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Audio amplifiers 
1 W mono audio amplifier with DC volume control TDA7052A, pdf file
10-W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
10 + 10W STEREO AMPLIFIER FOR CAR RADIO TDA2004A, class B dual audio power amplifier, pdf file
100 W guitar amplifier
120 second voice recorder pdf file
12W AUDIO AMPLIFIER using the TDA2006 is monolithic integrated circuit, pdf file
14 Watt audio amp provides 14 watts of power, but can provide much more simply by increasing the power supply voltage
15 Watt amplifier This amplifier uses a dual 20 Volt power supply and delivers 15 watts RMS into an 8 ohm load
18 Watt Audio Amplifier
20 Watt Power Amplifier This IC chip was designed specifically for use in power boosting aplications in automobiles. It is self protecting against short circuits and thermal problems.In the bridge configuration shown it will deliver 20 watts of power into a 2 ohm speaker operating at 14.4 volts, TDA2005M, rar file
2.5 W Stereo Class D Audio Power Amplifier - LM4663
2-way active loudspeaker STK4042, one classic 2-way crossover with cross frequency fc = 3100Hz [-24dB/oct]
2.7 Watt Class-D audio power amplifier with an integrated boost converter pdf file
4 W AUDIO AMPLIFIER TDA 1904 monolithic integrated circuit, pdf file
50 Watt - 8 Ohm power amplifier LM3876
6-10 Watt monophonic power amplifier TDA2002 or TDA2003 module, pdf file
8 Watt amplifier TDA2030
A4 Power Amp a 4 channel power amplifier with bi-amping and bridging options, a tip
Active Speaker A simple powered speaker, built using a TDA2030
Amplificateurs audio en Français
Amplifier bridging
Ampli MOSFET 360W
Audio amplifier circuit design idea
Audio Amplifiers, Subsystems, Data Converters and CODECs Speaker Amplifiers, DirectDrive® Headphone Amplifiers, MAX9736: Mono/Stereo High-Power Class D Amplifier, MAX9788: Boosted High-Efficiency Speaker Driver, MAX9867: Low-Power, Stereo Audio Codec, MAX9877: Mono Class D Audio Subsystem with DirectDrive® Headphone Amplifier, MAX9892: Shunt-Mode Click-and-Pop Suppressor
Audio amplifier with squelsh-control
Audio circuits Audio and op amps circuits
Audio circuits audio preamplifier circuits, mixers, filters, crossover circuits
Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics
Audio pages (ESP) 60-100W power amplifier, preamp power supply, Hi-Fi phono (RIAA) preamp, 50W IC power amplifier, class A power amplifier, 300W subwoofer power amplifier, headphone amp, Linkwitz transform circuit, 20W/ch stereo IC power amp, test equipment, VU meter...
Bench Amplifier A small 325mW amplifier with a voltage gain of 200 that can be used as a bench amplifier, signal tracer or used to amplify the output from personal radios, etc.
Car horn electronic car horn, LM556, LM370
Class-D audio amplifier TDA8929T Controller class-D audio amplifier, Class D amplifiers design by using PWM, pdf file
Class D High Power Audio Amplifier a 200 W true RMS (into a 4 W load) high quality audio power amplifier on a very compact printed-circuit board, UM10155 Discrete Class D High Power Audio Amplifier, pdf file
Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier a compact, low-cost condenser mic audio amplifier provides good-quality audio of 0.5 watts at 4.5 volts. It can be used as part of intercoms, walkie-talkies, ..., pdf file
ESP audio projects power amps, preamps, crossover, power supplies, musical instruments, mixers, meters, test equipment, a tip
Headphone amplifier many circuits available
Headphone amplifier a low power stereo amplifier capable of driving a pair of headphones
Hi-Fi Preamp
High Output Line Driver for Single Ended Power Supply OP176GP, 40 Volt
Integrated Circuit Audio Amplifiers LM386 IC, LM380
Leach amplifier audio amplifier, differential amplifier, protection circuit, TIM, transient intermodulation, distortion, SID, DIM, dynamic intermodulation, THD, total harmonic distortion, IM, intermodulation distortion, T-circuit, VI limiter, feedforward compensation
LM1036 audio processor
LM12 80 Watt audio amplifier
LM 386 power amplifier ic spec sheet low voltage audio power amplifier, pdf file
LM4780 Micro-Amp A miniature amplifier and outboard power supply built to complement the Audax Monitors, using the LM4780
Low impedance microphone amplifier for use with low impedance (~200 ohm) microphones
Low Noise, High Gain Microphone Amplifier It appears to be possible to convert an old MMDS parabolic dish antenna into a parabolic microphone. All you really need to do is cover the dish section and dipole reflector with heavy-stock cardboard, then mount a microphone element at the focal point
Microphone Circuit construct a microphone circuit using a compact electret condenser microphone cartridge, pdf file
Microphone preamplifier circuit pdf file
Microphone preamplifier circuits
Microphone preamplifier
Microphone preamplifier The MAX9810 microphone preamplifier is intended for use inside electret condenser microphone (ECM) cartridges
MOSFET integrated amplifier 70W MOSFET-based stereo power amplifier, microcontroller-controlled preamplifier, with infrared remote control capability. Volume and other settings stored in battery-backed RAM, LCD display for volume
Phono preamplifier
Phono PreAmp Small High-end Phono (RIAA) Amplifier
Preamplifier development
Power amp 100W with V-MosFet
Power supply and audio amplifier strange, good idea
Power amplifier 170W
RIAA compensated stereo preamp
RIAA Phono Preamplifier pdf file
Soft switching amplifier with tone controls LM380 circuit
TDA8929T Controller class-D audio amplifier The TDA8929T is the controller of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system, pdf file
Transistor Audio Amplifiers a classic Class A audio amplifier circuit
Gainclone Amplifiers 
GainClone Monoblocks 4 monoblocks based on the National Semiconductor LM3875
Gainclone Power Amplifier (LM3875)
TPM-LM3886 - A Full Featured Gain Clone The Twisted Power Module LM3886 (TPM-LM3886) power amp module is a Single-ended Gain Clone amplifier. Each module can be configured with a servo (as is here) or simple feedback cap, and has an optional Zobel

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