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Radio frequency animations and java applets
AM Detector
Animations of the 2D propagation of electromagnetic waves in the presence of different distributions of refractive index This page contains animations of numerical solutions to Maxwell's equations in a 2D domain (using the finite-difference time-domain method with a staggered "Yee lattice"). A wave is excited at the bottom of the domain and propagates upwards
Communication engineering applets to understanding some of the principles of telecommunication engineering
Electromagnetic field animations
Electromagnetic theory antennas, polarization, standing wave, reflection and transmission, radiation from the source, diffraction by a half-infinite ground plane, microwave circuits, ..., a tip
Electromagnetic oscillating circuit this simulation deals with an electromagnetic oscillating circuit, consisting of a capacitor and an inductor
How Radio Communication Works How Radio Communication Works
Ionization Factors Because there are fewer hours of daylight during autumn and winter, less radiation reaches the D and E layers. Lower frequencies pass easily through these weakly ionized The process in which electrons are stripped from atoms and produce electrically charged particles. layers. Therefore, signals arriving at the F layer The ionospheric layer that is most responsible for long-haul HF radio communications. are stronger and are reflected over greater distances
Introduction to HF Technology
Mobile Computing Applets CDMA, IrDA, Bluetooth-Scatternet, DSDV Routing, DSR Routing, OLSR Routing, Link-Reversal
Physics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics details the findings of Larry Spring in areas such as physics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics
Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Phase locked loop (PLL) is used for synchronous demodulation of AM signals with suppressed carrier or little carrier
Propagation loss models used in cellular system planning these applets plot the graphs of path loss (dB) against distance (km) on a grid
Sky waves Sky waves Radio signals that are bent back to Earth by the ionosphere. make beyond line-of-sight communications possible. At certain frequencies, radio waves are refracted, or bent, returning to Earth hundreds or thousands of miles away. Depending on frequency The number of cycles a radio wave completes in a given period of time., time of day, and atmospheric conditions, a signal can bounce several times before reaching a receiver
T-network tuner simulator a simulator for the popular, series capacitor, parallel inductor T-network tuners, SWR
Time and Frequency Domains To illustrate the Frequency Domain representation of a single sinusoid
Time domain vs. frequency domain the three-dimensional plot of frequency, amplitude and time that shows the relationship between the time and frequency domains. It does so by looking at the fundamental of a sine wave -- and up to three harmonics -- as they are formed by rotating vectors
Tuning a radio receiver this tutorial demonstrates how variable capacitors are used with inductor coils in tuning circuits of radios, television sets, and a number of other devices that must isolate electromagnetic radiation of selected frequencies
Satellites and GPS systems  related topic: Satellite Motion and Tracking
Earth orbit plot earth orbit plot, swf file
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
J-Track Satellite Tracking
GPS and GLONASS Satellite Networks GPS and GLONASS Satellite Networks - ESSP - European Satellite
GPS and GLONASS simulation
GPS and the use of satellites GPS and the use of satellites, swf file
GPS Animation GPS Animation, What is the Global Positioning System?
GPS Animation Global Positioning System (GPS)
GPS Global Positioning System GPS Global Positioning System Animation
GPS Global Positioning System GPS Global Positioning System
GPS: How GPS works How GPS works animation
GPS: How GPS works How GPS works, satellites
GPS Portable GPS
GPS Satellite Display In Google Earth
How GPS works How GPS works, swf file
Localisation par satellite (GPS). Global Positioning System Localisation par satellite (GPS). Global Positioning System
Orbit experimenter Basic orbital mechanics are demonstrated with this interactive simulator, which allows the student to watch GEO, MEO, and LEO orbits or test their own launch parameters
Orbits GPS Orbits GPS, swf file
Simple satellite tracker
Space Communication
Use sun or moon to choose the best place for your satellite antenna
Sun-Satellite Interference Geosynchronous satellites are used for many telecommunication and broadcast purposes. Such satellites appear to be stationary as viewed from the ground, and are able to provide coverage over large areas
War with Iraq Guided weapons swf file

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