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Copper Wire Resistance and Inductance Calculator Copper Wire Resistance and Inductive Reactance Calculator
Impedance Calculators Air Core Solenoid Calculator, Wire Inductance Calculator, Strap Inductance Calculator, Twisted Pair Impedance Calculator, Toroid Inductance Calculator, Air Core Flat Spiral Inductance Calculator, Microstrip Impedance Calculator, Embedded Microstrip Impedance Calculator, ...
Magnet Rectangular Bar Magnet Calculator, Calculate the magnetic field from a rectangular bar magnet
Magnetism: magnetic field strength calculator for cylindrical and bar magnet Magnetic field strength, in gauss, can be calculated at any distance from the end of a magnet, calculations are only appropriate for "square loop" or "straight line" magnetic materials such as ferrites, neodymium-iron-boron and samarium cobalt magnets, Permeance coefficients the Permeance Coefficient of a magnet is also referred to as the "operating slope", load line or B/H of the magnet in open circuit condition
Magnetism: unit conversions
Natural convection heat sink calculator Temperature difference, heat dissipation and volumetric efficiency for a natural convection cooled heat sink with an isothermal bottom plate calculator
Neon Transformer Size Calculator
Resistance pair chooser to choose a pair of resistors from a discrete set of values that best satisfy certain design equation
Skin Depth Calculator What is the Skin Depth of an electrical conductor? xls file
Skin effect calculator Skin Depth Calculator, enter frequency and resistivity to calculate skin depth
Skin effect resistance calculator Skin Depth Calculator, Calculator for Skin Effect Depth, Skin depth calculator
Skin effect calculations Skin effect calculator
Skin effect Skin effect calculator
Skin Effect Calculator Because of skin effect ac current tends to flow on the outside of a connector. On a wire the current density looks like a hollow tube, Frequency, Skin Depth, Wire gauge
Strain gage technology: calculations
Thermal calculators one-dimensional steady-state heat conduction calculator, thermal resistance through the height axis of a solid cylinder, Hollow Cylinder Thermal Resistance, Slab Mass Thermal Resistance, Forced Convection Heat Sink Thermal Resistance, ...
Thermal calculators Air flow calculators Targeted for typical electronics cooling applications, Convection, Conduction, Heat sinks Micro circuit cooling, PCB cooling, Thermal radiation
Thermocouple calculator Thermocouple Calculator. The calculator will compute the temperature to 0.1C given the reference junction temperature, the measured thermocouple voltage and the thermocouple type
Transformer Calculation The ideal transformer neglects losses to resistive heating in the primary coil and assumes ideal coupling to the secondary (i.e., no magnetic losses)
Transformer Calculation Calculation with primary losses
Tube Amp Calculators
Wheatstone bridge the Wheatstone bridge is used to determine an unknown resistance by adjusting a known resistance so that the measured current is zero
Wire gauge diameters conversions
Wire Gauge calculations
Wire Resistance Electrical resistance of a wire (rod) calculator
Wire Resistance and Voltage Drop Calculator These calculators determine the resistance along a length of stranded copper wire, and if a value for current is provided, voltage drop across that same length of wire
Capacitor calculators 
Calculator for the Capacitance of a Rectangular Parallel Plate Capacitor, Including Edge effect
Capacitance calculatorEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Capacitance value calculator 5 values, Identification of Class I Ceramic Capacitors
Capacitance frequency inductance calculator
Capacitors in parallel and/or in series you can select different configurations of capacitors in parallel and/or in series, change the capacitances of the individual capacitors, and the applet will calculate the equivalent capacitance of the network
Circular Capacitor Calculator The total capacitance of a circular parallel plate capacitor including edge effect
Colour code calculator for polyester capacitors colour code calculator for polyester capacitors
Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator
Flat Plate Capacitor Calculator Flat Plate Capacitor Calculator, The capacitance of a home made parallel plate capacitor can be determined by entering plate area, spacing and quantity
Parallel Plate Capacitor Parallel Plate Capacitor Calculator
Parallel Plate Capacitor Capacitance Calculator Parallel Plate Capacitor Capacitance Calculator
Plate Capacitor Calculator Plate Capacitor Calculator, This calculator computes the capacitance between two parallel plates.
The first calculator is metric, whereas the second is inches
Polyester Capacitor Color-Code Calculator
Relative Dielectric Constant Calculator for a Circular Capacitor
Wire Capacitance calculator

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