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Video circuits 
AVR (AT90S2313) composite PAL colour bar generator composite PAL colour bar generator
Driving Multiple VGA Monitors multiple-monitor driver
DVD Copy Protection DVD Replication with CSS Copy Protection, Analog CPS (Macrovision)
DVD Multi-Region & Macrovision Mods instructions, diagrams and HEX code apply to the Panasonic SCHT80/SCPM08 DVD Players
Isolation between antenna network and TV/radio equipment Antenna signal galvanic isolation, Antenna isolator circuits for preventing ground loop problems
Macrovision Eliminator macrovision code remover circuit, This page explains the issues concerning the decoding of colour from broadcast-standard television pictures, and presents software algorithms and a Windows-based application capable of colourising PAL-encoded still-frame images with very high quality. This is an interesting project in practical image-processing!
Macrovision Eliminator PAL Macrovision line, NTSC Macrovision line, NTSC vertical blanking region with Macrovision, PAL vertical blanking region with Macrovision, Macrovision is a videotape copy protection method for VHS video cassette recorders. It is used on pre-recorded videotapes
NTSC Test Signal Generator NTSC Test Signal Generator
Software-based PAL colour-decoding
TV testcard generator 14:9 letterboxed, 16:9 Test Card, 16:9 letterboxed, 16:9 Test Card, 4:3 Safe Title Area, Luminance Grille P.L.U.G.E., Luminance Frequency Sweeps, "Tartan" colour-bars, Plain EBU colour-bars, Luminance Sawtooth, Luminance Staircase, Multi-burst, Pulse & Bar
TV Transmitter Use it to rebroadcast video signals throughout your house, pdf file
Video Clock Superimposer Video Clock Superimposer
S-video to composite video adapter This simple adapter can be used to convert Y/C video (S-video) to a composite video. This adapter is useful in cases where your video output device has only S-video output but your signal source accepts only composite video input. This circuit works with both PAL and NTSC video standards
VGA to PAL and NTSC converter VGA to PAL and NTSC converter
VGA to RGB + composite sync -converter This circuits makes it possible to connect your VGA card to fixed frequency monitors and video projectors
VGA to TV converter Video input: R G B + HSYNC + VSYNC from VGA card, refresh rate compatible to PAL or NTSC standards, Video outputs: Composite video and S-video (Y/C), Video standards supported: PAL B,G,H and NTSC M, schematics
VHF/UHF TV modulator
Video amplifier LH0032
Video amplifier LM359N, Educypedia
Video Amplifier with Sync Stripper and DC Restore The circuit transmits 200MHz (-3dB bandwidth) video signals while stripping off the sync pulse and performing DC restoration. It is configured for a typical video cable driver application driving a double-terminated 75Ω load, ..., pdf file
Video digitiser A "video-digitiser" (also known as a "frame grabber") captures television pictures from a TV set, camera, or video recorder, etc., and forwards them to a computer for display, storage, or general manipulation. This document describes a home-built digitiser which interfaces to an EPP (or bi-directional) parallel port on IBM PCs
Video switcher one output, 4 inputs, The heart of the video switcher is a Maxim MAX454. That integrated circuit contains a four-way video multiplexer and an amplifier that operates as a low-impedance line driver. The resulting video output is high quality with very low phase distortion, pdf file

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