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Diac, triac and thyristor applications  related subjects: Power circuits, Triac-thyristor technology
AC to DC conversion rectifier AC to DC conversion rectifier, pdf-file
Characteristics of Thyristors This application note presents the basic fundamentals of SCR, triac, sidac, and diac thyristors so the user understands how they differ in characteristics and parameters from their electromechanical counterparts, pdf-file
Diac, triac, thyristor diac, triac, thyristor, en Français
Diac Bilateral Trigger Diac, pdf-file
Diac Bilateral Trigger Diac, pdf-file
Gating, Latching, and Holding of SCRs and Triacs Gating, latching, and holding currents of thyristors are some of the most important parameters. These parameters and their interrelationship determine whether the SCRs and triacs will function properly in various circuit applications, pdf-file
Single-phase fully-controlled SCR bridge rectifier circuit a tip
MOC 3011 - TRIAC
Phase angle control Phase angle control, pdf-file
Phase angle control Phase angle control with DIAC, pdf-file
Phase angle control using thyristors Phase angle control using thyristors, pdf-file
Phase control using thyristors pdf-file
Phase control using thyristors pdf-file
Power control using thyristors and triacs phase control, diac, thyristor, UJT, triac, Introduction to Thyristors and Triacs, Using Thyristors and Triacs, The Peak Current Handling Capability of Thyristors, pdf-file
Power electronics KEPCO applications handbook
Power electronics switching characteristics for power devices, soft switching for power devices, inverter technology, IGBT characterization with soft switching
Power electronics international rectifier
Power electronics tutorial interactive course, diode circuits, fully controlled 1 phase SCR bridge rectifier, fully controlled 3 phase SCR bridge rectifier, semi controlled rectifier circuits, switch mode power supply (java enabled)
Réglage de la vitesse des moteurs asynchrones en Français
Redressement commandé pdf file, en Français
Redressement commandé pdf file, en Français
Redressement non commandé pdf file, en Français
Semi-controlled rectifier circuits a semi-controlled rectifier circuit is made up of both controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers, java
Sidac the sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage triggered switch with greater power-handling capabilities than standard diacs, pdf-file, Sidac application note pdf-file
Sidactor devices pdf-file
Single-phase fully- controlled bridge rectifier circuit with a resistive load java
Single SCR circuit a single SCR and an RL load, simulation included
Single SCR circuit with free wheeling diode a single SCR and an RL load, simulation included
Snubber network design of Snubbers for Power Circuits, Snubbers are circuits which are placed across semiconductor devices for protection and to improve performance, reduce or eliminate voltage or current spikes, limit dI/dt or dV/dt, shape the load line to keep it within the safe operating area (SOA), transfer power dissipation from the switch to a resistor or a useful load, reduce total losses due to switching, reduce EMI by damping voltage and current ringing, pdf file
Snubber network SCR and TRIAC snubber network, pdf file
Three-phase fully-controlled SCR bridge rectifier circuit a tip
Thyristor application notes
Thyristor and triac application notes snubber network, protection, TRIAC control, automatic line voltage switching, TRIAC and inductive loads, SCR
Thyristors for ignition of fluorescent lamps pdf file
Thyristors used as AC static switches and relays pdf file
Thyristors used as AC static switches and relays pdf file
Thyristor and triac pdf file
Thyristor rectifier circuits thyristor rectifier circuits, pdf file
Thyristors, triacs, opto-triacs et diacs en Français
TRIAC Three-quadrant triacs, pdf file
TRIACs and thyristors TRIACs and thyristors, This Technical Publication aims to provide an interesting, descriptive and practical introduction to the golden rules that should be followed in the successful use of thyristors and triacs in power control applications, pdf file
TRIAC control by pulse transformer pdf file
TRIAC control inductive load The purpose of this article is to present different methods of triac control with their applications and to analyze their relative advantages and disadvantages, triac motor control or triac inductive load control, pdf file
Triac motor control triac motor control or triac inductive load control, a tip, i have tested it!!
TRIACS FOR MICROWAVE OVEN Triacs are now commonly used in microwave ovens as static switches to control the power transformer, the heating resistor for grill and sometimes the motor for plate rotation, pdf file
Trigger and gate characteristics of thyristors pdf file
Turn-off connections for SCR thyristor devices pdf file
Zero Voltage Crossing Optically Isolated Triac Drivers ac power loads (120, 240 or 380 volt, single or 3-phase), pdf file
Zero-voltage switches CA3059 and CA3079 zero-voltage switches are monolithic integrated circuits designed primarily for use as trigger circuits for thyristors, triacs, pdf file

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