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Alphabetical list of battles: Europe 
Abyssinia: Mussolini and Abyssinia
Achtmaal: liberation of Achtmaal
Anzio Italy during the early morning hours of 22 January 1944, troops of the Fifth Army swarmed ashore on a fifteen-mile stretch of Italian beach near the prewar resort towns of Anzio and Nettuno
Ardennes: battle of the Bulge the Ardennes, battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge began with the German attack (Operation Wacht am Rhein and the Herbstnebel plan) on the morning of December 16, 1944. Two later attacks on New Year's Day 1945 attempted to create second fronts in Holland (Operation Schneeman) and in northern France (Operation Nordwind).
Ardennes: battle of the Bulge the Ardennes, battle of the Bulge
Ardennes: battle of the Bulge
Ardennes: battle of the Bulge
La Bataille des Ardennes
Arnhem the action, during the Second World War, of the British 1st Airborne Division (with the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade)
Arnhem: battle of Arnhem battle of Arnhem
Arnhem: battle of Arnhem archive by september 1944, the Second World War had almost reached a conclusion. The Allied armies had rapidly pushed the disorganised Germans almost completely out of France and Belgium, and it was here that the front line stood, several miles short of the Dutch border
Arnhem battle research group
Arnhem: Market garden on 17 September 1944 thousands of paratroopers descended from the sky by parachute or glider up to 150 km behind enemy lines. Their goal: to secure to bridges across the rivers in Holland so that the Allied army could advance rapidly northwards and turn left into the lowlands of Germany
Arnhem: Market Garden
Attrition - 1944 one of bloodiest and most difficult for Patton's 3rd army
Attrition - 1944
Balkan the German campaigns in the Balkans (Spring 1941)
Balkan catastrophe
Barbarossa The German Invasion Of Russia
Battle for Termoli, oct 3, 1943
Battle of Blerick dedicated to the men of the 49th APCR/RTR and their involvement during WOII
Battle of Britain history of the second world war designed for the internet. Covering topics as the leaders, the battles, the victories, Churchill, Hitler, RAF, Luftwaffe, Battle of Britain, Blitz, London, Germany, pilots, planes, RAF, Luftwaffe, kills, medals, shotdown, battle, air, attack, airman, britain, Battle of Britain, England, Germany, losses, crew, airfield, Churchil, Dowding, radar, goering, hitler, spitfire, hurricane, messerschmitt, heinkel, junkers, stuka, dornier, bristol, blenheim, beaufighter
Battle of Britain the official reports of the most important event in Royal Air Force history, the Battle fought over Britain between the 10th July and 31st October 1940
Battle of Britain compendium of information
Battle of Leros, Greece island
Battle of the Atlantic the Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. It was also perhaps the most crucial. For Britain it began on the first day of the war and continued until the last, almost six years later
Battle of the Atlantic submarine, U-boat, unterseeboot, U-505, U-571, U-110, Guadalcanal
Battle of the Atlantic what a miserable, rotten hopeless life . . . an Atlantic so rough it seems impossible that we can continue to take this unending pounding and still remain in one piece . . .
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Battle of the Scheldt
Before taps sounded the story of a 1st division infantryman in the 1st Division in North Africa, Sicily and Normandy during World War II
Bigonville 1940-1945
Blerick the perfect battle of Blerick
Blitz page this was the British name for the Luftwaffe's sustained night attacks against their cities from August 1940 to midway 1941
Blitzkrieg 1940 in the early morning darkness of May 10, the Germans unleashed their Blitzkrieg against the Netherlands and Belgium
Crete: battle of Crete Crete was the scene of the largest German Airborne operation of the war, and the first time in history that an island had been taken by airborne assault
Crete: battle of Crete on the morning of 20th May, 1941, the Germans launched the first airborne invasion in history
Crimean campaign - 1942
D-Day D-Day staat voor decision, in Dutch
D-Day the American experience D-Day
D-Day the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944, and the start of the successful liberation of Europe
D-Day : Normandy, France june 6, 1944 D-Day, Normandy, Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold, Sword, Pegasus Bridge, 82nd, 101st airborne
D-Day on the web
Desert dawn North Africa before Rommel
Dieppe august 19, 1942
Dieppe Raid
Dieppe Raid
Dieppe Raid 1942 the Dieppe Raid on August 19, 1942 lasted only nine hours, but cost nearly 1000 lives
Dresden: Winston Churchill and Dresden
Dunkirk: fall of the low countries and France including "Retreat to Dunkerque"
Dunkirk Dunkirk 1940
Dunkirk evacuation 1940
Dunkirk: the miracle of Dunkirk more than 300,000 troops were evacuated from Dunkirk and the surrounding beaches in May and June 1940
Duinkerken: operatie Dynamo the miracle of Dunkirk, in Dutch
Eben Emael: glider assault on Eben Emael
El-Alamein Before the dawn on 31 September 1942 Erwin Rommel struck against the British positions around el-Alamein - a town in close approaches to Alexandria
El Alamein
El Alamein The Battle of El Alamein did much to restore British morale during World War Two, and is remembered by the Allied forces with pride
El Alamein
Falaise - August 13th - World War Two
Falaise gap Falaise gap
Falaise pocket
Falaise pocket
German campaigns in the Balkans: 1941
Glieres: battle of Glieres a fight for honour
Grebbeberg 10 mei 1940 valt het Duitse leger Nederland binnen, in Dutch
Interactive Map of World War II- The European Theater
Italian campaign september 1943 --> may 1945, a chronology of events of the Italian campaign in world war 2
Kielce, Poland 1945
Kursk The Battle of Kursk or Kursk Campaign (July 4 – July 20, 1943), also called Operation Citadel (German: Unternehmen Zitadelle) by the German Army, was a major battle on the Eastern Front of World War II and the last German blitzkrieg offensive in the east as well as the last German offensive of such scale in the war
Kursk Pages on DialSpace the greatest tank battle in history, july 1943, Kursk: battle of Kursk was one of the shortest tank battles it is considered to be perhaps the largest tank battle in history
Leningrad: battle of Leningrad battle of Leningrad
Leningrad animated
London blitz, 1940
Lorraine campaign
Lorraine campaign: an overview, sept - dec 1944
Malta: a photographic record of Malta during World War 2
Malta: 'The Verdun of the Naval War'
Malta convoys
Maginot line
Metz 1944
Monte Cassino
Monte Cassino The 'hills of hell'
Monte Cassino and the Italian campaign
Monte Cassino: battle of Monte Cassino The Battle of Monte Cassino (also known as the Battle for Rome and the Battle for Cassino) was a costly series of four battles during World War II, fought by the Allies with the intention of breaking through the Winter Line and seizing Rome
Monte Cassino falls to the Allies
Moscow: battle of Moscow during the battle for Kiev, when the success of German armies was designated, German High Command developed the offensive plan to the Moscow
Moselle river crossing - 94th Armored FA Battalion
Naples-Foggia 9 september 1943 --> 21 january 1944
Nijmegen 1944-1945 tribute to those who participated in the liberation of Nijmegen during 1944 - 1945
Mount Froid: battle of Mount Froid the highest battle in Europe
Normandy Normandy 6 june --> 24 july 1944
Normandy 1944 buildup, invasion, fighting inland, breakout, Normandy in memory, Invasion of Normandy the Allied invasion of Hitler's "Fortress Europe" began in the early morning hours of June 6, 1944 when American and British paratroops dropped behind the intended invasion beaches to disrupt German communications. At dawn, the sea invasion began as an Allied Armada disgorged thousands of troops at five beaches along France's Normandy coast
Normandy 1944 june 6 -->august 13th - august 25th
Normandy 1944, Juno Beach Encyclopædia Britannica tells the story of the Normandy Invasion through the spoken recollections of veterans who fought it, the newsreels that brought the news home, and the written words of historians who have dedicated years to studying the great campaign
Normandy devoted to the German forces in Normandy
Normandy the main phases of the Battle of Normandy, the Battle of Normandy lasted nearly three months
Normandy allies
Normandy: in desperate battle: 1944
Normandy invasion chronology a chronology of the Normandy invasion of June, 1944, from D Minus 1 (June 5) through D Plus 21 (June 27)
Normandy invasion: the story in pictures
Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, Allied naval, air and ground forces operating with airborne assault troops and paratroopers overwhelmed the German "West Wall" defenses built along France's Channel Coast. Fortunately for the Allies the Germans had waited too long to begin construction of their main defenses, and had kept their vaunted panzer divisions out of immediate support range of the landing zone defenders
Normandy: operation overlord
North Africa North African campaign of world war II
North Apennines 10 september 1944 --> 4 april 1945
Norway 1940 dedicated to the struggle of Norway in the spring of 1940
Odessa 1941
Operatie Husky: de geallieerden landen op Sicilië in Dutch
Operation Barbarossa on June 22,1941, at 0300 hours, over three million German troops began the surprise attack on Russia along a two thousand mile front, code name : operation Barbarossa. It would become the largest theatre of operations in World War II
Operation Barbarossa map animated
Operation Barbarossa Final plan for operation Barbarossa
Operation husky Operation Husky Order of Battle is a listing of the significant formations that were involved in the campaign for Sicily, July 10 – August 17, 1943
Operation husky Operation Husky - the Invasion of Sicily was the start of the Allies assault on German occupied Europe. Churchill described Sicily and Italy as the soft underbelly of Europe but there were many hard fought battles
Operation husky The decision to invade Sicily was agreed by the Western Allies at the Casablanca Conference in January 1943. 'Operation Husky' was to be a combined amphibious and airborne attack scheduled for that summer under the supreme command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Operation market garden 2 the battle of Arnhem in september 1944
Operation Mincemeat Operation Mincemeat
Operation neptune
Operation Overlord Follow the Allies as they land on the Normandy coast on 6 June 1944, that will forever be known as D-Day, ...
Paris: chronology of the liberation
Peeldorp Mill in Dutch
Persian corridor and aid to Russia
Po valley 1945 5 april --> 8 may 1945
Poland: Nazi Blitzkrieg: Poland, 1939 a Polish officer's account of the battles and personal losses during the invasion by Hitler and Stalin
Polish campaign and world war II
Polish campaign
Rome-Arno 1944 22 january --> 9 september 1944
Ruhr: battle of the Ruhr in World War II, the Rhineland and the Ruhr area were primary targets of the Western Allies' air forces
Saint Malo
Sandomierz: battle for Sandomierz Bulge – august of 1944
Sedjenane the battle of Sedjenane, The 16th battalion Durham light Infantry 1940
Seelow Heights Seelow: assault at Seelow, The Battle For The Seelow Heights
Seelow Heights: Assault at Seelow Heights
Sicily 1943
Sicily: conquest of Sicily
Sinking of the Repulse and Prince of Wales, Dec. 10, 1941
Siegfried line: battle of the Siegfried line battle of the Siegfried line
Soviet Fronts in WWII
Stalingrad on June 22, 1941, the German Army poured across the borders of the Soviet Union
Stalingrad it began on the steppe-lands lying between the Volga and Don rivers, on the distant approaches to the city; gradually more and more forces were introduced into the fighting, which finally encompassed an area of over 100,000 square kilometres, Stalingrad aerial photos 1941-1942
St-Lo 7 july --> 19 july 1944
St. Petersburg, Russia: 900-day siege of Leningrad
Taman bridgehead - 1943
Tobruk Simultaneously with the military campaigns unfolded in the Soviet Union, also the African campaign was continued. In order to help the Italians, still being severely beaten by the British, the German Supreme Command sent to the Mediterranean theatre the German African Corps
Utah beach to Cherbourg  6--> 27 june 1944
Vosges offensive: 44th infantry division
War gunner photos, links and information on the British expeditionary forces, Vimy Ridge, Dunkirk and North Africa from the perspective of an soldier
Warsaw uprising
Warsaw rising
Winterwar: battles of the winter war the war between Finland and the Soviet Union during the winter of 1939 - 1940
Winterwar the Finnish-Soviet " winter war" 1939-1940 information, Finnish forces, Soviet forces, tactics used, battles of winter war, finnish weapons, Soviet weapons, motti tactics, raate road, battle of suomussalmi, the summa area, kuhmo battles, marshal mannerheim, mannerheim line, see also lessons of winterwar the Winter War erupted on 30 November 1939, when Stalin unleashed his Red Army in an all-out assault against Finland. In August that year Stalin and Hitler had divided eastern Europe between them in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, leaving Finland isolated in the Soviet sphere of influence

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