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Mechanics of a car 
2 & 4 stroke basics
4-stroke engine
About the smoothness of engines The number of cylinders is not the primary reason for engine smoothness, another important factor is the way the engine is constructed, if it's an inline-, V- or boxer-engine. Those concepts will be discussed here
Automatic Transmission System Automatic Transmission System explained, pdf file
Automotive clutches, transmissions, and transaxles
Brake system the chain of events from the pedal to the wheel, explaining all of the parts of the brake system along the way, Brake system explained
the engineering fundamentals behind the brake system of a car. It includes a discussion of the principles of hydraulics that form the basis of the brake system
Brake system The hybrid vehicle brake system includes both standard hydraulic brakes and a unique regenerative braking system that uses the vehicle's momentum to recharge the battery, pdf file
Brake System Fundamentals Brake System Fundamentals, ppt file
Braking System How a car Braking System works, Bleeding Brake, Hoses Brake, Light Switch Brake, Squeal E-clip, Fitting Tool, Handbrake, Rear Cylinders, Rear Shoes, V8 Pads
Cam & follower systems a cam and follower system is system/mechanism that uses a cam and follower to create a specific motion.  The cam is in most cases merely a flat piece of metal that has had an unusual shape or profile machined onto it
Detonation detonation is the result of an amplification of pressure waves, such as sound waves, occurring during the combustion process when the piston is near top dead center (TDC)
Diesel Engine Fundamentals Diesel Engines, Major Components of a Diesel Engine, Diesel Engine Support Systems, Exhaust System, Operational Terminology
Differentieel van een auto-achteras in Dutch
Engine problems repair and maintenance of petrol or diesel engines
Four stroke cycle - Ottocycle material about the four stroke cycle process (Otto cycle), P-V diagram, thermodynamics, Javascript otto engine experiment animation
Fundamentals of the four stroke internal combustion engine the four strokes of the internal combustion engine, differences between the gasoline engine and the Diesel engine, the process of converting reciprocating motion to rotating motion
Gasoline direct injection engine
How a manual transmission works transmission system
Hybrid engine conjugates the advantages of the conventional pistons engine with those of the rotary engine
Hydraulic Brake Control Valves Hydraulic Brake Control Valves, ppt file
Hydraulic brakes
Hydraulic brakes the hydraulic brake system used in the automobile is a multiple piston system
Internal Combustion Engine Fluid Mechanics
Internal Combustion Engine Heat Transfer The internal combustion engine is a rich source of examples of almost every conceivable type of heat transfer, ...
Internal Combustion Engine Thermodynamics
Manual Transmission ppt file
Moteurs Ó combustion interne en Franšais
Otto cycle
Physics of an internal combustion engine
Suspension Double wishbone suspension
Suspension systems springs, leaf spring, torsion bar, air springs
Suspension system fundamentals springs, leaf spring, torsion bar, air springs, shock absorbers, shock absorber struts, torsion bars, tires
Suspension types
The difference between 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines The difference between 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines explained
Verbrandingsmotoren in Dutch, pdf file
What's torque and performance What's torque and performance

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