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Nuclear energy  related topic: Modern Physics animations, Nuclear energy
Basic Nuclear Fission
Boiling Water Reactor animated Boiling Water Reactor
Boiling Water Reactor The Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) animation
Components of a fusion power plant swf file
Control The Nuclear Power Plant (Demonstration)
Cooling Tower Animation how a cooling tower works
Fission and Fusion Fission is a nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus splits, or fissions, into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable mass, with the release of large amounts of energy in the form of heat and radiation. Energy can also be produced by combining light nuclei in a process is called nuclear fusion
Fission Nuclear Fission Animation, A stable atom of Uranium-235 becomes an unstable (radioactive) atom of Uranium-236 when it absorbs a neutron. The nucleus of an unstable U-236 atom breaks apart spontaneously, releasing a large amount of energy, nuclei of two lighter elements, and three neutrons
Fission Nuclear Fission Animation. In nuclear fission, a heavy atomic nucleus, such as that of uranium or plutonium, will break up into two lighter nuclei. In the fission process, a large quantity of energy is released, radioactive products are formed, and several neutrons are emitted
Fission process animation Fission, i.e. splitting of nuclei of heavy isotopes like 235U (or 239Pu) generates energy in a nuclear rector
Fusion Nuclear Fusion Animation, Concept simulation reenacts the fusion of deuterium and tritium inside of a tokamak reactor
Fusion Nuclear Fusion Animation, down?
Fusion Fusion is a nuclear process in which two light atoms fuse together to make a larger one. During this process, a lot of energy is released, which comes from the strong forces acting in the nucleus. In the animation, a deuterium nucleus (an isotope of hydrogen), fuses together with a tritium nucleus (another isotope of hydrogen) to form a helium nucleus, and a single neutron, swf file
How a Nuclear Power Plant Works Two types of nuclear power plants are used in the United States: the boiling water reactor and the pressurized water reactor
How nuclear fusion works
How nuclear plants work How nuclear plants work, swf file
How power stations work - AGR How an AGR power station works, Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor
How power stations work - PWR How an PWR power station works, Pressured Water Reactor
Materials for Nuclear Power Generation Introduction to Nuclear Processes, Introduction to Nuclear Power Generation, Cross-Sections, Mechanisms of Radiation Damage, Effects of Radiation Damage, Fuel and Cladding
Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fission animation
Nuclear Fission During fission the uranium atom splits into two roughly equal parts, known as 'fission products'. Spare neutrons are also released, along with heat from the energy holding the atom together
Nuclear (Fission) Power Plants Nuclear Power
Nuclear (Fission) Power Plants
Nuclear fuel cycle The fuel cycle comprises the full set of industrial operations performed in France and other countries, ranging from the delivery of fuel used to generate energy inside the reactor through to the removal and processing of this fuel
Nuclear power plant Nuclear power plant
Nuclear power plant
Nuclear power plant Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)
Nuclear power plant Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Nuclear power plant Control The Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power plant Nuclear Power plant illustrations
Nuclear power plant generation Now that energy has been released through nuclear fission, it needs to be captured somehow. All that energy within the reactor is captured by water pipes surrounding the reactor. The water passes through the heat exchanger, which will transfer heat from the reactor water to fresh water. The fresh water will turn into steam, which will drive a turbine connected to a generator to create electricity
Nuclear Power Plant Animation swf file
Nuclear power reactor Nuclear power reactor, swf file
Nuclear Reactor Inside a Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor Fission Reaction Nuclear Reactor Fission Reaction animation, mpg file
Pressurized Water Reactor
Pressurized Water Reactor Pictorial explanation of power transfer in a pressurized water reactor. Primary coolant is in orange and the secondary coolant (steam and later feedwater) is in blue
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Pressurized Water Reactor animation, PWRs keep water under pressure so that it heats, but does not boil. Water from the reactor and the water in the steam generator that is turned into steam never mix. In this way, most of the radioactivity stays in the reactor area
Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactor
Pressurized Water Reactor animation Pressurized Water Reactor animation
Turbine blades animation Turbine blades are put into a rotational motion through the power of expanding steam coming from boiling water in the reactor core
Virtual power plant
Virtual power plant tour Have you ever wondered how electricity is generated at a power plant? This virtual power plant tour shows you how it's done, from start to finish, by taking you on a simulated tour. Using sound, animation, video and games to show you how electricity is produced, just as if you were there -- letting you visit a power plant without ever leaving your home

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