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Navy overview 
Advanced Japanese destroyers of world war II Japanese destroyers, starting with the Fubuki, began the state of the art destroyer design for World War II
Aircraft carriers of World war 2
Aircraft carrier warfare Aircraft carriers
American merchant marine at war military sea transportation service during war
Dictionary of American naval fighting ships online
Dreadnought the epic arms race of battleships between Great Britain and Germany, the United States and Japan
Fighting the U boats: weapons and technologies
Fleet air arm archive 1939-1945 page of British naval aviation
German naval history Kriegsmarine encyclopedia, German Hochseeflotte, the squirrel observatory and more
History of the world's navy's battleships historical naval website dedicated to the ships of the world's navy's including battleships, aircraft carrier and cruisers. Packed with information, photographs and paintings
Hitler's lost submarines - U boats
Imperial Japanese navy Japanese navy, naval history, military history, logistics, strategy, tactics, doctrine, battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, naval weapons, ballistics, armor, torpedoes
Italian navy dedicated to the history of the Regia Marina from June 10 1940 to September 8 1943
Japanese battleships
Japanese destroyers of world war II Japanese destroyers, starting with the Fubuki, began the state of the art destroyer design for World War II. With enclosed, double turrets and heavy gun and torpedo armament, the Fubukis and their successors, the "special type," set the standard for all later design -- although the Japanese desire to pack as much as possible onto the ships tended to make them top heavy
Naval aircraft designations of Japan and the United States
Naval air war in the Pacific visual history of U.S. Navy and Marine air units in WWII Pacific. Includes photos, paintings, and text covering the men, aircraft, carriers, tactics, and battles, marines, aircraft carrier battle, kamikaze, World War II
Naval history
Naval history naval events of world wars 1 and 2, warships lost, and the military background to their losses, Royal Navy, German Navy, Italian Navy, French Navy, Austrian Navy, Austro-Hungarian Navy, Greek Navy, Ottoman Navy, French Navy, Japanese Navy, imperial Japanese Navy, dreadnoughts, battleship, battlescruisers, raiders, aircraft carriers, escort carriers, cruisers, destroyers, torpedo boats, submarines
Pearl Harbor strike force
Race of battleships between Great Britain and Germany, the United States and Japan
Royal Navy in World War 2
Russian battleships
Russian convoys
The allied merchant navy of world war two a collection of pages dedicated to those who served in the allied merchant navy during world war two
Uboat net U-boat war 1939-1945, 12700 pages and covering all German U-boats in the war and over 156 of the most decorated officers and personalities, submarines, torpedoes, deck gun, armament, battleship, cruiser, escorts, corvettes, destroyers, Atlantic battle
Undersea warfare UNDERSEA WARFARE is the professional magazine of the undersea warfare community. Its purpose is to educate its readers on undersea warfare missions and programs, with a particular focus on U.S. submarines
United States battleships the modern battlefleet of the United States Navy began in 1886 when Congress authorized two "armored vessels."
Unterseebootwaffe illustrated info on German WW II submarine force. The men, ranks, uniforms, boats, museum, movies, unterseebootwaffe, ubootwaffe, u-boot, uboot, u-boat, uboat, kriegsmarine, submarine
U.S. Marine Raiders
US merchant marine American merchant marine at w: revolution to world war II to today
US naval chronology world war II
US naval chronology world war II
U.S. Navy Pacific war Norwegian merchant marine and ships
World War 2 Cruisers
World War 2 ship types
Navy battles 
Attack on an Arctic convoy, 1942
Battle off Koh Chang battle off Koh Chang
Battle of the Atlantic the Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. It was also perhaps the most crucial. For Britain it began on the first day of the war and continued until the last, almost six years later
Battle of the Atlantic
Canonesa in september 1940, Convoy HX72, travelling from Nova Scotia, Canada to the UK, was attacked by U-boats. Eleven ships were sunk, including the steamer Canonesa
Maritime disasters of WWII
Sinking of the Hyuga and Tone
Sunk by submarine, 1944
World war 2 cruiser operations the action pages cover the major world war 2 operations including D-Day, Savo Island, the Battle of the River Plate, Guadalcanal, Crete, Bismarck and Scharnhorst
Navy ships & submarines list 
Battleship Arizona
Battleship Bismarck
Battleship USS Washington BB56
Battle cruiser Hood historical information, references, data, imagery and links concerning British battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood and crew
Bismarck & Tirpitz
Bismarck legend lives Bismarck, Schlachtschiff, Schlachtkreuzer, Lutjens, HMS Hood, Prinz Eugen, WWII,
British Submarines of World War Two Historical Overview, Torpedo Attack, Submarine Diving, Submarine Losses, Life at Sea, The Malta Force, Submarine Depot Ships, Post-War Developments, The White Jumper, S Class, ...
British submarines at war
Cruiser Houston
German U-Boat U-505 U-505 is a German World War II Type-IXc Unterseeboot (submarine) that was captured in battle on the high seas by boarding parties from the USS Guadalcanal task group 22.3 on 4 June 1944
HMS Hood (battlecruiser, 1920-1941)
Kongo the Japanese battleship Kong˘
Scharnhorst (Battleship, 1939-1943)
Scharnhorst & Gneisenau
U2540 typ XXI German submarine from 1945 QTVR-tour SUBMARINE U2540 1945, Bremerhaven
USS BATFISH (SS 310) the champion "submarine-killer" submarine of World War 2
USS Indianapolis
U.S.S. Lexington
USS LSM-87 a brief synopsis of the events and landings LSM-87 participated in during its war patrol in the Pacific theater during World War II
USS Pampanito (SS-383)
USS War Hawk during the Second World War
USS Washington BB56
USS Wisconsin (BB-64)
U.S.S. Wasp USS WASP was the tenth ESSEX - class aircraft carrier. Initially named ORISKANY, the carrier was renamed WASP on March 18, 1942, to honor CV 7, making CV 18 the ninth ship in the Navy to bear the name

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