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Microcontroller Applications 
AT Keyboard Interface V1.04 Any key stroke on the local keyboard will send the corresponding scan patterns from the keyboard to the PIC microcontroller. Afterwards, the microcontroller converts the keyboard scan patterns to ASCII characters and transmits them to the RS232 target device
Car parking system using Microcontroller 8051, 74157, 555
DTMF Generator atmel, Generation of Sine Waves Using PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation), Combine Different Sine Waves to DTMF Signal
Controller for Hybrid Power Plant block diagram of the HPP, comprised of 440 Wp photovoltaic modules, 1 kW wind turbine and 5 kW diesel engine as a back-up. HPP is a centralized PV and wind power generation plant, using battery to store the produced dc current electricity. To cater for emergencies, a conventional diesel generator is also provided. The main component on HPP is the controller, an electronic device which automatically control when the back-up diesel engine shall start assisting with producing electricity
Electronic door codelock with PIC PIC 16F84, electronic door codelock with PIC 16F84, schematics
Enhanced 5/2-day Central Heating Programmer pic16F628
Home controller a small home controller intended to turn your personal computer ( PC ) into a process control / data collection system, RS232, PIC 16F873A, Educypedia
Infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiver with PIC
IR analyser This system receives IR signals from existing remote controls and displays the waveform. It also attempts to categorize the signal based on several characteristics, PIC 16F876
IR receiver receives and decodes signals from a Sony IR remote control and sends the codes received to a serial port on a PC
NiMH battery charger PIC processor based high capacity battery charger, PIC16C711
Oscillator - PICmicro microcontroller pdf file
PIC16F84 based morse code reader
PIC to RS232 connection 16F84, 16F628, 16F676, 16F87x, 12F675
RC5 microcontroller Tinyserir-RC5 is een kleine microcontroller die geprogrammeerd is om infrarood signalen te decoderen en serieel te verzenden zodat deze gedecodeerd kunnen worden door een apparaat die over een RS-232 poort beschikt, in Dutch
RDS/RBDS Decoder This project supports both RDS (Europe) and RBDS (USA) Tuner FM band 88..108 MhZ (Europe and USA.),
Serial I/O PIC 16F84
Serial port controlled infrared transmitter with PIC PIC 16F628, This is a programmable infrared (remote control) transmitter, which can be controlled from a PC serial port. It is capable of sending many remote control formats, including the Philips RC-5 standard
Serial to parallel converter AT89C2051, The converter runs at 9600 baud, and outputs each byte received on a centronics style parallel port, together with a nominal 50 microsecond strobe. The converter buffers up the bytes received if busy is active, and is bidirectional
Square wave generator 100kHz square wave generator, PIC 16F84
Universal PIC Programmer - Flash PIC programmer for the board
USB and PIC Microprocessors 16C745 and 18F2455
Microcontroller Applications: Clocks  
Astronomy clock microcontroller project 2x16 LCD module, PIC16F877A, 16 button keyboard
Digital clock digital propeller clock circuit
Magic Ball
Nixie Tube Propeller Clock the world's first propeller clock using a nixie tube
Pendule à PIC PIC 16C84
PIC clock PIC16F84
Propeller clock Propeller clock with the PIC16F84A
Propeller clock Chester's Propeller Clock Analog/Digital
Propeller clock
Propeller clock
Propeller clock "Propeller Clock" Mechanically Scanned LED Clock. Seven light emitting diodes spin, giving the illusion of numbers in the air, PIC16C84 or 16F84 microprocessor
Propeller clock Basic PIC 16F84 flash microcontroller circuit
Propeller clock
Propeller clock flow chart pdf file
Scope Clock DG7 tube and PIC16F876
Timer on a PIC16F628 a 24 hours clock which may be programmed to turn on and off some device at programmed time
VCR Drum Propeller Clock VCR Propeller Clock, PIC 16F628
Microcontroller Applications: LCD display control  
1-Wire LCD controller The 1-Wire LCD controller connects to a Dallas 1-Wire network and functions as a slave device. This controller could be used to display information on a LCD under control of a 1-Wire network master
2-Wire LCD Interface" using the PIC16C84 microcontroller Alphanumeric LCD displays, assembler source file written for the PIC16C84, 74LS174
GPS LCD Display Project This project is based on a PIC16F84, included a MAX232 level converter to do the TTL to Serial conversion before it came into the PIC
HD44780-based character-LCD how to control a HD44780-based character-LCD, MIC 8051, PIC 16C84, pdf file
HD44780-based character-LCD
HD44780 24x2 LCD panel With EL backlight KS0066U = HD44780 LCD display, flowcode
LCD control library
LCD serial terminal based on the PIC 16F84, has RS-232 serial in/out, up to 20 programmable keys, character LCD up to 2x40, 5 auxiliary inputs, 6 auxiliary outputs
PIC LCD Controller Project The LCD Serializer is a very small piggy-back board containing a PIC 16C54 (or 16F84) that converts any "standard" LCD module to a RS232 controlled display
Microcontroller Applications: light 
5x5x5 LED cubus
Animated LED Animated LED, PIC16C84, a 4x4 pixel animated LED billboard of the type commonly seen at railway stations, in store windows and so on
Bicycle Persistence of Vision Light Display using ATTiny26
B0L12 Infrared Sensor PIC 16F873A,  Sony IR remote control, pdf file
Building an infrared remote decoder PIC12F675 or PIC12F629
Driving 7-segment LED Displays 16F84
Electronic TL-Dimmer PIC16F876 based 2-channel Electronic TL-Dimmer with sunrise & sunset simulator for fishtanks, with 20x4 VFD, timer, DCF77 24H-clock & calendar
Heart of LEDs Atmel AT89C2051
Infrared / Ultrasonic beacon Sender, Receiver, D/A conversion, PIC - program, Interface-programming, Master-slave communication, Mobile robot, Turnable beacons
LED flasher PIC 16F84
LeD MaTRiX This is a simple, programmable, autonomous and extensible LED matrix with the possibility of being controlled by a computer using a RS232 connection. Its basic modules are the Controller Board, the I/O Port expander boards and the LED matrix cardboard support. The micro controller is a common Microchip, PIC16F88
LED Patterns with AVR micro This AVR Startup Project will create a rolling display pattern using up to 8 Light Emiting Diodes. But more importantly, this page demonstrates how to set up and run a basic program using the power ATMEL AVR development kit
Micro based PIR to IR remote converter An Atmel AT90S1200 controlling a panasonic VCR
Microcontroller multichannel light dimmer a microprocessor-controlled multiple channel lighting dimmer, that could be used in theatrical and other applications. The device will accept input from a wide range of interfaces: RS232 input, DMX512 (theatrical lighting standard) or RS485, or a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). The device will control a number of lamps by using some form of AC power control, AT90S8515
Night Light Saver Build a device that turn on and off a night light automatically. Save Energy, No EMI, No Battery, Built-in Lamp Fixture, and Peak Shaving, AT89C2051
PIC 16C63 midi controlled light dimmer
PIC 16F84 IGBT brightness phase controller  a single channel phase controller for a PIC16x84 10MHz, zip file
PIC16F873 remote display
PIC IR Decoders
Red Light for Astronomy Observing PIC12F683
RGB LED, Dart teller, Magic Ball 16F628
Rotating Sprocket Wheel Generator  PIC16F84
Seven-Segment Display (multiplexing) PIC 16F84
Solar Charger PIC16F84, Solar Charge Controller
Using a PIC® Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication dmx512 protocol, application note
Microcontroller Applications: Measurement 
50 MHz frequency counter, voltage meter & SWR/PWR indicator
Analog to digital conversion using a PIC16C54 pdf file,  part of PIC16C54 application notes
Anemometer home made Anemometer with PIC 16F876
Anemometer Building an Anemometer with PIC 16F84A
Countdown Dark Room Timer PIC16F84 based Countdown Dark Room Timer from 00:00 to 99:59 minutes with relay & alarm
Digital RF Field Strength Indicator with LED display using Atmel AT90S2313 AVR Processor
Digital water level meter 16F876, water level meter circuit
DS1820 temperature sensor readout unit
Energy meter LT1167 - Single Resistor Gain Programmable, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier, LT1167, PIC 16F877a
Humidity & temperature unit
LED temperature display with PIC16F876 Homemade temperature LED display for PC
PIC16F873 ultrasonic range meter
PICADC a free, PIC based "intelligent" A/D converter, PIC16F84, MAX190 ADC
PIC-based 4 channel voltmeter PIC-based 4 channel voltmeter, pdf file
PIC based sonar system PIC16X84
Serial Voltmeter Building a serial voltage meter to measure from 0 to 5 volts DC
Temperature controller 2KW heater controller, PIC12C508, zip file
Temperature monitor controller DS1621 based on an AT90S2313 and a Dallas DS1621 Digital Thermometer. The temperature is displayed on a dual 7-segment display, and two buttons are used for setting parameters, a high current relay switches the heating element
Temperature controlled based on AT89CX051 Atmel 89CX051, LM334Z, LM324, MAX232 chip
Ultra sonic range meter using PIC
Wattmeter Project Digital Wattmeter Project, PIC16F876
Weather station 68HC11, a micro-based weather station, pdf file
Microcontroller Applications: Motor control  related topics: Motor control circuits
Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Using PIC18 Microcontrollers pdf file
68HC11 stepper motor control PID control with 68HC11, stepper control circuit
89C2051 stepper motor interface
Alarme automobile PIC 16F84AP, en Français
AVR Robot Controller The controller is built around the powerful Atmel ATMEGA16 processor with 16kb of memory running at 8 MHz for an 8 mip processing speed
Controlling Servo Motors with PIC Microcontrollers Servo motors are basically geared down dc motors with positional feedback control, allowing for accurate positioning of the rotor, with a range of 90 degrees. They can also be modified to allow for continuous rotation, Using Servomotors with the PIC Microcontroller
How to Create a Solar Panel that Tracks the Sun
Line-following car
Line-following car
Line-following car
Microcontroller based motor speed control
PIC16F84 stepper motor controller
PIC16F84 Line Following Robot a small line following robot designed to follow a black line drawn on a dry erase board. It is designed to follow very tight curves
PIC16F873 DC motor speed controller, Program listing for DC motor speed controller, Software flow chart for DC motor speed controller
PIC based serial port servo controller
PIC servo speed controller
Pulsgenerator 16F628, servomotor control
Régulateur de ventilateur de PC PIC16F84, PWM, en Français
Stepper motor driver PIC 16F84
UltraSonic USB Radar Microchip PIC18F4550, Ultrasonic Range Sensor

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