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Sensor circuits: sound circuits  related topic: Ultrasonic sensor theory
Bat Detector
Clap activated remote switch circuit diagram This project offers a way to control up to four latching switches with two claps of your hand. These switches may be used to control lights or fans – or anything else that does not produce too loud a sound. To prevent an occasional loud sound from causing malfunction, the circuit is normally quiescent. The first clap takes it out of standby state and starts a scan of eight panelmounted LEDs, pdf file
Clap Switch Sound operated switch using a simple transistor circuit
Clap Switch Here’s a clap switch free from false triggering. To turn on/off any appliance, you just have to clap twice. The cir-cuit changes its output state only when you clap twice within the set time period. Here, you’ve to clap within 3 seconds
Clap Switch Described here is an interesting circuit of a clap operated toggle switch, realized using readily available inexpensive components: LM555, CD4013, pdf file
Clap Switch Here is a clap switch which is used to turn ON/OFF any appliance connected to it. The circuit changes its output state when you clap near the condensor mic, 555, 4017, pdf file
Door alarm door alarm, beeps when someone touches the door-handle from outside
Hand clap activated relay During the operation of the circuit, a hand clap would activate a SPDT reed relay while a further clap will turn OFF the relay, 555
Obstacle detection sensor Obstacle detection sensor
Parking aid designed as an aid in parking the car near the garage wall when backing up, you can use this circuit in other applications like liquids level detection, proximity devices
Proximity Detector Features Ultrasonic Transducers
Sonarlike method detects fluid level two piezoelectric transducers generate and listen to the ultrasonic acoustical wave
Sound operated switch, PDF file sound operated switch, Amplifier: TL081 Comparator: TL081 or CA3140
Sound Operated Switch This sensitive sound operated switch can be used with a dynamic microphone insert as above, or be used with an electret (ECM) microphone
Sound sensor
Ultrasonic alarm ultrasonic alarm circuit, The ultrasonic detection unit amplifies(About 1000 times) and detects the ultrasonic that a reflected wave from the object. At the circuit this time, transmitter and receiver(Transducer) and detector are incorporated into another printed board. The transmitter transmits the 40 kHz ultrasonic with the 1 millisecond in the about 64 milliseconds interval
Ultrasonic Motion Detector Ultrasonic Motion Detector
UltraSonic USB Radar Microchip PIC18F4550, Ultrasonic Range Sensor
Ultrasonic range finder circuit
Ultrasonic range & imager a piezoelectric transducer is used for both tramsmit & receive
Ultrasonic Range Meter Ultrasonic Range Meter, the Ultrasonic Range Meter with PIC16F873, Educypedia
Ultrasonic sensor This application note describes a practical sonar system, using ultrasonic sound waves to determine the distance to obstacles, using a Microchip PIC16F628 MCU, Echo Location, LM324, pdf file
Ultrasonic switch 555, CA3140
Ultrasound detector 567 phase-locked loop, LM386 audio power amplifier circuit
VOICE CONTROL SWITCH The voice control switch is classified as a remote control circuit which monitors the work operation of a relay by audio generation, the sound of which can possibly be a hand-clap, or striking of materials with a built-in shape volume control available for the adjustment of the sensitivity as well, pdf file
Whistle Switch The whistle switch allows you to turn on, or off, an appliance by whistling at it

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