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Transmission lines  related subject: Transmissionline calculators
Adaptation par "stub" en Français
Animated standing wave calculator when a load is not matched to the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, part of the incident wave is reflected back from the interface between the transmission line and the load, reflection coefficient, VSWR, reflection coefficient, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, return loss, mismatch loss, reflectometer calculator
Ligne attaquée par un échelon, Tension sur une ligne en régime indiciel en Français
Longitudinal and transverse waves particle motion for longitudinal, transverse, water and Rayleigh surface waves
Mismatched transmission lines (Pulse)
Mismatched transmission lines (Standing Wave)
Multiple reflections on a mismatched transmission line visually demonstrates multiple reflections of a transmitted ramp or pulse on a transmission line in the time domain. The reflections are due to a mismatched load and/or source resistance and not an impedance
Propagation des ondes en Français
Reflection and Transmission A pulse is shown to be travelling right which undergoes a reflection or is reflected and transmitted across a boundary of two ropes. You can see the incident, reflected and transmitted components during the process, Educypedia
Reflection and Refraction of Waves (Huygens' Principle)
Reflection of a pulse wave reflection of a pulse wave
Reflection of a sin wave
Smith chart introduces the Smith Chart and demonstrates how it can be used to relate a transmission line reflection coefficient to the load impedance
Smith chart
Smith chart display a sequence of normalized impedance, admittance or reflection coefficient in a circle of unity radius commonly known as a Smith Chart
Signal transmission effects of termination on reflections, reflections in transmission lines, power distribution in standing waves, down?
Standing longitudinal waves this Java applet demonstrates the harmonics of the air in a tube as an example of standing longitudinal waves. It illustrates the movement of the molecules in the air during such an oscillation
Standing waves Demonstrations of Transmission Line Effects
Standing Wave on a Transmission Line This is a simple circuit using a transmission line. The wave goes across the transmission line and is reflected at the other end, because the line is not terminated properly. This creates a standing wave on the line, which is a wave that oscillates but does not appear to travel
Termination of a Transmission Line This is a simple circuit showing various ways to terminate transmission lines. The characteristic impedance of these lines is 75 ohms
Transmission line applets transients in transmission lines, VSWR, lossy line, impedance, reflection coefficient, input impedance, standing wave pattern, short circuit, open circuit, shunt reactance, stub, single stub matching, double stub matching, quarter wavelength transformer, two wire line, coaxial cable, stripline, microstrip
Transmission line applets
Transmission line applets transmission line applets with different loads
Transmission line calculator transmission line calculator, transmission line calculator applet
Transmission Line Characteristics The applet demonstrates the properties of both lossy and lossless transmission lines with adjustable characteristic impedance under various conditions of complex source and load impedances
Transmission line effects on a bus
Transmission line effects on a bus transmission line effects on a bus
Transmission line impedance matching by Single stub tuning a transmission line using a single, short-circuited tuning stub, a transmission line that is terminated with a load impedance equal to the characteristic impedance Zo of the line will not reflect an incident wave at that point, and the transmission line is said to be impedance matched. However, a transmission line that is terminated with a load impedance different than Zo will reflect part of an incident wave back toward the generator
Transmission lines The Effects of Termination Values on Reflection, Termination Responses in Transmission Lines
Transverse waves: reflection & transmission
Transmission Lines Simulation Voltage of the transmission line as a function of the lenght, transmission line simulator
Twisted Pair Cable Noise Immunity Twisted Pair Cable Noise Immunity, swf file
Virtual Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) solve the time-domain step-response recorded at the source end of a transmission-line which is loaded at the other end
Wave propagation wave propagation along a transmission line, VSWR or Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Wave Reflection at an Impedance Discontinuity
Waves Wave Motion, Wave Reflection and Transmission, Reflection and transmission of E&M waves, Standing Waves, Wave Dispersion, Doppler Effect, Electromagnetic Waves, Impedance Matching, Skin Effects, Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves from Dipole Antenna
Waves propagation & bounce diagram
Waves traveling on a single transmission line, network control accept loading java plugin 1.2.1 (9346KB), if problems go to help, a tip

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