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Worldwar II armed forces: overview 
Australian army in the second world war
Axis history factbook information on almost all aspects of the Third Reich and its allies during the second World War
British divisions 1939-1945
Commonwealth orders of battle home
German armed forces in WW II
German Army of World War II
Polish contribution to World War II
Romanian Army in the Second World War
World War II Armed Forces - Orders of Battle World War II Armed Forces, Orders of Battle and Organizations
World War II death count
Worldwar II armed forces 
102nd infantry division infantry division
102nd infantry division infantry division
104th infantry division
150th combat engineer battalion
2nd S.S. panzer division 'DAS REICH'
36th division pictorial history - Salerno to Austria
3rd armored division history website
44th infantry division Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ulm, Fern Pass
45th infantry division world war II living history
70th division troops
80th division throughout history
82nd airborne division history
314th infantry regiment
325th combat engineers
Chindits the Chindits were the largest of the allied Special Forces of the 2nd World War. They were formed and lead by Major General Orde Wingate DSO. The Chindits operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma in the War against Japan
Darby rangers
Drop zone dedicated to preserving the stories of World War II airborne and ranger veterans
Gebirgsdivision Gebirgsjägerr regiment
Nederlanders in de Waffen-SS
Patton's troubleshooters Patton's troubleshooters
Pictorial history of the 63rd infantry division in combat
Sids war from El Alamein to Cassino
The European Volunteer Movement in World War II

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