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Earthquakes  related topic: Plate tectonics
Aardbevingen Zuid-Limburg, Onderzoek in sleuf door Feldbissbreuk in Dutch
Aardbevingsschalen in Dutch
Animation showing earth movement during an earthquake Elastic Rebound Animation
Continental drift and plate tectonics What is Continental drift, what is plate tectonics
Continental drift and plate tectonics What is Continental drift, what is plate tectonics
Continental drift reconstructions
Current world earthquake activity <-- ALERT
Dynamic earth plate tectonics
Earthforces earth science, plate tectonics, volcano, earthquake, tsunami, floods
Earthquake An earthquake is a phenomenon that results from and is powered by the sudden release of stored energy that radiates seismic waves, a tip
Earthquake animation a subduction zone, where an oceanic plate is converging with a continental plate, attempts in cartoon fashion to show the deformation of the continental plate that precedes each earthquake
Earthquakes Watch Earthquakes as they Occur" "Why Do Earthquakes Happen?" "How Often do Earthquakes Occur?" "Seismic Events of Special Interest" "Exploring the Earth using Seismology" "How are Earthquakes Located?"
Earthquakes and earth structure
Earthquake hazards earthquakes, plate tectonics, tsunamis, landslides, seismic waves, seismology, geology, fault, San Andreas fault, earthquake in Turkey, Izmit
Earthquake image glossary
Earthquake information by USGS, real-time maps of recent earthquake activity in California, the nation and the world; real-time seismograms; regional earthquake activity reports; recent significant earthquakes
Earthquake maps earthquakes, seismicity, seismic, tremors, world, moment tensor, moment, magnitude, magnitude scale, aftershock, epicenter, richter, mercalli, seismogram, seismograph, seismologist, seismology, geophysics, geologist, tsnuamis. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program provides earthquake information for current and past earthquakes, hazards and preparedness information, and education resources for teachers and students
Earthquake magnitude comparisons
Earthquakes - Worldmaps Interactive maps of earthquakes? Last earthquakes worldwide for the last 48 hours. World? Euro-Med? North America? South America? Africa & Indian Ocean? Pacific
Earthquakes ppt file
Earthquakes an earthquake is the shaking of the earth caused by pieces of the crust of the earth that suddenly shift
Earthquakes and seismology in India and South Asia
Earthquakes and the Earth's interior earth scientists believe that most earthquakes are caused by slow movements inside the earth that push against the earth's brittle, relatively thin outer layer, causing the rocks to break suddenly
Earthquake studies
Earth's continental plates What are Earth's continental plates
Earth's interior The earth is divided into four main layers: the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust
Earth's structure The Layers of the Earth, Compositional Layers, Mechanical Layers
Faults and Earthquakes
Frequently asked questions about earthquakes and earthquake hazards
Geography exchange: resource centre
Historical earthquakes and volcanic eruptions Historical earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
Largest earthquakes in the U.S.
Last 8 to 30 days of earthquake activity from the QED earthquake activity
Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days
Latest Earthquakes in the World Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.0 or Greater in the Rest of the World - Last 7 days
Listening to Earthquakes
Measuring the size of an earthquake Measuring the size of an earthquake
Mercalli intensity scale What is Mercalli intensity scale
Mercalli intensity scale What is Mercalli intensity scale
Plate tectonics plate tectonics
Plate tectonics What are tectonic plates
Plate tectonics What is Plate tectonics
Plate tectonics, the cause of earthquakes lithosphere, asthenosphere, Earthquake occurrence in different plate tectonic settings
Understanding earthquakes view a rotating globe showing earthquake locations
Recent Earthquakes worldwide
Richter magnitude What is Richter magnitude
Seismic maps recent seismic events are displayed on this inter active map. Learn about the dynamics of recent earthquakes and the stations that record the data <-- ALERT
Seismic monitor an interactive educational display of global seismicity that allows you to monitor earthquakes in near real-time, view records of ground motion, and visit seismic stations around the world, a tip, the Earth's shadow illustrates day/night and seasonal changes
Seismic monitor Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days
Seismic waves Seismic waves are transmitted through the Earth. The study of such waves provides information about the layered Earth structure and can be used to accurately determine the epicentre of earthquakes, Seismometers - 'P' waves, Seismometers - 'S' waves
Seismic waves, seismographs and seismograms seismic waves, seismographs and seismograms, Seismic deformation
Seismograph animation
Seismometer documentation a seismometer is a device that enables us to observe and / or record a ground motion, Seismometer demo applet simulates a seismometer's reaction to an adjustable ground motion w(t). The displacement x(t) of the movable mass relative to the case is calculated recursively from the case (=ground), Seismometer calibration
Seismology What is Seismology
Seismology seismology is the study of earthquakes and seismic waves that move through and around the earth
Seismology and Earth's interior
The 3 types of seismic waves
Waves in the Earth part of Life along the faultline life and science in earthquake country
What is Richter magnitude? What is Richter magnitude?
World housing encyclopedia an interactive, dynamic, web-based encyclopedia of housing construction types in seismically prone areas of the world
World wide earthquake locator World wide earthquake locator

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