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Motor speed control  see also Circuits for motor control, Automatization, Power control
Control tutorials mathlab PID, frequency respons, digital control, motor speed
AC motor speed control with IGT Insulated-Gate Transistors Simplify AC-Motor Speed Control, pdf file
AC - DC motor speed control with MOSFETs pdf file
DC motor speed control Motor speed should be independent of load. PWM circuit, H-Bridge motor driver circuit, Open loop control systems, Closed loop control systems, PID Closed loop control system, proportional coefficient Kp, Integral coefficient Ki, Derivative coefficient Kd, pdf file
Bidirectional VF Control of Single and 3-Phase Induction Motors Using the PIC16F72
Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431
Controlling a small DC motor 83C51FA, pdf file
Controlling motors and transformers with dimmers
DC motor control pdf file
DC motor speed control PWM, program written in C
DC motor speed control
DC motor speed control L298, LMD18200, UDN2998, PC Generated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) For DC Motor Speed Control
DC motor speed control using Pulse Width Modulation MAX620
Démarrages des moteurs asynchrones triphasés à cage en Français, SWF file
Determining MOSFET driver needs for motor drive applications MOSFET, IGBT, stepper motor control, power switching, pdf file
Driving DC motors Driving DC motors, driving a DC motor using a power MOS bridge, pdf file
Electronic control of direct current motors Electronic control of direct current motors first quadrant speed control, two-quadrant control-armature reversal, two-quadrant control -two converters, two-quadrant control - two converters with circulating current, two-quadrant control with positive torque, four-quadrant control, Electronic Control of Alternating Current Motors, pdf file
Fan speed control
FREQUENCY CONTROLLED AC MOTOR DRIVE The squirrel cage induction motor is the electrical motor motor type most widely used in industry. Squirrel cage motors are asynchronous induction machines whose speed depends upon applied frequency, pole pair number, and load torque, pdf file
Gradateurs en Français
IMPROVED UNIVERSAL MOTOR DRIVE triac control, IGBT control, ST6210, pdf file
Modulation de largeur d'impulsion en Français, pdf file
MOSFET/IGBT DRIVERS theory and applications, pdf file
Motion control
Motion control systems Motion Control Overview
Motor control overview Universal motor, Brush DC motor, Single-phase induction motor, Three-phase induction motor, Three-phase brushless DC motor, Stepper motor, Switched reluctance motor, pdf file
Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
Motor Control Tutorial Motor Principles, Phase Angle Control, Pulse Width Modulation, Power Topologies
Motor speed controller for universal motor pdf-file
Power electronics and drives control of electrical drives, switched-mode converters, two-quadrant converters, four-quadrant converters, bipolar switching, unipolar switching, PWM, down?
Réglage de la vitesse des moteurs asynchrones triphasés en Français
Solid state control for bi-directional motors pdf file
Speed controllers motor Speed controllers
Speed controllers principle of switch mode speed control, H bridge, MOSFET, encoder
Step motor drive technology (pdf-format)
Switching for controlling mobile robots A simple SPST-switch controlling a motor, A MOSFET switch controlling a motor, Bidirectional motor operation, Motor control using an H-bridge, animated
Triac motor control
Universal motor control Universal motor control: the universal motor is a rotating electric machine similar to a DC motor but designed to operate either from direct current or single-phase alternating current, ...
Variable-switched-reluctance motors VSR motors
Variation de vitesse de la machine à courant continu zip file, en Français

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