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FM transmitters 
1 watt FM zender in Dutch
2-3W FM transmitter wireless microphone, single transistor, wireless FM transmitter circuit
3 Watt FM Transmitter schematic for an FM transmitter with 3 to 3.5 W output power that can be used between 90 and 110 MHz
4 Transistor Transmitter This circuit provides an FM modulated signal with an output power of around 500mW. The input Mic preamp is built around a couple of 2N3904 transistors, audio gain limited by the 5k preset
5 watt FM zender in Dutch
80 Watt FM stereo transmitter 80 Watt FM stereo transmitter
9V FM transmitter pdf file
9V FM transmitter 9V FM transmitter (Tx) with a range of up to 1 kilometer in the open, pdf file
Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter The circuit follows that of a simple textbook synthesiser comprising a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), a damped Loop Filter, a Reference Oscillator (Crystal) and a Frequency Comparator
Digitally controlled FM transmitter (Part I), FM PLL controlled VCO unit (Part II)
Emetteur FM pdf file, en Franšais, a tip
FM band monaural transmitter a high quality monaura FM transmitter, pdf file
FM Broadcast Audio Transmitter The circuit consists of a frequency modulated oscillator, an audio preamplifier with pre emphasis to supply the frequency modulating signal, and a buffer amplifier to drive the antenna connector
FM oscillator using the BF900 Dual Gate Mosfet contains the schematic and a PCB-layout for a FM oscillator using the BF900 Dual Gate Mosfet
FM radio pirate Introduction to Community Radio Electronics, A Design for a 40W broadband VHF RF Power Amplifier for FM broadcast, How to make an Weatherproof Vertically Polarised Omnidirectional Aerial
FM velleman oscillator use as test oscillator for FM tuners, FET oscillator, wireless microphone circuit, schematics
FM stereo transmiter FM wireless stereo transmiter circuit, A Simple FM Stereo Transmitter using an AVR microcontroller
FM stereo transmiter BA1404
FM Remote Speaker System A high quality, noise free, wireless FM transmitter/receiver may be made using the LM566 VCO and LM565 PLL Detector. The LM566 VCO is used to convert the program material into FM format, which is then transformer coupled to standard power lines. At the receiver end the material is detected from the power lines and demodulated by the LM565, pdf file
FM Telephone Bug a simple transmitter that when connected to a phone line, will transmit anything on that line (execpt the dial tone) to any FM radio. The frequency can be tuned from 88 to about 94Mhz and the range is about 200 feet
FM transmitter FM transmitter, wireless microphone, single transistor, wireless FM transmitter circuit
FM transmitter a good fm-transmitter (88Mhz-110Mhz)
FM transmitter this is an old one, not so stable
FM transmitter
FM transmitter frequency of operation: about 100MHz, antenna type: folded 300 ohms dipole
FM transmitter how to build a long range FM transmitter circuit
FM transmitter pdf file
FM Transmitter schematic, PC board pattern, and parts placement for a low powered FM transmitter. The range of the transmitter when running at 9V is about 300 feet
FM transmitter FM transmitter circuit, power output 200-250 milliwatts, Long-range FM Transmitter
FM transmitter wireless microphone, wireless FM transmitter
FM transmitter wireless microphone, wireless FM transmitter, pdf file
FM transmitter a tip, zip file, Scan of PCB
FM transmitter 0,4 W
FM transmitters a tip
FM transmitter: micro-spy with FETs FM transmitter: micro-spy with FETs
FM transmitter that fits on top of a 9v battery
FM transmitter with a single transistor works on 1V5
FM Transmitter with Opamp An low power FM Transmitter using an op-amp as the audio preamp and a single transistor as the RF amplifier
FM Wireless Bug a simple little three-transistor FM wireless microphone
FM wireless microphone This article describes the theory of operation and construction details of a wireless microphone capable of picking up sounds within a 20 meter radius and transmitting them to an ordinary FM radio at distances of up to 2 kilometers, pdf file
FM transmitter, RDS encoder, antenna FM transmitter, RDS encoder, antenna circuits, DTMF decoder, PLL digital tuning unit
Light sensing RF transmitter
Low cost FM Stereo transmitter VHF FM wireless microphone circuit
Low power FM transmitter VHF FM wireless microphone circuit
MEDIUM-POWER FM TRANSMITTER the range of this FM transmitter is around 100 metres at 9V DC supply, pdf file
Micro Spy With FETs  BF245
Micro-Spy with TTL
PLL bug transmitter the frequency of this transmitter is PLL controlled which makes it very stable. The frequency is programmed in digitally way and can be changed very easy. Frequency range is about 50 to 150 MHz and the output power 100mW
Portable FM transmitter 1 W This small FM transmitter includes a limiter, a microphone amplifier and a PLL digital tuning. All the parts are placed on one circuit board. The RF power is switchable between 1 W (HI) and 0,2 W (LO)
Simple 30 meters range FM Transmitter Simple 30 meters range FM Transmitter
Small radio transmitter Small radio transmitter
Stereo FM Transmitter This new stereo FM Micromitter is capable of broadcasting good quality signals over a range of about 20 metres. It's ideal for broadcasting music from a CD player or from any other source so that it can be picked up in another location
Ten Milliwatt FM Transmitter
VHF transmitter - design Very stable FM transmitter - VCO
Voice Activated FM Transmitter A sound activated switch and an FM transmitter joined together to make a voice activated FM transmitter. Set the level of sound that it will respond to. Two stage transmitter needs tuning to get best results, pdf file
WASP any frequency from 85MHz to 110MHz, depending on the number of turns in the oscillator coil and the spacing of the turns
Wireless FM transmitter Frequency Modulation Wireless Microphone
Wireless microphone or "bug" a wide band FM wireless microphone circuit

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