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Sensor circuits: the weather   related subject Opto electronic circuits, The weather, The climate
1-Wire Barometer
1-wire barometer This article describes details for constructing a 1-Wire Barometer which will work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network, MPX4115
1-Wire Barometer barometer sensor circuit, pdf file
1-Wire Barometer 1-Wire Barometer sensor circuit
1-wire lightning monitor
1-wire weather station Each sensor has a unique serial number that identifies it to the bus. The station is controlled by a PC or microprocessor executing Touch Memory Executive (TMEX) software, pdf file
Air Pressure Air Pressure sensor
Altimeter Precision Digital Altimeter with Motorola MPXS4100 A and PIC16F84
Altimeter Pressure Sensor-Based Altimeter Circuit, schematics
Barometers liquid barometer, electronic barometer
Cloud Charge Monitor pdf file
Cloud detector, cloud detection and cloud monitor will detect the presence or absence of clouds to a user-settable threshold, TPS534 sensor
Digital Compass The Honeywell HMC6352 is a fully integrated compass module that combines 2-axis magneto-resistive sensors with the required analog and digital support circuits, and algorithms for heading computation, pdf file
Digital Compass Digital Compass sensor circuit
Digital Compass a home brew compass sensor design based on the Dinsmore 1655 Analog Compass part
Digital Compass (V2X)
Digital Compass Project
Digital remote thermometer digital remote thermometer, LM35, LM331 circuit
Frost alarm thermistor sensor circuit
Humidity sensor Remote humidity sensor needs no battery
Humidity sensor 2322 691 90001
Humidity transmitter Measure humidity and temperature on one TTL line
Humidity transmitter Low-cost relative-humidity transmitter uses single logic IC
IR-Linked Temperature Sensor pdf file
Light Sensor Technology measuring daylight using LEDs pdf file
LCD thermometer the IC thermo sensor (S8100) or the diode (1S1588) is used as the thermo sensor, ICL7136 of Intersil
Lightning Activity Monitor Basic Stamp Lightning Activity Monitor circuit
Lightning Detectors features a superior RF section with a single resonance near 300kHz and plenty of sensitivity
Lightning detector lightning detector, sensor circuit, schematics
Lightning detector pdf file
Lightning flash counter contains instructions to build a lightning flash counter and how to interface it to your PC
Lightning Storm Detector Sferic Detector - Detects approaching lightning storms by monitoring the RF spectrum
Opamp thermostat
Rain detector Rain detector, TIC106
Rain detector a simple rain detector consisting of two strips of aluminum foil glued to a piece of plastic, 2 transistors, pdf file
Temperature sensor temperature sensing circuit
Temperature sensor temperature sensing circuit
Temperatursensor mit integriertem AD-Wandler lm75, IC-Bus Protokoll circuit
Temperatuur-spanningsomvormer in Dutch
Thermistor based PICmicro Digital Thermometer temperature sensing circuit
Weather projects page
Weather Station An Inexpensive APRS Weather Station, How To Build One
Web thermometer measure the temperature on the web
WEB thermometer This little simple thermometer can be used to monitor and log the temperature anywhere in a radius of 20 meters from your computer
Wireless weather station Weather station with pressure reading, relative humidity, indoor & remote outdoor temperature display
Windmeter - Anemometer circuits 
Airflow Monitor using the Analog Devices TMP12 sensor, Airflow and Temperature Sensor, pdf file
Anemometer home made Anemometer with PIC 16F876
DIY Rotorvane Anemometer
Windmeter - Anemometer This project will use PIC to measure wind speed, air temperature, and humidity
Windmeter - Anemometer Ultra-low-cost Logging Anemometer for Wind Power Generation Feasibility Surveys
Windmeter - Anemometer Homemade Easter Egg Anemometer
Windmeter / Anemometer The Windmeter is an anemometer designed to measure and record wind speed distribution from 0 to 17+ meters per second. It was designed for high reliability, ease of construction, and for a wide environmental range
Wind Speed & Direction Meter This ingeniously designed circuit may be just the ticket for those interested in weather observations, in particular, wind speed and direction. The clever bit about the instrument is that both wind speed and wind direction are measured with a single sensor: a rotational speed meter with three blades, one fitted with a small vane, pdf file

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