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Automotive calculations  related subject: Automotive animations
Automotive calculations Automotive calculations, Compression Ratio Calculation, Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation Calculation, Speedometer Gear Calibration, RPM & MPH Correlation, Best Differential Gear, Best Header, Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimation, Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temperature Adjustment, Compression Ratio Influence, Engine Displacement Calculation, Driveshaft Velocity Calculation, Roadway Vehicle Dynamometer, ET and MPH Environmental Correction, Cylinder Head Flow Correction, Holley Carburetor Jet Program, Intake Runner Harmonic Pulse Prediction, Fuel Injector Sizing Program
Automotive calculations 2 Aerodynamic and Rolling Horsepower Calculations By Bowling, Vehicle Acceleration Simulation (Automatic Transmission), Automotive Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimater, Optimum Differential Gear Ratio Calculation, Exhaust Header Tube Length Computation, Compression Ratio Calculation, Driveshaft Velocity Calculation, "Effective" Tire Diameter, Engine Displacement Calculation, Engine Displacement Conversion, Engine Horsepower/RPM Predictor, RPM Range Computator, HP / Optimum Shifting Point Calculator, ...
Automotive calculations 3 Calculate Engine's Compression Ratio (CR) or Total Volume Or Combustion Chamber Volume, Calculate Change in Fuel Injector Flow from change in Fuel Pressure, Calculate Size of Carburetor Needed in CFM, Convert Airflow to a different Depression, Estimate Horsepower from Intake Airflow, Estimate Intake Airflow needed from Horse Power wanted, Calculate Density Altitude and Dew Temperature (Point), Estimate Volumetric Efficiency of Engine, Estimate the Horsepower gain from adding Blower Pressure
Automotive calculations 4 Automotive Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temperature Adjuster, Compression Ratio Calculation, Compression Ratio HP Change Calculation, Engine Displacement Calculation, Engine Displacement Conversion, Driveshaft Velocity Calculation, HP / Highway Dyno Calculator, "Effective" Tire Diameter, ET and MPH Environmental Correction, Fuel Injection Simulation, Engine Horsepower / RPM Predictor, HP / Holley Jet Environmental Correction, Optimum Intake Runner Calculation, Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation, Piston Velocity / Acceleration Calculations, Fuel injector Sizing Program, Engine "Rough" Horsepower, RPM and MPH Computator, RPM Range Computator
HP / Optimum Shifting Point Calculator, Speedometer Calibration Program, HP / Torque Environmental Correction
Bearing Calculator
Compression Calculator With this calculator, you can estimate compression based upon values of key components
Displacement, and/or Compression ratio This COOL little Java Applet lets you figure out your Displacement, and/or Compression ratio. If you would like to know what CC's or what Deck Height will get you a particular Compression Ratio, it will solve that for you as well
Engine Size and Compression Calculator
Four Stroke Otto Fuel-Air Cycle
Four Stroke Gas Otto Cycle Four Stroke Gas Otto Cycle
Horsepower Calculator This program calculates approximate rear wheel horsepower based on actual vehicle weight (including driver), and quarter mile elapsed time and trap speed
Horsepower Calculator Horsepower Calculator
Horsepower Calculator
Horsepower calculator Enter your vehicle weight (with driver), best trap speed and elapsed time. This will generate the horsepower needed to move a vehicle of that weight to that speed in the 1/4 mile
Internal Combustion Engine Thermodynamics Outline a tip
MPH Calculator from RPM and Gearing
ROAD traffic noise calculator This Java-program calculates Ldn-levels of road traffic on a straight road without barriers or obstacles
ROAD traffic Calculation of cumulative effect of noise from combined sources
rpm / speed / gear ratio calculator
Shock absorber Calculates load, deformation energy of structure, maximum meridional and circumferential bending stress depending on deflection amplitude, as well as maximum and minimum values of load on the load-displacement diagram and energy absorbed by the structure during the loading cycle
Smoke Density This calculator computes diesel soot density from smoke opacity
Spring Rate Calculator Weight Percentage Calculator, Torsion to Coil Spring Rate Calculator, Double Spring Calculator, Spring Rate for Independent Suspension, Spring Rate & Coil Over Mounting Angle, New Coil Spring Rate Calculator
Sulfate Particulates An estimate of sulfate particulate emissions for a given sulfur content in the fuel and (catalytic) conversion of sulfur dioxide
Tire Calculation Program Use this calculator to determine the tire diameter and number of revs per mile for a given tire size
Torque Tension Calculator
Turbo Calculators Calculate a turbocharged engines power, Calculate engine compression ratio or combustion chamber volume, Calculate engine compression ratio under turbo boost, ...
Turbo compression calculator Turbo compression calculator
Turbo power calculator TurboPower java calcultor

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