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Basic theory about electricity 
Basic AC theory this "kind" of electricity is known as Alternating Current (AC)
Basic concepts of electricity
Basic concepts of DC electricity electricity is the flow of free electrons in a wire
Basics of electricity direct current DC, alternating current AC, atoms, magnetisme, voltage resistance, Eddy currents, animated
Basics of electricity pdf file
Complex numbers complex numbers
Courant et résistance électrique, en Français, pdf file
DC circuits online exercises
Electrical conductors electrical conductors, resistivity, range of resistivity values
Electric current and resistors
Electric energy tutorial energy sources can basically be broken into renewable and depletable sources, which ultimately originate from space and terrestrial sources, respectively. The space sources include solar and lunar origins where the latter gravitational energy results in tidal flows. The sun provides directly useable energy as well as indirectly providing hydro, wind, ocean (thermal & current), and even biomass through photosynthesis
Electricity the basics about electricity: atoms, cells & batteries, circuits, circuit symbols, current electricity, voltage & currents, resistance & resistors, Ohm's Law, varying resistance, variable resistors, static electricity, kWh, electromagnetisme, motor effect
Électricité en Français
Electrical current electrical current is the net flow of electric charge in a material, pdf file
Elektrische Stromstärke in German
L’énergie dans tous ses états pdf file, en Français
Heating effects of currents electric power, heating effect of electric current, emf, electromotive force
L'atome et l'électron en Français
Lois électriques pdf file, en Français
Microscopic view of Ohm's Law when electric current in a material is proportional to the voltage across it, the material is said to be "ohmic"
Ohm's law and resistor circuits Ohm's law: determine the equivalent resistance of 2 or more resistors connected in series and parallel
Régime alternatif sinusoïdal pdf file, en Français
Régime alternatif sinusoïdal pdf file, en Français
Résistance d'un fil en Français
Resistors and Ohm's law
Resistor circuits Kirchhoff's current law, voltage reference directions, Kirchhoff's voltage law, Ohms law, voltage and current sources, energy transfer, series circuits, parallel circuits, node equations of resistor circuits, equivalent resistance of general resistor circuits, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, superposition, analysis of resistor circuits with sinusoidal inputs, node analysis of circuits with controlled sources, Java included
Tension électrique en Français
Resistivity of a material  
Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity
Electrical resistivities The electrical resistivity or specific resistance ρ is the resistance between the opposite faces of a metre cube of a material. The values given below are in ohm metre units (Ω m)
Electrical resistivity in general, electrical resistivity of metals increases with temperature, while the resistivity of semiconductors decreases with temperature
Electrical resistivity as a function of temperature electrical resistivity as a function of temperature, pdf file
Résistance et résistivité pdf file, en Français
Résistance électrique résistance électrique, en Français
Resistivity The resistivity of a material is dependent upon the material's electronic structure and its temperature. For most (but not all) materials, resistivity increases with increasing temperature, ...
Resistivity specific electrical resistance, Resistivity
Resistivity and Temperature Coefficient at 20 C
Résistivité d'un matériau conducteur résistivité d'un matériau conducteur, en Français
Specific resistivity r of conductors Specific resistivity r of conductors
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
Temperature coefficient of resistivity
Temperature coefficient of resistivity Temperature coefficient of resistivity, pdf file
Temperature coefficient of resistivity Temperature coefficient of resistivity
What is electricity? Electricity is a physical phenomena resulting from the existence of a charge of subatomic particles, and from the interaction of these charges, Electrons in Motion
Speed Of Electricity 
Drift velocity and current How fast must free electrons move in a wire to produce a decent current?
Electrons, Flow, and Conductors
Electric Current The current is simply the ratio of the quantity of charge and time
Electric Currents What is an electric current? How fast do electrons move in conductors? Resistivity
How Fast do Electrons Travel
Microscopic Theory of Electrical Conduction pdf file
Microscopic view of Ohm's law
Speed Of Electricity how fast an electric current is flowing in any conductor
Speed Of Electricity
Speed Of Electricity How fast does electricity flow?
Speed of electricity how fast electrons flow in a wire, How Fast do Electrons Travel, How fast does electricity flow? How fast does electricity flow?

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