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Analog circuits
AC Line powered LEDs The circuit below illustrats powering a LED (or two) from the 120 volt AC line using a capacitor to drop the voltage and a small resistor to limit the inrush current
Astable multivibrator
Astable multivibrator astable flip-flop circuits, schematics
Astable Multivibrator Projects
Barry's Coilgun design site design a coilgun to launch a small mass using electromagnets
Bicycle back safety light this circuit has been designed to provide a clearly visible light, formed by 13 high efficiency flashing LEDs arranged in a pseudo-rotating order. Due to low voltage, low drain battery operation and small size, the device is suitable for mounting on bicycles as a back light, or to put on by jogger/walkers
CA3140 pdf file
Capacitance multiplier power supply a simple capacitance multiplier power supply for class A amplifiers
Dynamo-Powered LED Headlight and Tail Light for your Bicycle Three classes of LED light systems are presented: Basic, Medium Power and High Power, a tip
Electronic circuits application garage ultra high accuracy digital clock, channel adapter for the oscilloscope, count down timer, stabilised power unit, dancing lights, ultra sonic range meter, supersonic alarm, infrared sensor, DC/AC inverter, supersonic range meter using PIC
Field Effect Transistor as a Voltage Controlled Resistor An fet can be used as a voltage controlled resistor (vcr) where the resistance between the drain and source is controlled by the gate-source voltage, ..., schematics
Flasher Circuits Two Transistor Flasher Ideas
Frequency to voltage converter LM2907 Frequency to voltage converter
"high" or "low" voltage battery monitor LM741, scroll down
Triggered spark gap this device is used to switch high current voltages
Triggered spark gap BUILDING THE TRIGGERED SPARK GAP, pdf file
HV generator using a TV flyback transformer HV generator using a TV flyback transformer circuit
LED torch based on a 7555 timer running in astable mode
Lie detector circuit this circuit is based on the fact that a person's skin resistance changes when they sweat (sweating because they're lying). Dry skin has a resistance of about 1 million ohms, whereas the resistance of moist skin is reduced by a factor of ten or more, Simple lie detector
Model train - railroad and misc. electronics detector, detection, model railroads, signals, railway circuit, trains, automatic, reverse, electronics, control, switch machine, throttles, DCC, MiniDCC, circuit, trains, infrared circuit, stepper motor, timer, 555, LM555, LM556, 74194, 74154, LM311, LMD18200 circuit
Model train diesel & horn sound module TIL 112 opto isolator, 741, LM566 VCO, CD4017 CMOS counter, LM386 power amplifier, LM556 dual timer
Multiple monitor driver Multiple monitor driver
Over voltage protection provides a useful defence for fast over voltage spikes and transients that could cause damage to more sensitive components
Relay card relay card interface circuit
Sawtooth to Triangle converter
Schmidt trigger met transistoren, in Dutch
Single-Supply Wien Bridge Oscillator
Single transistor pump This is a simple circuit that can produce a staircase voltage output given a periodic pulse input
Soft start up circuit Soft start up circuit
Transistor circuits
Transistor throttles power supplies, direct current power supply, voltage comparator, variable pulse with modulated power supply, current regulated power supply circuit
Two Transistor Flasher circuit
Variable Frequency Audio Oscillator Variable Frequency Audio Oscillator circuit
Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator with Sync Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator with Sync
Voltage controlled oscillator VCO, Voltage controlled oscillator circuit, pdf file
Voltage protection
Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter pdf file
Voltage-to-Frequency Converter an LM331 IC in a basic F/V converter configuration (sometimes termed a stand-alone converter because it requires no op amps or other active devices other than the IC), pdf file

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