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Radio frequency - communication circuits general overview 
FM zenders, radio zenders, KG zenders, antenne versterkers, TV zenders en ontvangers in Dutch
Harry's homebrew homepage HF-circuits, amateur radio oriented
Homebrew RF Test Equipment and Software Attenuator Pads, Cable Reflection Tester, 2.4 GHz Quarter-Wave Power Divider/Combiner, Audio/Video Transmitter Link Test, LED RF Signal Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, 2.4 GHz RF Power Meter / SWR Meter, Return Loss Bridge, Antenna Analyzer
Radio circuits
Radio Controlled RC Planes, Cars, Boats, Homemade RC electronic projects
Rason project page CW tone keyer, 100Khz crystal calibrator, 5/4 wave 2 meter antenna, 70cm collinear antenna, 12 volt cell charger, 10 amp, 13.8 volt power supply, audio speech processor, PLL tone encoder, thermal fan controller, 40 meter 5 Watt QRP transmitter, voltage regulators, transistor audio amplifiers, condenser mike, IC audio amplifiers, basic VOX circuit, 4 to 1 Balun, rechargable CMOS battery, variable bandwidth CW filter, simple electronic S meter, adjustable voltage regulator, designing bipolar transistor audio preamps, JFET transistor audio preamps, Op Amp IC audio preamps, switching regulator basics
RF projects FM transmitters, RF amplifiers, software for coil calculations
Radio frequency - communication circuits 
10 GHz radar detector
10.7MHz FM Detector
2.4 GHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W This application note gives an example of a 2.4 GHz LNA with the BFG480W. Because this LNA design has a high third order intercept value of 17 dBm (measured at input), it can be used for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) front-end and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) applications, pdf file
2.45 GHz power amplifier with the BFG480W At a frequency of 2.45 GHz, a supply voltage of 3.0 V, and a control voltage of 3.0 V, the amplifier delivers an output power of 19 dBm at an input power of 8 dBm, with a power added efficiency of 38 %, pdf file
450 watt 6m amplifier the amplifier design uses transistors that have been designed for VHF SSB operation
4 channel FM Remote control IC567, PLL
AM Band Antennas Active 3-30 MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave
AM RF amplfier for external antennas
Antenna splitter
A remotely-tuned loop receiving antenna for LW and MW
A simple demonstration for exploring the radio waves generated by a mobile phone
BF981 tuneable RF pre-amplifier for FM and TV VHF DX
Bi-Directional 2.4 GHz One Watt Amplifier With Receive Pre-Amp
Bi-Directional 900 MHz Six Watt Amplifier With Receive Pre-Amp
Field strength meter
Field Strength Meter Using A Biased Schottky Detector A temperature compensated Schottky diode is used in an amplified, untuned field strength indicator that is powered by two AA cells idicates the relative field strength of RF fields from a few kHz into the microwave region
FodTrack realtime satellite tracking system, schematic diagram of the FodTrack rotator interface
HF versterkers in Dutch
High voltage RF oscillator for driving multipole ion guides
Lightning detector a VLF receiver tuned to 300 kHz designed to detect the crackle of approaching lightning
Lightning detector circuit a VLF receiver tuned to 300 kHz designed to detect the crackle of approaching lightning
Low Distortion Crystal Oscillator pdf file
Low cost wireless network antennas, schematics of amplifiers, wireless cards and modification ideas, RF test equipment and software, information, amplifier and antenna designs for the 915 MHz WaveLAN
MOBILE PHONE ABSORPTION WAVEMETER An absorption wavemeter is a device which can make measurements on the strength of radio emissions and so this instrument is an essential item for investigating the mobile phones
Mobile phone detector Simple demonstration to explore the radio waves generated by a mobile phone
Mobile phone detector pdf file
MW Active Antenna This circuit is designed to amplify the input from a telescopic whip antenna. The preamplifier is designed to cover the medium waveband from about 550Khz to 1650Khz
Medium Wave (MW) Simple Active Antenna BF981, pdf file
One Watt 2.45 GHz Linear Amplifier
Pulsed tone FM tracking transmitter a very small tracking transmitter that can be tracked using an FM broadcast band radio receiver
Radio wave alarm radio wave alarm circuit
RC-design some very useful schematics for aircraft models
RDS ENCODER RADIO DATA SYSTEM Encoder, Radio Data System, RDS, is intended for application to VHF/FM sound broadcasts in the range 87.5 MHZ to 108.0 MHZ which may carry either stereophonic (pilot-tone system) or monophonic programs
RF amplifier for ferrite bar antennas
RF Field Strength Probe (AT90S1200A) This broadband probe has a small antenna (about a 15 cm length of insulated wire). Radio Frequency energy coupled to the antenna is detected and made available to drive millivolt level signals to the input of a DVM (Digital Volt Meter)
RF signal meter with LED
Spread spectrum (DSSS) voice link Experimental direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) voice link
Theremin it is a RF oscillator. As your hand moves near the metal plate, the capacitance "seen" at the collector of the transistor will change, and so will the frequency of oscillation. What you need now is an AM radio receptor (any) that will do the job of turning this to sound
Tunable Field Strength Meter
UHF radio direction finding 433.920 MHz, 2 meter tracking (146 Mhz)
VCO voltage controlled oscillator BF990a, BB132
Wireless antenna interface Wireless antenna interface circuit, pdf file
X band radar detector
Radio receiver circuits 
Aircraft Radio Communications Receiver The communications between commercial aircraft and the ground can be interesting, amusing and sometimes even disturbing. However radios that receive the approximately 220MHz to 400MHz band commonly used for aircraft (both military and commercial) are not easily found, schematics
AM-receiver for aircraft communication
DCF77 receiver every minute the full time and date is transmitted in 59 bit (from 0 to 58). At the beginning of every second a bit is transmitted by reducing to 25% (-6dB) the 77.5kHz carrier (amplitude modulation) for 100ms (logical 0) or for 200ms (logical 1)
DCF77 receiver
FM receiver FM regenerative receiver using a single FET and one audio amplifier IC
One Transistor FM Radio
Reflex Receivers One-Transistor Reflex Radio, Two Transistor Reflex Radio, Matchbox Reflex Radio
'Reflex'-type AM Radio
Shortwave Receiver
Solar powered AM radio Solar powered AM radio circuit
TDA7000 receiver
Two transistor radio
VLF Radio Receiver Schematic
ZN414 Portable Receiver An AM portable radio receiver made from the ZN414 IC. The ZN414 ic has now been replaced by the MK484 which is identical in performance and pinout
Radio transmitter circuits 
300MHz AM, RF remote control receiver & transmitter
433 MHz Super Remote Using a PIC12F683 and a few transistors, it is theoretically possible to boost the power to a standard 433 MHz remote transmitter module
418/433 MHz short-range communication circuit for data transmission and remote control systems, pdf file
AM Micropower Transmitter a high quality radio transmitter for the A.M. broadcast band
AM oscillator - transmitter AM oscillator, AM transmitter, 1 MHz
AM-transmitter transistor-based AM transmitter, the educational encyclopedia
AM Transmitter
AM Transmitter Circuits tube-based low power AM transmitters
FOX - two transistor 40 milliwatt fox transmitter
FOX-750 - three transistor 750 milliwatt fox transmitter
FM broadcasting hobby A Beginner's Guide to Low-Power FM Broadcasting
Magnetic-radiation remote-control short-range 35KHz operation, single-channel unit
Miniature MW Transmitter
Radio Remote Control using DTMF using UM91214/UM91216 datasheet and KT3170 datasheet. The KT3170 is a complete Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) receiver that is fabricated by low power CMOS and the Switched-Capacitor Filter technology.
Short Wave AM Transmitter Short Wave AM Transmitter circuit
Small AM transmitter Small AM transmitter
TÚlÚcommande radio 300MHz pour tÚlescope
Walkie Talkie Schematic

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