdf file
Floppy Drive Connector Drive A Connectors: The pair of connectors (or single connector in the case of a three-connector cable) at the opposite end of the cable is intended for the A: floppy drive. Drive B Connectors: The pair of connectors (or single connector in the case of a three-connector cable) in the middle of the cable is intended for the B: floppy drive, Floppy Drive Pinout, Educypedia
Jacks and plugs
Keyboard Connectors Keyboard Connectors, DIN-5 (IBM-PC), PS2 (Mini-DIN-6)
Keyboard & mouse connector
Keyboard & mouse connector
Mini din connectors mini din connectors
Multi Wire Cable Tester A multi wire cable tester with a separate LED for each wire. Will show open circuits, short circuits, reversals, earth faults, continuity and all with four IC's
PC Keyboard PC Keyboard Scan Codes (in hex), Keyboard Hardware Interface, pdf file
Reducing Crosstalk SATA, Reducing Crosstalk
Ribbon Cable Impedance Ribbon Cable Impedance, pdf file
RJ Jack glossary RJ-11C and RJ-11W, RJ-12C and RJ-12W, RJ-AlX / RJ-A3X, RJ-21X, RJ-24X, RJ-26X, RJ-71C, RJ-35X, RJ-41, RJ-48S
UPS Serial Cables common cables used for connecting Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) to PCs
UPS Serial Cables a couple of (fairly) common cables used for connecting Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) to PCs
USB connector Standard USB connector pinout
USB motherboard cable assembly information
USB pinout and signals usb connector layout
USB Plugs and Sockets Standard USB Plugs and Sockets, USB Cables, Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a hardware interface for low-speed peripherals such as keyboards, mouses, joysticks, scanners, printers, telephony devices, and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 digital video
Computer Hard Disk cabling & connectors 
40-wire IDE/ATA cable, ATA Internal
SATA II does not mean 3Gb/s
Serial ATA External Serial ATA, pdf file
Serial ATA In computer hardware, Serial ATA (SATA or S-ATA) is a computer bus technology primarily designed for transfer of data to and from a hard disk. It is the successor to the legacy Advanced Technology Attachment standard (ATA, also known as IDE or Integrated Drive Electronics), ...
Serial ATA Serial ATA, Data Cable, Serial ATA Cable, Serial Cable, Serial Adapter
Serial ATA an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface, SATA
Serial ATA The purpose of this document is to educate the reader on the technical differences between Ultra ATA and Serial ATA technology, and to provide explanation for the transition from a parallel to serial bus architecture, no more master/slave or ribbon cables, Serial ATA A Comparison with Ultra ATA Technology, pdf file
Serial ATA II Concentrator, FPDMA Data Phase, HBA (Host Bus Adapter), PRD (Physical Region Descriptor), Command Block Registers, DMA Setup, HDD Activity Indication, pdf file
Serial ATA II- Cables and Connectors pdf file
Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cables AT Attachment (ATA) is a standard interface for connecting storage devices such as hard disks and CD-ROM drives inside personal computers
Computer Parallel Port cabling & connectors 
Centronics Pinouts The 36-pin Centronics connector is commonly used for parallel printer interfaces. The 50-pin connector is often used for external SCSI interfaces
How to Use a PC's Parallel Port to Communicate with 2-Wire Devices
IEEE1284 the standard signaling method for a bidirectional parallel peripheral interface for personal computers
IEEE-1284 parallel printer interface cable pinout
IEEE-1284 parallel printer interface cable pinout IEEE-1284 parallel printer interface cable pinout
PC Parallel Ports Basic Parallel Port Information, pdf file
PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
Pinouts for a laplink cable
Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments
Computer power supply cabling & connectors 
ATX Power Supply
ATX power supply connector
ATX power supply wiring ATX power connector, pentium 4 power connector, pdf file
Case and power supply cable Illustrated How to Replace an ATX Power Supply
Computer power supply cabling & connectors Computer power supply cabling & connectors
Power Supply Connectors Pinout for Power Supply Assembly
Computer Serial port cabling & connectors  related topic: RS232
PC Serial Ports The RS-232 serial communication standard is probably the most popular serial communication scheme in the world, pdf file
RS232 connectors and cabling RS232 connectors and cabling
RS-232, RS-449, PC COM port connector serial port communication
RS449 interface RS449 cable connections
RS449 pinouts, RS449 interface, connector pinning
RJ48C, RJ48S, and RJ48X 8-position Jack Pin Outs Reference
Computer Video cabling & connectors 
Digital visual interface the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a display interface developed in response to the proliferation of digital flat-panel displays
Digital visual interface the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a display interface developed in response to the proliferation of digital flat-panel displays, DVI 1.0 Specification, pdf-file
DVI All About DVI, A Complete Guide to the Digital Video Interface, What is DVI? What are the DVI Formats? What are single and dual links? How far does DVI go? How do I know which cable to use? How to recognize a DVI Cable
DVI and EVC Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Pinouts
DVI connector layout Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Connector, pdf file
DVI connector layout The DVI connector on a device is therefore given one of three names, depending on which signals it implements: DVI-D (digital only), DVI-A (analog only), DVI-I (digital and analog)
DVI connector Digital Visual Interface, DVI connector pinouts
DVI connector Digital Visual Interface, Digital Visual Interface & TMDS Extensions, pdf file
DVI-I, DVI-D, EVC, connector EVC: Enhanced Video Connector, DVI-D: digital only, DVI-I: support both digital and analog inputs
DVI flat panel cable guide
DVI monitor connector
DVI test & measurement guide pdf-file
Graphic Card Pin Configurations CGA/EGA, Enhanced Video Connector (EVC), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), Digital Flat Panel (DFP)
Monitor pinout VGA monitor connector pinout
Monitor pinouts
Sub-D 9 pin connector reference to the pin-out of a 9 way 'D' connector when used as a serial port
Sub-D 15 pin connector quick reference to the pin-out of the 15 way sub-D SVGA connector
VGA Pinouts
Video standards

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