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Magnetism  related subject: Science, physics, magnetism
Basics of magnetics magnetics, pdf file
Biot-Savart law The Biot-Savart Law relates magnetic fields to the currents
Bobine à noyau de fer pdf file, en Français
Champ magnétique en Français
Circuit magnétique en Français
Circuits magnétiques des machines en Français
Cool experiments with magnets devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets. Some of the experiments are very basic, motors, levitation, electromagnets, Lenz, Faraday, neodymium, experiments with magnets, superconductors, superconductivity, electromagnetism, magnetic toys, magnetic fields
Current electricity and magnetism
Cycle d'hystérésis pdf file, en Français
Electricity & magnetism electric field, Gauss' law, electric potential, capacitance, magnetic field, Lorentz force Law, Hall Effect, Bio Savart law, electromagnetic induction, Lenz's & Faraday's law, Ampere's law, Ampere-Maxwell law, electromagnetic waves
Electricity & magnetism phenomena associated with electricity and magnetism
Electricity and magnetism online book in pdf format, 10 Megabyte
Electricity & magnetism electric field, Gauss' law, electric potential, capacitance, magnetic field, Lorentz force Law, Hall Effect, Bio Savart law, electromagnetic induction, Lenz's & Faraday's law, Ampere's law, Ampere-Maxwell law, electromagnetic waves
Electricity and magnetism demonstration models 2
Électro-aimants en Français
Électro-aimants en Français
Électro-aimants en Français, pdf file
Electromagnetic force One of the four fundamental forces, the electromagnetic force manifests itself through the forces between charges (Coulomb's Law) and the magnetic force, ...
Electromagnetic induction when Michael Faraday made his discovery of electromagnetic induction in 1831, he hypothesized that a changing magnetic field is necessary to induce a current in a nearby circuit
Electromagnetic induction magnetic materials, permeability, magnetic permeance and reluctance, saturation, hysteresis, magnetic leakage and fringing, Faraday's induction law, Kirchoff´s laws
Elektromagnetisme elektromagneet, in Dutch
Elektromagnetisme elektromagneet, in Dutch
Elektromagnetisme en Français
Elektromagnetisme en Français
Faraday's law pdf file
Faraday's law Faraday's law. Any change in the magnetic environment of a coil of wire will cause a voltage (emf) to be "induced" in the coil. No matter how the change is produced, the voltage will be generated. The change could be produced by changing the magnetic field strength, moving a magnet toward or away from the coil, moving the coil into or out of the magnetic field, rotating the coil relative to the magnet
Faraday's law induced voltage
Faraday's law
Faraday's law Faraday's law animation
Ferromagnetisme magnetische permeabiliteit, verzadiging, remanent magnetisme, in Dutch
How an electromagnet works by running electric current through a wire, you can create a magnetic field
Hysteresis in magnetic materials
Hysteresis loop hysteresis loop
Hysteresis loop and magnetic properties a hysteresis loop shows the relationship between the induced magnetic flux density B and the magnetizing force H. It is often referred to as the B-H loop
Lenz law The Induced current is such as to OPPOSE the CHANGE in applied field
Lenz law Lenz's Law states: An induced electromagnetic force generates a current that induces a counter magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field generating the current
Magnet formulas Maxwell and His Equations, the Law of Biot Savart, field due to electric current in an infinitely long, straight wire, ...
Magnetic field Bar Magnet
Magnetic field of current flow of charged particles Magnetic field of current flow of charged particles
Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire
Magnetic Induction Electromagnetic induction, Observation of Induction - Lenz's Law, The direction of any magnetic induction effect must oppose the cause of the effect, Faraday's Law Applied
Magnetics Technology Center
MAGNETICS® digital library many magnetic core, ferrite cores design manual
Magnetism: quantities, units and relationships magnetic terms & units in the SI, physical variables relevant to electromagnetism briefly described together with their interelationships, magnetization, magnetisation, unit, quantity, formula, design, calculate, wind, electric, magnetic
Magnetism magnetic properties of materials, magnetic fields, magnetic force lines, ferromagnetic materials, electromagnets, electricity and magnetisme, magnetic motor, animated
Magnetism the properties of an electromagnet (solenoid) that affect the its strength, the difference between slow and fast moving negative and positive charges passing through a magnetic field, relationship between current, magnetism, and the force created on a current bearing wire, DC electric motor, the way magnetic fields are used inside television or computer displays
Magnetism examine a magnetic field in detail and begin to explore the sources of magnetism, The Magnetic Field, Motion of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field, Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying Wire, Torque on a Current Carrying Loop, Sources of the Magnetic Field, A long straight wire, A circular loop, Solenoid, Force between two parallel wires
Magnetisme in Dutch
Magnetisme en het elektrisch veld in Dutch, pdf file
Magnétisme et aimants en Français
Magnétisme et électromagnétisme en Français
Magnetism and magnets some general information on magnetism and magnetic physics
Magnetism and electromagnetism
Magnetism, magnetic fields magnetism, magnetic fields, right hand rule, ...
Magnetism: quantities, units and relationships a tip
Magnétisme en Français
Magnétisme et inductance en Français, pdf file
Magnetics application guide pdf file
Matériaux et propriétés magnétiques en Français, pdf file
Milieux ferro en Français, pdf file
Opbouw magnetisch veld in Dutch, pdf file
Permanent magnet applications guide permanent magnet applications guide
Permanent magnet applications guide 2 basics of magnetics and applications information. Descriptions of various product types including: MPP, HI-FLUX, SUPER-MSS, Sendust, Toroidal Tape Cores, Silectron Toroids, Distributed Gap Cores
Permanent magnets permanent magnets, pdf file
Principles of magnetism and stray currents in rotating machinery Hysteresis Loop, Field Equations for Several Simple Configurations, Magnetism in Machinery, Gaussmeter
Eddy currents 
Eddy current
Eddy current brake eddy current brake, when metal moves through a spatially varying magnetic field, or is located in a changing magnetic field, induced currents begin to circulate through the metal. These currents are called eddy currents
Eddy current brake eddy currents, movies
Eddy current Depth of Penetration Eddy currents are closed loops of induced current circulating in planes perpendicular to the magnetic flux
Eddy Current (Electromagnetic) Brake eddy current brake for railcars
Eddy current losses Eddy-Current Loss in iron and copper are due to currents flowing within the copper or core caused by induction. The result of eddy-currents is a loss due to heating within the inductors copper or core. Eddy-current losses are directly proportional to frequency, pdf file
Eddy current losses Eddy current losses, eddy currents
Eddy Current Pendulum
Eddy currents Eddy Current (Electromagnetic) Brake
Eddy current testing eddy currents, animated
Eddy current theory eddy currents, eddy current applications, animated
Eddy Current Tutorial Eddy Current Tutorial, what are Eddy currents?
Hysteresis loss
Magnetisation and Eddy Current Losses Different types of eddy currents are induced in magnets, eddy currents in copper spacers, collars and yokes, interfilament coupling currents
Power losses in wound components Resistance of the windings - 'copper loss'. Magnetic friction in the core - 'hysteresis'. Electric currents induced in the core - 'eddy currents'. Physical vibration and noise of the core and windings. Electromagnetic radiation. Dielectric loss in materials used to insulate the core and windings

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