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Digital animations and java applets 
Applets CMOS technology, Karnaugh Veitch diagram, ordered binary decision diagrams
Digital demonstrations converters, flip flops, Boolean algebra, registers, ..., a tip
From logic gate to combinatorial arithmetic operators Adder in CMOS, Multipliers, Dividers
Hades interactive applet collection of the Hades simulation framework
Interactive digital java applets and Simulation adders, counters, relays, pics, converters, flip flops, Boolean algebra, basic SR flipflop, SR flipflop, clocked SR flipflop, D-latch, D-flipflop, JK-flipflop, 7476 JK-flipflop, LSSD latch, 74273 D-register, 74166 shift-register, C-gate, micropipeline, traffic light, registers, ..., a tip
Simulations DigSim en Français, a tip
Analog to Digital - Digital to Analog Converters: animations and java applets 
Analog to Digital converter swf file
Analog to Digital converter Analog to Digital converter, swf file
Base-2 Binary
Convertisseur N/A
Convertisseur N/A
Convertisseur A/N CAN Flash
Convertisseur A/N à approximations la tension analogique à convertir est appliquée par l'intermédiaire d'un verrou, Educypedia, en Français
Convertisseur A/N simple rampe la tension à mesurer est comparée avec une rampe (linéaire en fonction du temps), en Français
Convertisseur N/A R-2R en Français
D/A converter D/A converter
Digital to analog converter Digital to analog converter
PCM Converting Analog Signals to Digital Signals
Pulse amplitude modulation PAM, this type of modulation is used as the first step in converting an analog signal to a discrete signal or in cases where it may be difficult to change the frequency or phase of the carrier, Educypedia
Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters An interactive illustration showing the behavior of an idealized sigma-delta A/D converter
Sigma Delta Conversion Demonstrates how Sigma-Delta-Converters work
Digital animations and java applets: topics 
2-Bit binary decoder
4-Bit Ripple Counter
555 circuit
555 circuit  555 timer, A-stable multivibrator
555 circuit animated, how does it work, applications with the 555
555 circuit
555 circuit astable 555 circuit, running lights, 4017
555 Missing Pulse Detector This circuit uses a 555 timer chip to detect a missing pulse. The input is a square wave
555 Monostable Multivibrator
555 Pulse Width Modulator
555 Sawtooth Oscillator
555 Schmitt Trigger (inverting)
555 Square Wave Generator 555 Square Wave Generator
5x5x5 ledkubus
5x5x5 LED kubus
5x5x5 LED kubus
7-Segment LED Decoder
8-Bit Ripple Counter
ASCII text decoder/encoder this application only encodes and decodes ASCII text
Additionneur binaire en Français
Analog Switch & Transmission Gate
Arithmetc operators adders, multipliers, ...
Bascules J-K en Français
Bascules R-S et D en Français
BCD to 7 segment decoder BCD to 7 segment decoder
BCD to 7 segment decoder
BCD to 7 segment decoder
BCD up counter
Boolean Set Algebra
Bubble, bi-directional bubble and quick sort
Binary Huffman Coding demonstration Binary Huffman Coding demonstration
Carry-select adder (8 bit)
Channel capacity channel capacity calculation, Nyquist's channel capacity, Shannon's channel capacity, Hamming code part of Networking exercises Introduction to Telematics Systems
Circuit builder online logic circuit test
CMOS Inverter
Codage des signaux binaires swf file, en Français
Column decoder simulation
Combinational logic circuits and Flipflops
Combinational logic circuits and tables
Combinational logic virtual lab set the input levels and probe the logic IC to determine the output levels. There are 16 circuits and endless possibilities
Compact disc this tutorial explores how a laser beam is focused onto the surface of a spinning compact disc, and how variations between pits and lands on the disc surface affect how light is either scattered by the disc surface or reflected back into a detector, Educypedia
CRC calculation CRC calculation, CRC calculator, CRC parameters, CRC order, CRC polynom
CRC code Generator of synthesizable CRC functions, g(x)=1+x^5+x^12+x^16
Dansende led kubus
Digital circuit simulator java applet
Digital circuit simulator free software download
Digitale transmissie simulator in Dutch
Diode AND-OR gate digital logic with diodes
DRAM Addressing
DRAM The animation shows how a single DRAM Storage Cell works
Decimal Counter
Dynamic RAM
Fast Division To avoid the delay of the carry propagation, the following applet uses a stack of borrow-save "BS" adders/subtractors
Flip-Flop simulator interactive Flip-Flop simulation
FlipFlops basic SR flipflop, SR flipflop, clocked SR flipflop, D-latch, D-flipflop, JK-flipflop, 7476 JK-flipflop, LSSD latch, 74273 D-register, 74166 shift-register, c-gate, micropipeline, traffic light, Educypedia
Full-adder The full-adder circuit adds three one-bit binary numbers (C A B) and outputs two one-bit binary numbers, a sum (S) and a carry (C1). The full-adder is usually a component in a cascade of adders, ...
Gray code Optical encoder wheel generator
Gray Code Counter
Gray code generator Gray Code Counter Generator
Half adder The half adder is an example of a simple, functional digital circuit built from two logic gates. The half adder adds to one-bit binary numbers (AB). The output is the sum of the two bits (S) and the carry (C), ...
Hamming code tool Hamming code tool
Interactive shift-register demos
Karnaugh maps Karnaugh maps simulation
Karnaugh maps and PLA implementation demonstrates KV diagrams and logic minimization
Logic calculator computes the truth value of a logic expression comprising up to four variables
Logic gates common logic gates found in simple digital circuits
Logic gates
Logicly Logicly simulates the boolean algebra performed by logic gates, which are a vital part of digital circuitry and computer achitecture
Memory cache simulation demonstrates cache associativity
MOS memory simulation of MOS memory operation
Omega switching network simulation of an omega network
Probe Internet Logic Circuit Simulation via a Java applet
Propeller LED klok
Propeller LED klok
Quine McCluskey Quine McCluskey Minimization
Ring Oscillator Ring Oscillator simulator, formed by connecting an odd number of inverters in a loop
ROM memory ROM memory simulation
Row decoder simulation The Row Decoder of proivded in this applet is one of the decoders in the memory architecture. It's function is to provide the word line address when a word address is given by the address generator
RS 232
SR Flip Flop
SR Flip Flop An SR Flip Flop is an arrangements of logic gates that maintains a stable output even after the inputs are turned off
Switch Logic Applets
Synchronous Counter
Traffic Light
Treinbesturing digitale treinbesturing
Truth table constructor a powerful tool that draws truth tables for statements in propositional logic. It works with up to six variables, supports six connectives, and produces either T/F or 0/1 output

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