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Light Bulb


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Lighting - illumination  related topics: (physics) Color theory, Optics
Artificial Lighting Fluorescent lamps, Compact Fluorescent lamps, High density discharge lamps, Optical performance, Life time, Power supply, circuitry, Luminous intensity distribution, Luminous flux distribution, Luminaire efficiency, Luminance distribution, pdf file
Building Environmental Science Photometry and Light Sources, Lighting Comfort, Indoor Lighting Design, Exterior Lighting, Daylighting
Bulb museum Light bulbs, christmas lights and other things that glow- of all ages, shapes, sizes and origins
Common Light Sources Incandescent Lamp, Halogen Lamp, Gas-Discharge Lamps, Neon Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp, Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Daylighting Fundamentals, Daylighting, Artificial Lighting, Integrating Artificial Light and Daylight, pdf file
Éclairage, photométrie et colorimétrie pdf file, en Français
Fundamentals of efficient lighting ppt file
Indoor Lighting Design Introduction to the Lumen Method, Lumen Method Calculations
Integration of Electric Lighting-Daylighting The development of new energy efficient lighting equipment, The utilization of improved lighting design practice, The improvement in lighting control systems, pdf file
Les joies de l'éclairagisme en Français
Les lampes Lampes à incandescence, Lampes halogènes, Tubes fluorescents, Lampe à décharge, Lampe à vapeur de mercure, Lampe à vapeur de sodium, en Français
Licht grootheden uitgelegd
Light bulbs Vacuum vs. gas-filled bulbs, How bulbs burn out, Why bulbs often burn out when you turn them on, Why burnout is sometimes so spectacular, How bad a current surge bulbs draw when turned on, Making bulbs last longer, Long-life bulbs, Reduced power, Soft start devices, DC vs. AC operation
Light bulbs: pictures and graphics
Light guides basic information about lighting concepts, design, technology and policy issues. The intent is to give users fundamental principles and general background on key lighting topics
Light measurement handbook electromagnetic wave theory, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, power of light, light sources, measurement, detectors, filters, radiometer, flux, irradiance and illuminance, radiance and luminance, intensity
Lighting fundamentals a brief overview of design parameters, technologies, and terminology used in the lighting industry
Lighting fundamentals This document provides a brief overview of design parameters, technologies, and terminology used in the lighting industry, pdf file
Lighting info Efficiency Of Lighting Technology, General Lighting Terminology, Assorted Lamp Tips, Measuring Light Intensity, Candela, Lumen, Candlepower, Footcandle, Lux
Lighting info site hints and lighting related info, Educypedia
Light sources Arc lamps, Incandescent lamps, Electroluminescent (EL) lamps, Gas discharge lamps, High-intensity discharge lamps
Lighting technologies Light efficiency comparison, pdf file
Mike's Electric Stuff
Museum of historic discharge lamps
Principles of lighting Light and Vision, Visibility Influences, Open-plan Office Lighting Problems, Types of Lighting in Open-plan Offices
Synthlight and color handbook Daylighting, Artificial Lighting, Integrating Artificial Light and Daylight, pdf file
Verlichting gloeilamp, TL lamp, ..., in Dutch, pdf file
Verlichting Types lampen, in Dutch, pdf file
Illumination topics 
Ballasts HID Ballasts: High Reactance type, HID Ballasts: Reactor Type, Instant Start Ballasts, Lead/Lag Ballasts, Preheat Ballasts, Series Sequence Ballasts, scroll down
Ballasts Instant Start Ballasts
Brightness, luminance, and confusion
Color temperature the color temperature model is based on the relationship between the temperature of a theoretical standardized material, known as a black body radiator, and the energy distribution of its emitted light as the radiator is brought from absolute zero to increasingly higher temperatures, Educypedia
Elektromagnetisch spectrum in Dutch
High intensity discharge lamp ballasts pdf file
High-intensity discharge lamp, dimming systems pdf file
How to wire 3-way and 4-way switches how to wire 2 or 3 switches to control the same light, Educypedia
Inrush current
Instant start ballasts instant start ballast schematic
Lighting design glossary absorption, A process by which incident radiant flux is converted to another form of energy, usually (and ultimately) heat, accent light, Directional lighting designed to emphasize a particular object or to draw attention to a part of the field of view, ...
Lighting Glossary
Lux a measure of the intensity of light, ...
Lux, Lumen and Watts, What’s the Difference? pdf file
Noodverlichting en normering in Dutch
Spectral Power Distribution curves (SPD) provide the user with a visual profile of the color characteristics of a light source
Spectral properties spectral properties of the sodium discharge
Ultraviolet and UV lamps
Ultra violet licht in Dutch
Watts and lumens what is the difference between watts and lumens? pdf file


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