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Power control  related subject: automatization
Advanced PWM motor controller H bridge, N MOSFET, UC3638, DC brush motor control, good H bridge example, pdf file, compare with the drawing of the MSK 4201 H bridge driver
Automotive power electronics with MOSFET'S automotive lamp control, TOPFET (Temperature and overload protected MOSFET), pdf file
Bi-directional control of motors and the H-bridge Control And Embedded Systems, H-Bridge control, N channel MOSFET, IRF3708
Commutateurs pdf file, en Français
Commutateurs pdf file, en Français
Commutation douce zip file, en Français
Consumer Power Electronics
DC motor control Brushed DC Motor Drive Circuits, Brushless DC Motor Drive Circuits, Stepper Motor Drive Circuits, Current Sensing, The torque of an electric motor, pdf file
Determining MOSFET Driver Needs for Motor Drive Applications Determining MOSFET Driver Needs for Motor Drive Applications, pdf file
Drives and motors ac drives, dc drives, variable speed, variable speed drives, adjustable speed drives, Educypedia
Driving Transistors and Thyristors pdf file
Educypedia stolen page
e-Learning tools for Electrical Engineering
Fan speed control Brushless DC Fans, Brushless DC fans are called "brushless" because the electric motor within the fan is commutated electronically, Methods of Speed Control, DC-DC Regulation, Speed Control without a Tachometer, Speed Control with a Tachometer
Fluorescent lamp control with MOSFETs fluorescent lamp control, electronic ballast, Efficient Fluorescent Lighting using Electronic Ballasts, Why electronic ballasts? Voltage fed push pull inverter, Voltage fed push pull inverter, Current fed push pull inverter, pdf file
Hacheur a trous pdf file, en Français
Hacheur série pdf file, en Français
Hacheurs en Français
Hacheurs conversions continu-continu. Hacheur série (abaisseur de tension). Hacheur parallèle (élévateur de tension). Alimentations à découpage, pdf file, en Français
H-Bridge Fundamentals H-Bridge Basics, The Ideal Mosfet H-Bridge, Mosfet Imperfections, Power Supplies, Noise and Cooling, Construction Considerations
H-Bridges : Theory and Practice Building a BJT based H-Bridge
H-Bridge: theory of operation H-Bridge: theory of operation
H-bridge using N channel FETs MOSFET N channel H-bridge schematic
H-bridge using N channel FETs H-bridge using N channel FETs, pdf file
H-bridge using P and N channel FETs
H-Bridges pdf file
Inverter basics the "H" bridge inverter and the centre tapped inverter are the two basic circuits for controlled power flow between DC and AC circuits
LM18201 H bridge
MOSFETs in DC motor control a H-bridge is used to control a DC motor. It allows the motor to start and stop and most importantly to reverse direction. In order to reverse the direction of a DC motor, the current through the DC motor must be reversed, P-channel and N-channel FETs, single supply and N-channel FETs only, dual supply and N-channel FETs only, dual supply, P-channel and N-channel FETs, PWM
MOSFETs in the H-bridge if a large motor is to be driven, it is better to use MOSFETs since these can generally switch higher currents more reliably than relays, and have integral reverse-diodes for freewheeling, IRF540
Motor control tutorial
N-channel mosfet H-bridge N-channel mosfet H-bridge, ICL7662, ICL7660, used with a voltage doubling circuit
Onduleur animation, en Français
Onduleur autonome en Français, pdf file
Onduleurs en Français, pdf file
Power semiconductors pdf file, a tip
Power switches pdf file
PWM Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with opamp, pdf file
PWM fan speed control systems PWM fan speed control, brushless DC motor fan control, pdf file
PWM fan speed control systems
PWM speed control The principles, Main Capacitor, Regenerative braking, A very simple controller, A slightly more sophisticated controller, PWM and motor Heating
PWM AC drive harmonic problems and solutions pdf file
PWM basics pulse with modulator, modulation of average conduction time
PWM signal generators pdf file
Redressement commandé en Français, pdf file
Redressement commandé monophasé en Français
Redressement non commandé monophasé en Français, pdf file
Single-phase fully-controlled SCR bridge rectifier
Speed control the purpose of a motor speed controller is to take a signal representing the demanded speed, and to drive a motor at that speed. The controller may or may not actually measure the speed of the motor. If it does, it is called a Feedback Speed Controller or Closed Loop Speed Controller, if not it is called an Open Loop Speed Controller
Switch drivers Switch drivers, Max 4420, LT1160, pdf file
Switchmode power conversion technical papers management of thermal energy problems in power converters, designing LCD rectifiers for line and load variations, silicon photovoltaic cells, photodiodes and phototransistors, zener diode based integrated passive device filters, thyristors and triacs, 3.3V DSP for digital motor control, current handling and thermal considerations in a high current semiconductor switch package, PWM strategy for reducing ground to stator neutral voltage in AC motor drives, PMOS low dropout voltage regulators, DC/DC converter using thick film hybrid technology
Transistor-Thyristor pdf file
Transistor en commutation en Français, pdf file
Three-phase controlled rectifiers pdf file
Three phase power regulator a three-phase linear power regulator circuit, can control resistive loads or induction motors. Drive outputs are optoisolated and regulation from zero to full load is via a single potentiometer so interfacing to a PC should be easy, assuming all mains isolation is properly implemented, pdf file
Three phase rectifier circuit Operation of a 3 - Phase Fully - Controlled Rectifier
Three phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier circuit The operation of a 3-phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier circuit is described in this page
Zero voltage switching quasi square wave converters isolated PWM ZVS-converter, isolated Half Bridge FM ZVS-converter, isolated Bridge FM ZVS-converter

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