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Worldwar II: fortifications: overview 
Battle guide Normandy, the beaches, Sainte Mére Eglise Pegasus bridge, Point du Hoc, some batteries, Eben-Emael, Mimoyecques, Bastogne, Terezín
Bunker site a geografical overview of our information of the Atlantikwall, an overview of the main areas in Europe
Bunkertours military bunker installations in Britain and France
Bunker pictures On this website you can find pictures, locations, information about bunkers from WW2, The Atlantikwall and the Cold War
Bunkers bunkers in Europe
Bunkers bunkers in Europe, photographs
Fortifications in Europe photographs
Fortresses of Northwest Russia and Finland
Fortweb a group of sites of all kinds of 19th and 20th century fortifications all over Europe
German fortifications
German headquarters in former East-Prussia
Lost in France bunkers in France
Malta Malta military history
Military ruins a guide for those with interest in abandoned military sites, places forgotten by everybody and that had a certain importance and a specific use several years ago
Places of world war II during world war II, the Germans build a large number of constructions, setup large numbers of labor camps, setup concentration camps, build large factories to produce war materials, ..., a tip!
Subterranea Britannica study and investigation of all man-made & man used underground places, Underground at war
WW2 & cold war history in Britain
Worldwar II: fortifications 
Alpine wall dedicated to the underground fortifications of the Alpine Wall (Vallo Alpino), takes us through a virtual itinerary inside some of the Italian underground works constructed to defend the Italian-French boundary in the period preceding the 2nd World War
Atlantikwall The German Atlantikwall, one of the last major defense lines of this century. It was built by the German occupation forces in the period 1941-1944 along the coasts of France, Channel Islands, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark. The main goal was to prevent allied landings on the shores of these countries
Atlantikwall Atlantikwall
Atlantikwall & other German WWII fortifications in Norway
Atlantikwall archiv in German
Atlantikwall in Denmark the "wall" consist of concrete buildings, bunkers, built by the German occupation forces in the period 1941-1945 during their occupation of France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway
Atlantikwall in the Netherlands the localization, design and photo's of bunkers, and radar systems of the Atlantic Wall in The Netherlands
Brialmont Antwerpse Brialmont fortengordel, in Dutch
Berlin Bunker Network forum and info
Bunker of Eperlecques in the Nord Pas de Calais
Defence of Britain
Eben Emael: glider assault on Eben Emael
Fermont fort Fermont,  maginot line
Festung Norwegen German fortifications in Norway
Festung Saint-Malo archives pictures and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area
Findon village 1940
Forten en vestingen Noord-Brabant in Dutch
German underground hospital, Jersey, Channel Islands
Gothic line the last German defensive line in Italy
Komarno fortification system from the point of view of the historical fortifications on the territory of Slovakia represents the important memorial with well-preserved construction elements
Kvalvik fort (Norway)
Liège (1914 et 1940)
Liezele: fort Liezele
Maginot line the Maginot Line was built between 1929 and 1940. It was built to protect France from her longtime enemy, Germany, and to defend the traditional invasion routes across her eastern frontier, casemate, bunker
Maginot line world
Mannerheim line Mannerheim line: Finnish fortifications of Winter War period
Mannerheim line
Martello towers the South Coast Martello towers charts the history, construction, siting and individual history of each of the 74 English south coast Martello towers
Needles battery constructed between 1861-95 as a defence against French invasion. The Battery is on the most westerley point of the Isle of Wight and overlooks one of Britain's most famous coastal landmarks
Nordhausen Nordhausen KZ tunnels – V 2 factory
Ostwall in German
Pillboxes pillboxes & WW2 coastal defences of Kelling North Norfolk
Pillboxes and invasion defences in the UK in 1940 a network of defences was hastily built all over the British Isles to prevent an anticipated German invasion. Sited at road junctions, canals and other strategic points these constructions were called "pillboxes"
Pommerstellung in Polish
Portsdown tunnels
Scotland's secret bunker
Siegfried line the Siegfried Line or Westwall was a defence system stretching more than 630km (392 miles) with more than 18,000 bunkers, tunnels and tank trap>s. It went from Kleve on the border with the Netherlands, along the western border of the old German Empire as far as the town of Weil am Rhein on the border to Switzerland
Siegfried line
Siegfried line
Site fortifié du Bois de Cattenom
Souterrains de la Cité d'Aleth en Français
Stony Batter: fort Stony Batter Fort Stony Batter on Waiheke Island
Technique and operation of German anti gas shelters in World War II
Tilden: fort Tilden Norway
Wehrbau Forschung
Westwall in Dutch
Westwall damals
Westwallforschungsgruppe the Westwall is a defence line created along the German west border, from the Netherlands, following the Belgian, Luxembourg and French borders, to Switzerland, Westwall Photos

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