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Generators-Alternators: animations and java applets  related topic: Energy production
3 Phase AC Generator The three phase AC generator is effectively three single phase AC generators combined into one machine. The poles of the permanent rotating armature magnet swing past each of the non-permanent stator magnets. This induces an oscillating voltage across each of the three coils
3 Phase AC Generator
3 Phase AC Generator 3 Phase AC Generator
AC generator AC generator
AC generator macromedia shockwave
AC generator flux lines, generating alternating current
AC generator how a AC generator works
AC generator AC generator, single phase, permanent magnetic field
AC generator AC generator, single phase, permanent magnetic field, how a AC generator works
AC generator action the AC generator tutorial demonstrates how varying the frequency of an alternating current can affect both the voltage produced by the generator, as well as the speed in which the coil rotates
AC generator (alternator) how a AC generator works, Electromagnetism
AC Generator With Slip Rings With this version of the AC generator the stator is a permanent magnet and the rotating armature is a non-permanent magnet surrounded by a coil of wire. Electrical power is transmitted via slip-rings and brushes as shown, AC Generator With Slip Rings
Alternateur en Français
Alternating current generator how a Alternating current generator works
Alternating current generator how a Alternating current generator works
Alternator elementary 3-phase 2-pole alternator with corresponding generated voltages
Commutation with 2 current loops Commutation with 2 current loops, swf file
Bicycle dynamo Generators from motors, Simple electric motors generate electric currents when you spin them. Instead of using electric current to turn a coil, turning the coil produces an electric current, Bicycle dynamo
DC generator An electrical Generator is a machine which converts mechanical energy (or power) into electrical energy (or power). It is based on the principle of production of dynamically (or motionally) induced e.m.f (Electromotive Force)
DC generator
DC generator action this tutorial also shows the effect on coil rotation speed and voltage by increasing and decreasing the frequency in a direct current generator
Electric generator Operation of an electric generator, how a electric generator works
Electric motors and generators Schematics and operation of different types of motor, DC motors, Motors and generators, Alternators, Back emf, 'Universal' motors, Build a simple motor, AC motors (synchronous and stepper motors), Induction motors, Squirrel cage motors, Three phase induction motors, Linear motors, Loudspeakers, Transformers, AC vs DC generators
Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic Induction
Générateur à 3 spires en Français
Generating electricity Generating electricity, single phase; three phase, swf file
Generator AC - DC
Generator AC - DC this Java applet simulates a generator which is reduced to the most important parts for clarity. Instead of an armature with many windings and iron nucleus there is only a single rectangular conductor loop; the axis the loop rotates on is omitted
Generator: multiple pole multiple pole generator, swf file
Induced voltage Induced voltage, swf file
Rotating field swf file
Three phase generator
Three phase generator three phase generator, how a three phase generator works
Three phase generator three phase generator, The elementary 3-phase 2-pole synchronous generator has a stator equipped with 3 coils displaced 120o from each other, ...
Wind generation and induction generator Applied study of a wind generator, Doubly fed induction machine (DFIM), The influence of the angle β on the performances of a wind generator, Power transfers in DFIM, The study of a real wind generator

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