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AC motor: Electrical Machines: animations 
2-phase revolving field
3 phase AC motor when a magnet rotates inside a generator with three coils positiond at 120 degrees from each other, then, by Faraday's law, we generate three-phase alternating currents
3 phase AC motor 3 phase AC motor and slip
3 phase AC motor
3 phase Induction Motor 3 phase Induction Motor
Alimentation monophasé à 2 enroulements Alimentation monophasé à 2 enroulements, en Français
Champs tournants en Français
Champs tournants en Français
Champ magnétique tournant 3f en Français
Champ tournant dans le moteur monophasé à 2 enroulements en Français
Champ tournant dans un moteur synchrone et asynchrone en Français
Currents and magnetic fields induced in an 3 phase empty stator simulation demonstrating currents and electromagnetic fields inside an the empty stator of an AC 3 phase motor, you will need LVRT.DLL
Démarrage et variation des moteurs asynchrones à cage swf file
Electric machines, space vectors, and magnetic field distributions in motion, Movie clips
Electric motor control
Electric motors and generators Schematics and operation of different types of motor, DC motors, Motors and generators, Alternators, Back emf, 'Universal' motors, Build a simple motor, AC motors (synchronous and stepper motors), Induction motors, Squirrel cage motors, Three phase induction motors, Linear motors, Loudspeakers, Transformers, AC vs DC generators
Induction motor-rotating fields Induction motor-rotating fields
Lenz's law this interactive tutorial illustrates the directional relationships between induced magnetic fields, voltage, and current when a conductor is passed within the lines of force of a magnetic field.
Lenz's law Electromagnetically induced current always flows in such direction that the action of the magnetic field set up by it tends to oppose the very cause which produce it
Linear motors A set of coils can be used to create a magnetic field that translates, rather than rotates
Lorentz force demonstrates the Lorentz force, exerted on a current-carrying conductor swing in the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet
Lorentzian lineshapes this tutorial shows the Fourier relationship between a damped oscillating exponential (a detected FT-NMR transition) and a Lorenzian function
Magnetic fields and compass orientation explore the effects of induced electromagnetic fields on the orientation of a compass
Magnetic field lines this tutorial illustrates the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion, and how they can be seen as lines of force
Mendocino Brushless Magnetic Levitation Solar Motor
Moteur a cage en Français, Photo d'un moteur a cage
Moteur asynchrone en Français
Moteur asynchrone en Français
Moteur asynchrone en Français, AVI, part of Les joies des moteurs électriques
Moteur synchrone en Français
Moteur synchrone en Français
Motion in an electromagnetic field this applet illustrates nonrelativistic motion of a positively charged particle in a region containing constant, uniform electric and magnetic fields
Motors and Machines: animations and java applets
Redressement mechanique en Français
Régulation de vitesse d'un moteur asynchrone en Français
Simulation of electric machines and drive systems collection of animated web pages dealing with the motion of electric machines, magnetic fields, and space vectors
Squirrel cage the basic structure of a squirrel-cage induction machine. The squirrel cage with its two end rings is seen rotating inside the stator, how a Squirrel cage motor works
Squirrel cage rotor reaction of a squirrel-cage rotor in a 2-pole field in the rotor reference frame: The flux density wave is moving at slip speed inducing in the rotor cage voltages
Synchronous motor how a three phase AC synchronous motor motor works
Switching for Controlling Mobile Robots
Technologie du moteur asynchrone triphasé à cage swf file
Three phase AC motor three phase AC motor, how a three phase AC motor works
Turning field in induction machines Turning field in induction machines

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