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Optics: general overview related topics: Fiber optic communications, Illumination (part of electronics)
Fundamentals of optics is it a wave? A particle? Why is the sky blue? How does a laser work?
Light and color a tip
Light and color ppt file
Light and color2 visible light starting with an introduction to electromagnetic radiation and continuing through to human vision and the perception of color, microscopy, photomicrography, magnets, optics, visible light, color, photography, Java, light, frequency, wavelength, electromagnetic radiation, light sources, tungsten, lasers, sunlight, reflection, refraction, specular, diffraction, polarization, interference, birefringence, color temperature, light filtration, lenses, human vision
Light and optics
Light and matter vibrations, resonance, free waves, bounded waves, online book in pdf format, 2 Megabyte
Light guides communications, photonics, optical fiber, optical fibre, fiber optics, fibre optics, network, photonic devices
Lumière en Français
Modern Optics Electromagnetic waves, photons, diffraction and interference, the laws of reflection and refraction, mirrors and thin lenses, Ray Optics, Optical Instruments, Radiometry and photometry, thermal sources, line sources, LEDs, quantum detectors, thermal detectors, Interference and Diffraction, Image Processing, Lasers, Light amplification, resonators, various laser systems, Polarization and Electromagnetic Effects, Fiber Optics, Optical wave guides, modes, fibers, couplers, fiber measurements, Optical integrated circuits, optical devices
Optics Light Waves and Physical Optics, Physics of waves and wave motion, The mathematics of sinusoidal waveforms, Interaction of Light Waves, The principal of superposition, Huygen's wavelets, Interference, Constructive and destructive interference, Young's double-slit, interference experiment, Thin film interference, Diffraction, Diffraction by a single slit, Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction, Diffraction grating, Diffraction-limited optics, Polarization, Polarization—a simple analogy, Polarization of light waves, Law of Malus, Polarization by reflection and Brewster's angle, Brewster windows in a laser cavity
Optics for kids light is a kind of energy called "electromagnetic (EM) radiation" (but this kind of radiation is not harmful, except for an occasional sunburn). There are other kinds of EM radiation too (radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, etc.), but light is the part we can see
Optique géométrique en Français
Photonics Education Tools devoted to the development of a comprehensive set of education tools for photonics
Properties of light reflection, refraction, dispersion, and refractive indices
Properties of light wave properties, electromagnetic spectrum, refraction and diffraction, dispersion in wavelength, intensity: the inverse square law, Doppler effect
The joy of visual perception Fun Things In Vision, Master Diagram of the Eye, Visual Acuity, Visual Sensitivity, Color/Color Vision, Measuring Spectral Sensitivity, Distance Perception, Size Perception, Shape Constancy, Spatial Frequency Adaptation, Adapting to Darkness and Lightness, Motion Perception, Physics of the Visual Stimulus, Fourier analysis; basics
Visual Perception Master Diagram of the Eye, Visual Acuity, Visual Sensitivity, Color/Color Vision, Measuring Spectral Sensitivity, Distance Perception, Size Perception, Shape Constancy, Spatial Frequency Adaptation, Adapting to Darkness and Lightness, Motion Perception, Physics of the Visual Stimulus, Fourier analysis; basics, Point & line spread functions
Optics - topics 
Absorption and Emission of Light
Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectra Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectra
Atomic spectra How light is made from the ordered motion of electrons in atoms and molecules
Atmospheric optics Atmospheric optics, meteorological optics, rays, shadows, crepuscular, anticrepuscular, rainbows, supernumerary, corona, fogbows, diffraction, heiligenschein, brocken, ice, halos, water droplets, raindrops, aurorae, nacreous, noctilucent, optics, parhelia, ice crystals
Basic optical effects describes some of the monochromatic optical aberrations that can affect the images from microscopes, this is a part of Basic microscopes the basic types of microscope optical systems and how they magnify an image
Calculation of Planck's constant calculation of Planck's constant
Diffraction diffraction, Superposition Principle, Huygen’s Principle, the wave nature of light, pdf file
Diffraction Diffraction explained, what is Diffraction, Why Diffraction Occurs, Types of Diffraction, Fraunhofer diffraction, Fresnel diffraction, Intensity for Diffraction,
Diffraction en Français
Diffraction and interference The double slit, Interference, Huygen's principle, Single slit diffraction
Diffraction, refraction, and reflection
Electromagnetic radiation wavelength, frequency, spectrum, temperature, and Kelvin temperature scale
Elektromagnetisch spectrum in Dutch
Fiber guide fiber optic cables, optical transmitters, optical receivers
Fiber Optical System Simulation
Fiber optic tutorial
Fibre optique en Français
Fluorescence excitation and emission fundamentals
Fluorescence microscopy microscopy, photomicrography, fluorescence, barrier filters, excitation, emission, fluorescence photomicrography, chromophores, epi-fluorescence, dyes, microscopy tutorial, specialized microscopy techniques, photography, Java
Grand illusions grand illusions takes an enquiring approach to optical illusions and scientific toys, and the principles that lie behind them. From the psychology of seeing to the mysteries of magic mirrors
Holografie pdf file
Holografie pdf file
Interaction of Light with Matter
Interference what is Interference, Interference explained, Phase Differences and Path Differences, Intensity for Phase Difference Superposition, Young's Experiment, Interference due to Differing Distances
Light and waves doc file
Light is energy, capable of being transformed and ... pdf file
Lighting terminology the unit of luminous intensity I is the candela (cd) also known as the international candle. The intensity of a light source is commonly referred to as its candlepower
Light measurement terms the unit of luminous intensity. One candela is defined as the luminous intensity of 1/600,000 square meter of projected area of a blackbody radiator operating at the temperature of solidification of platinum under pressure of 101,325 Newtons per square meter, photometry
Light measurement handbook electromagnetic wave theory, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, power of light, light sources, measurement, detectors, filters, radiometer, flux, irradiance and illuminance, radiance and luminance, intensity, Pdf file
Light refraction - Snell's law refraction is the bending of light that takes place at a boundary between two materials having different indices of refraction. Refraction is due to a change in the speed of light as it passes from one medium to another
Lighting info site hints and lighting related info
Origin of light
Photoelectric effect
Photoelectric effect quantum of energy for a photon, Planck's constant
Photoelectric effect photoelectric effect, pdf file
Planck's constant
Polarization and The Human Eye Polarization and The Human Eye
Propagation of Light Propagation of Light explained
Quantum properties of light
Refraction of light
Reflection and refraction of light
Reflection and refraction tutorial Reflection and refraction of light
Réfraction et hémicylindre en Français
Refraction and Fiber Optics
Sighting the first sense: seeing is believing the goal of this site is to provide a breadth of continually growing information related to sight within a simple, fun, and interactive environment
Single slit diffraction illustrates single slit diffraction
Speed of light describes how the speed of light was measured
Speed of light what is the Speed of light, 299,792,458 metres per second (or 1,079,252,848.8 km/h)
Vision excellent information relating to vision and the anatomy of the human eye, a tip
Water and light in underwater photography
Wave optics
Wave properties of light

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