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Coil inductance calculators 
Air coil calculator Inductance of a Solenoid, aircoil, Aircoil inductance calculation
Air coil calculator the design of a single-layer, air-core, coil
Air-Core Single-Layer Coil Air Core Coil Design, Air Coil Inductance Calculator
Air Coil Inductance Calculator Air Coil Inductance Calculator
Air Coil Inductance Calculator Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator. The results are valid only for one layer, tightly wound, air core coils without gaps between the turns
Air Core Inductor Calculator
Air cored resonant transformer calculators for use in tesla coil design
Air inductor calculatorEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Berekenen van luchtspoelen
Calculating coils
Coil Calculator Single-layer and mutil-layer coil calculation in javascript
Coil Inductance Calculator Use this calculator to determine the inductance of single-layer and multilayer coils
Flat Spiral Coil Calculator Flat Spiral Coil Calculator
Flat Spiral Coil Calculator Flat Spiral Coil Calculator
Flat Wire Inductor Calculator Active calculator for a flat wire, ribbon or PCB track showing the formula used
Helical Coil calculator Helical Coil calculator
Inductance calculator for spiral flat coils
Inductance calculators
Inductance of Flat Strip dimensional requirements for calculating the inductance of a Flat Strip over a Ground Plane
Inductance of Straight Wire Inductance of Straight Wire calculator
Inductance of Straight Wire Grounded
Inductance of a wire inductance of a straight piece of wire, Inductance of a Straight Wire- A Calculator
Inductance of a wireEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Inductance of single-layer coils on cylindrical winding forms
Inductance of a Toroid Inductance of a Toroid calculator
Inductor calculator a Java simulation of an air-core inductor, This program calculates inductance using Wheeler's Formula
Inductor calculator
Inductor design calculator DC choke design calculator, optimized for DC inductor design utilizing E-cores
Inductor impedance calculator Two variables are required (besides resistance) for each calculation. If two variables are set without resistance, resistance is taken as zero
Inductor value calculator radial inductor value calculator
Integrated Spiral Inductor Calculator Integrated Spiral Inductor Calculator
Multilayer Air Core Inductor Calculator
Plain coil calculator Plain coil calculator
Radial Inductor Value Calculator
RS Theremin Coil Calculator Single Layer Air Coil Inductance Calculator
Single-Layer Helical Round Wire Coil Inductor Calculator Single-Layer Helical Round Wire Coil Inductor Calculator
Single-layer and mutil-layer coil calculation Single-layer and mutil-layer coil calculation
Single-Layer Coil - Air-Core This calculator helps you to design a single-layer air core coil of a given inductance. The formulae come from the ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs. These formulae provide close approximations of values for frequencies in the 1-30MHz range which are sufficiently accurate for most amateur radio purposes
Single-Layer Air Coil Calculator Single Layer Air Coil Calculator
Single Layer Air Coil Inductance Calculator Coil diameter, Number of turns, Coil length
Single Layer Coil Calculator Inductance of a Single-Layer Solenoid (Coil) - with calculator
Single layer coil designer
Solenoid properties calculating Inductance and magnetic B-field
Spiral coil calculator calculates the inductance of a flat spiral coil
Spiral inductor calculator etched PCB coil calculator
Tesla coil calculator pageEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Tesla coil designer
Tesla Coils Tesla coil design calculations
Toroidal inductor design Toroid Calculator
Toroidal transformer calculator and simulator for SMPS

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