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High voltage stuff:
High voltage stuff overview Jacob's ladder Tesla coil  
High voltage stuff Plasma globes    

Jacob's ladder 
Computer Monitor Jacob's Ladder Afrotech's Computer Monitor Jacob's Ladder
Desktop Jacobís Ladder
Five foot tall Jacob's ladder using Neon sign transformers
Flyback Driver Circuits The heart of the circuit is a ferrite-cored flyback transformer
High Voltage Arc Gap Calculator This arc voltage calculator can help you understand how a Dielectric Withstand Test helps your quality process. This calculator also shows how using a Helium atmosphere can help your test be more stringent
High Voltage Generator and Jacob's Ladder High Voltage Generator and Jacob's Ladder
How to Build a Jacobs Ladder This website will go over the aspects of building a Jacobs Ladder, playing with it and understanding the physics behind the operation of it. A Jacobs ladder is a really cool device where two parrallel conductors called ladders are connected to a high voltage transformer and an arc jumps between the two electrodes and climbs up the ladder
Jacob's ladder using Neon sign transformers
Jacob's Ladder A high voltage arcs across a Jacob's ladder, starting at the bottom and quickly rising to the top where it breaks the circuit and starts over again
Jacob's Ladder Five foot tall Jacob's ladder
Jacob's Ladder If you build this project, you'll lean how a simple power supply operating from the 120-volt AC line can produce 12,000 volts. In addition to powering the Jacob's Ladder, the supply can power plasma displays, and it has even powered a light-duty, bench-type spot welder
Jacob's Ladder demonstration of an Jacob's Ladder with microwave oven transformer
Jacobs ladder
Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder with neon sign transformer
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder Oil burner transformer
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's ladder With very simple materials (besides a high voltage power supply, capable of providing reasonable current) you already can make a miniature Jacob's ladder
Jacob's Ladder Neon transformer or a oil burner transformer (At least 10KV)
Jacob's Ladder Plasma arc is initiated at the bottom where the ladder sides are closest. It then travels upward until the distance becomes sufficiently great to exceed the ionization created by the arc, ...
Jacob's Ladder demonstration of an Jacob's Ladder using Neon sign transformers
Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder demonstration, climbing arc demonstration
The Hi-Voltage source may be as diverse as a car ignition coil, a neon sign power supply (NST), a utility distribution transformer (pole pig), or other even greater potential sources with striking differences between the sound and visual effects of each, ...
Jacob's ladder Jacob's ladder, Climbing Arc Construction
Jacob's ladder in Dutch
Jacob's ladder JACOB's ladder movie, in Dutch
Jacob's ladder JACOB's ladder movie, in Dutch
Jacobs ladder Jacob's ladder circuit, Jacob's ladder
Jacob's ladder Jacob's ladder, All you need is a current-limited high voltage AC supply from a suitable transformer (neon sign transformers work quite well), and a couple of metal rods, ...
Jacob's Ladder (Climbing Arc) Construction Jacob's Ladders - especially large ones using line powered transformers - can be both deadly, destructive, or both
Jacob's Ladders A Jacob's Ladder is the type of high voltage "climbing arc" "V" shaped display seen in many old Sci-Fi movies. Jacob's Ladder come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. It involves basically the use of relatively high voltages and currents. The simple explanation is that an arc starts at the bottom, and due to the fact that hot air rises, the arc tends to move up the diverging rods until they are too far apart for the voltage/current provided by the power source ...
Make a Jacobs ladder Jacob's ladder, creating a high-voltage Jacob's Ladder from a neon sign transformer
Portable Jacob's Ladder
More On Jacob's Ladders Constructing a Jacob's Ladder, pdf file
Smog in a Bottle atmospheric smog - pollution - acid rain, air at atmospheric pressure, two electrodes produces an electrical discharge through the air, ...
Tesla Downunder Tesla coil sparks, Jacobs ladder, Lifters, lasers, a tip

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