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Digital calculators 
16-QAM Demodulator Tool
555 calculators monostable timeout calculator and astable square wave calculator
555 calculators monostable timeout and astable square wave calculator, 555 timer
555 calculator 555 calculator
555 calculator 555 calculator, This calculator helps design an astable multivibrator from a standard 555 timer IC
555 calculator monostable timeout calculator
555 calculator monostable timeout calculator, This calculator helps design monostable one-shot from a standard 555 timer IC
Base Conversion Calculator allows you to convert a same number between its representations under different number systems, converts non-integer values & negative bases too, scroll down, a tip
Base converter this simple tool allows you to convert a same number between its representations under different number systems, Fractions, a tip
Base converter This is a Java-Applet to convert between the decimal representation of numbers (like "1.02") and the binary format used by all modern CPUs
Binary Calculator Applet
Block error correcting codes exercises onn coding theory, in particular Hamming codes
Computer storage conversion Bit and Byte Conversion, Common Computer Conversions
CRC 8 calculator The following Java™ 1.1 applet calculates the CRC-8 code, C(x) = x8 + x2 + x + 1, polynomial
CRC calculator CRC calculator
CRC calculation Cyclic redundancy check calculation
Cyclic and CRC Codes
Decimal-Hex-Binary Conversion
Digital calculators stolen page
Gray code calculator a Java applet which converts an input number given in binary, octal, decimal or hex standard representation into its Gray Code value or performs the inverse transformation
Gray Code Converter Applet The gray code number system has the property that each number i's successor and predecessor numbers differ from i in just one bit
Hamming code tool Hamming 7-4 Code
Hamming code tool this online tool generates sets of codeword having certain properties. Given a received codeword, the word can be submitted for error detection or correction in comparison to the generated set of valid codewords, Error Correction and the Hamming Code
Huffman code Adaptive Huffman Compression
Huffman code Binary Huffman Coding demonstration
Huffman code
Huffman code
Huffman code "Huffman Coding" demonstrates the Huffman algorithm to find an optimal representation for a finite set of data (characters). The "optimal" representation is the one that consumes least space for storage, ...
Huffman Encoding
HEX to BIN to DEC to etc.. calculator
Karnaughmap Karnaughmap calculator
karnaugh map Karnaugh-Veitch-Diagramm
Karnaugh map minimizer graphical way to minimize boolean functions
Karnaugh Map Minimizer Input a 4-term truth table
Karnaugh Map Minimizer
Karnaugh minimizer trial version only supports 4 variables
Karnaugh Veith map
Lossless Data Compression The main objective of this page is to introduce two important lossless compression algorithms: Huffman Coding and Lempel-Ziv Coding
Multivibrateur astable 555, en Français
Numeric base converter convert numbers from one base to another. This base converter supports conversion between bases 2 through 36
Programmable Logic Controller software on this evaluation applet you can open the Ladder +Basic sample programs for SIMULATION and EDITING, free downloading of DOS version of TRiLOGI: version 4.1 (evaluation, 420K)
Quine McCluskey Minimization
RC HCT generator calculator using 74HCT04
Thruth table calculator

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