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Mechanical engineering: online calculators - general overview  Engineering animations
Automotive calculations Automotive calculations, Compression Ratio Calculation, Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation Calculation, Speedometer Gear Calibration, RPM & MPH Correlation, Best Differential Gear, Best Header, Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimation, Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temperature Adjustment, Compression Ratio Influence, Engine Displacement Calculation, Driveshaft Velocity Calculation, Roadway Vehicle Dynamometer, ET and MPH Environmental Correction, Cylinder Head Flow Correction, Holley Carburetor Jet Program, Intake Runner Harmonic Pulse Prediction, Fuel Injector Sizing Program
Automotive calculations 2
Engineering Calculators and Tools for Gears and Machine
Engine webpage Internal combustion engines
engineering design, engineering calculations, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, engineering applications, pump design, fluid flow, liquid flow, gas flow, pressure drop calculations, pipe sizing, heat transfer, vessels, valves, duct pressure drop, duct friction loss, HVAC pressure loss, velocity calculation
Mechanical engineering: online calculators 
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Basic hydraulic equations
Beam Design Calculator
Bicycle Analyzer Enter your bicycle's gear values, pedaling cadence and wheel diameter and this program will calculate all your gear ratios and speeds, and analyze the design of your transmission
Bicycle Gear Calculator
Bicycle Power Calculator Its main function is to estimate a riders power and calorific requirements, taking into account wind resistance, rolling resistance, transmission losses, gravity, and atmospheric conditions
Bicycle Power Calculator Total required input power from the rider HP Watts, Power needed to overcome air resistance HP %, Power to overcome rolling resistance in tires HP %, Power needed for elevation change
Bicycle: Human Powered Vehicle Graphical Speed Simulator V1.1 Human Powered Vehicle graphical speed simulator
Bicycle Speed & Power Calculator Bicycle Speed & Power Calculator
Brinell Hardness number calculator
Compression calculator With this calculator, you can estimate compression based upon values of key components
Contact Stress The calculation of Contact Stress is available für point and line contact. It is done according Boresi ‘Advanced Mechanics of Materials’ and returns the pressure, the maximal shear stress and the stress distribution below the surface
Cycling Calculator Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator
Cycling Resources Stretching For Cycling, Cycling Kinematics, Cycling Techniques For Hill Climbing, An Alternative Method of Bike Fit (Keith Bontrager), Effect of different handlebar hand postures on fast brake lever reaching movements in cycling
Deep groove ball bearing The pressure distribution and the reference life L10r of a deep groove ball bearing is calculated according ISO/TS16281
DRIVE BELT LENGTH CALCULATION how to calculate the drive belt lenght, zip file
Gear Calculators Gear Calculators
Gear geometry The main geometrical dimensions are calculated for a helical gear. This includes the measurements over balls and the base tangent length or span
Gear Pump Calculator Gear Pump Calculator
Gear Ratio Calculator This form allows you to calculate final drive ratios as well as see a comparison of speeds and RPMs within operating ranges of the vehicle. This calculator is useful for planning your rig, allowing you to see what kind of performance to expect from different combinations
Gear Ratio, Speedometer, Crawl Ratio, RPM, Tire size Calculators Gear Ratio, Speedometer, Crawl Ratio, RPM, Tire size Calculators
Graphing Vector Calculator Learn about Vectors and Vector Operations by sketching and playing with them
Hardness conversion Hardness conversion calculator
i-Calculator Rectangular Beam Bending Stress Calculator, Circular Beam Bending Stress Calculator, Fatigue Life Improvement Calculator
MECHANICAL COIL SPRING CALCULATION coil spring calculation for linear springs, zip file
Metalworking Calculators - units conversions calculates the length or weight of various precious metal products based on the dimensions you enter. This section of also includes a collection of unit's conversion calculators
Physics nist gov fundamental physical constants from NIST
Pipe and Fittings Pressure Drop Calculation how to calculate the Pipe and Fittings Pressure Drop, zip file
Pressure and stress calculator Pressure and stress calculator
Pulley and Belt Calculator Pulleys and Belts
Pump University Pump University is an internet site where you can find information about all sorts of pumps. The site also has a conversion calculator for a large number of units, pumps, liquid, calculator, calculation, conversion, table, convert, viscosity, chemical resistance chart, bernoulli's equation, dynamic viscosity, flow, hardness table, kinematic viscosity, length, linear velocity, momentum equation, newton viscosity, plain angle, power, pressure, radial forces, surface, temperature, time, torque, valuta, voltage table, volume, weight, NPSH, suction lift, cavitation, density, system resistance, waterhammer, air driven pumps, dosing pump, flexible impeller pump, gear pump, lobe pump, moineau pump, peristaltic pump, screw pump, barrel pump, bellow pump, hygienic pump, metering pump, submersible pump, vertical pump
Spring Calculation and Plotting Programme To calculate the stresses in a spring
Spring design spring design calculators, compression spring calculator, extension spring calculator, spring torsion calculator, Belleville spring washer
Stirling Engine Performance Prediction Method for Stirling Engine
Tecupedia calculators Engineering
Thermal Calculators heat conduction calculators
Thermal Conductivity calculator the Thermal Conductivity is The quantity of heat that passes in unit time through unit area of a substance whose thickness is unity, when its opposite faces differ in temperature by one degree
Thermal Spreading Resistance Within Isotropic and Compound Mediums
Thermodynamics software java applet to calculate the thermodynamic properties of fluids, tutorial about thermo dynamics
Torque conversions convert to and from five units of torque
Torque tension calculator torque-speed, torque-power, torque-efficiency and torque-current plots, java applet
Units conversion calculator acceleration, area conversion calculator, energy, force, lenght, power, pressure, torque, velocity, volumetric flow, weight unit
Valve sizing calculator Valve sizing calculator
V-Belt Length Calculator V-Belt Length Calculator, Enter Pulley Center Distance, Large Pulley Diameter and Other Pulley Diameter
V-riem overbrenging

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