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Satellite tools and calculators  related topic: Latitude and longitude lookup and calculators
ASTRA - Installation assistant Position Your Satellite Dish with the Alignment Calculator
Astra: Interactive Fleet Map Satellite Look Angle Calculator
ASTRA 1-2-3 Satellite footprint tool
DVB-S & DVB-S2 Bitrates Calculator
GPS Calculator GPS co-ordinates simplify the task of link planning. GPS co-ordinates may be entered in DD:MM:MM format
Look Angle Calculator Use the look angle calculator to calculate the pointing angles your dish needs in order to receive a particular satellite
Online Satellite Calculations Sun Interference Calculation\Sun&Moon&Satellite position calculations,  Antenna look angles calculator, Downlinkbuget for DVB-S and DVB-S2 calculator, Satellite tracker based on two line elements (TLE), LNB saturation calculator, Power reaching the satellite receiver, Antenna pointing data from 11-parameter ephemeris data, Carrier to noise vs Eb\No for DVB-S and DVB-S2, DVB-S/DVB-S2 bitrates,bandwidth and symbolrate calculator, Satellite eclipse calculator, Sun and Moon position calculator, Sunrise, sunset and sun transit calculator, Conversion between dBmW and dBuV, Noise Figure Temperature converter, Offset antenna efficiency and offset angle, Antenna Efficiency calculator, Antenna gain and beamwidth, Gainloss vs Antenna pointerror, Loss of gain with antenna surface irregularities, Power of a QPSK carrier measured on Agilent E4402B Spectrum analyzer, Power of a QPSK carrier measured on a Spectrum analyzer, Antenna look angles, slantrange and pathloss, calculate Bitrates for DSNG, Elevation angle for a physical obstacle, calculate Frequency setting when the receiver do not support the LNB L.O., LNB IF Frequency, VSWR loss calculator, Prime focus parabolic reflector calculations, Offset parabolic reflector calculations
Parabola Calculator version 2.0 Parabola Calculator
Parabolic Reflector Analysis Enter the illumination factor, Enter the reflector's diameter centimeters inches, Enter the reflector's depth centimeters inches, Enter the operating frequency, Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator
Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator Calculates the gain, focal point, and radiation distances for parabolic dishes, Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator
Satellite Alignment Calculator Online Satellite Alignment Calculator uses Google Maps to show you where to point your dish
Satellite Alignment Tool IGP's antenna alignment helps you calculating the correct azimuth, elevation and polarization for your satellite dish
Satellite antenna bearing calculator Satellite antenna bearing calculator
Satellite Azimuth and Elevation finder satellite Azimuth and Elevation finder, Europe, Africa & Middle East + Atlantic Ocean, you need to know your Latitude and Longitude: use EarthTools or Latitude - longitude place finder, for Belgium: Digital Elevation Models Belgium Digital Elevation Models, Latitude and Longitude lookup
Satellite Calculations Azimuth Angle, Elevation Angle
Satellite dish alignment calculator Azimuth is the turning of your satellite dish East and West or Left & Right, Elevation is how high up the signal is coming from. You can usually measure your elevation based on the degree markings on the back bracket of your satellite dish antenna, Skew or Polarity is how much you turn your LNBF. Standing in front of the satellite dish, looking at the dish, if you have a positive Skew angle you want to turn your LNBF counter-clockwise
Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps
Satellite link analysis Satellite link analysis, Satellite link calculator
Satellite Link Budget Calculation
Satellite Link Budget Calculator
Satellite Look Angle Calculator This calculator will calculate the azimuth and elevation coordinates for a specified ground station and satellite combination
Satellite look angles calculator if you want to try and receive a certain satellite, then you can get the Azimuth and Elevation for that satellite from where you are trying
Solar Interference Calculator
Use sun or moon to choose the best place for your satellite antenna Satellite television antenna must be in direct view of satellite emitter. This may be difficult to check if nearby obstacles hide nearly the satellite. This became obvious if the sun is at the same place as the desired satellite: The dish must be irradiated by the sun. This is the case twice a year. The moon may be used more frequently: nearly twice a month. Azimuthal position of a fixed satellite antenna (elevation/azimuth) can be checked (nearly each day) when the sun azimuth is equal to the satellite azimuth, Place satellite dish using sun or moon

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