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Magnetic Levitation circuits 
4-coil bar magnet lifter
Design of Magnetic Levitation pdf file
Digital Levitation Electromagnetic levitation, Electromagnetic Suspension and Levitation Techniques
Electromagnetic Levitator An electromagnet creates a magnetic field that attracts a hollow steel globe or similar object upward. The globe doesn't crash against the magnet, however. Instead, as it draws near, the magnet's intensity weakens, letting the globle drop slightly. As it drops, the matnet's intensity again increases, pulling the globe up again. The process is so smooth, however, that the globe appears to float, held in space by invisible forces
Electromagnetic levitation The aim of this circuit is to investigate magnetic levitation and to design a working system capable of levitating an object from below. The system should be able to levitate an object from below, clear of an array of electromagnets without any form of support, pdf file
Electromagnetic Suspension: A Digital Control System
Home-Built Magnetic Levitator
Infrared Magnetic Levitator This is a simple magnetic levitator which suspends objects a set distance below an electromagnet
Levitate a magnet Use electromagnet to pick something up from a distance
Low-cost magnetic levitation project LMD18201, MIC502, pdf file
Low-cost magnetic levitation project kits for teaching feedback system design pdf file
Magnetic Levitation An electromagnet pulls a ball upward while a light beam measures the exact position of the ball's top edge. The magnet's lifting force is adjusted according to position
Magnetic Levitation Kit This kit contains all the components needed to build a working circuit that can control the levitation of a small permanent magnet EXCEPT the electromagnet that you provide. The electromagnet can be made from a large solenoid or relay coil, part of an electromagnetic clutch, or hand wound. This circuit will power up to 3 Amps at 24 Volts, or any powerful electromagnetic coil of 8 Ohms or higher, pdf file
Magnetic levitation control system Magnetic Levitation Experiments, pdf file
Magnetic levitation control system the different electronic components that make up the magnetic levitation system and how they interact with each other, pdf file
Magnetic levitation control system: circuit Magnetic levitation circuit, LMD18201, pdf file
Magnetic Levitation Experiment Magnetic Levitation Experiment, pdf file
Magnetic Levitation using Hall effect Sensor Feedback, and Matched resonant wireless power transfer Magnetic Levitation using Hall effect Sensor Feedback, and Matched resonant wireless power transfer
Meissner Effect
MLX90215 The MLX90215 is a Programmable Linear Hall Effect sensor
Modeling of a Didactic Magnetic Levitation System for Control Education The dynamics of magnetic levitation system is characterized by its instability, nonlinearity and complexity. In this paper some approaches to the levitation sphere modeling are addressed, that may he validate with experimental measurements, pdf file
Magnetic circuits 
Build a Magnetic Field Immunity Tester A precompliance test system can help you determine whether your products comply with standards such as the CE Marking
Build your own Gaussmeter An inexpensive Hall effect Gaussmeter
Design of an integrated electromagnetic levitation and guidance system pdf file
Hall effect sensor as Toilet Tank Refiller 12 Volt Toilet Tank Refiller
Magnetic field meter This uses a UGN3503 Hall effect device to drive a meter. The circuit is simple and has provision for zeroing the meter and adjusting the gain for calibration
Solid State Ignition Module

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