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Mechanical engineering: java applets and animations:
Fluid Mechanics Machines Pneumatics
General overview Mechanisms Pumps
  Motion Thermodynamics

Mechanisms: animations and java applets  related topic: Physics - motion
Blubber system
Cam and follower Animation of the cam and follower
Cam and follower system cam shaft animation, could be used to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves in an engine
Cam follower mechanism cam follower mechanism, Simple Machines
Cam follower system cam follower system, a cam and follower system is system/mechanism that uses a cam and follower to create a specific motion. The cam is in most cases merely a flat piece of metal that has had an unusual shape or profile machined onto it. This cam is attached to a shaft which enable it to be turned by applying a turning action to the shaft
Cam followers
Cam and knife edge follower shows an animation of a rotating cam and knife edge follower. As the cam rotates the the follower is pushed up
Crank The crank is used to convert rotary motion to reciprocating or oscillating motion
Crank and Slider Mechanism The crank which is the rotating disc, the slider which slides inside the tube and the connecting rod which joins the parts together
Four-link mechanisms mechanisms are used to convert motion
Gears Introduction to Rotary motion past to present, Gear types and their application, Involute spur gear terms, The involute and the gear tooth, The importance of clearance, Proportions and relations of standard involute, spur gear terms, Simple Machines
Gears swf file
Gears Gears
Gears Gears are used to change speed in rotational movement
Gears Evolvent gears
Gears Crown face gears
Gears Worm face gear with cylindrical pinion
Geneva drive Geneva drive or Maltese cross is a mechanism that translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary motion, Geneva mechanism
Kegeltandwiel avi file, in Dutch
Krukas in Dutch
Kruk-drijfstang mechanisme in Dutch
Lever How a Lever-Action Rifle Works
Lever lever: mechanical advantage
Lever principle lever principle, this applet shows a symmetrical lever with some mass pieces each of which has a weight of 1.0 N
Levers Levers
Levers Levers
Maltezer kruis
Mechanisms types of motion, levers, cams, rotary cam, cam follower, linear cams
Mechanisms mechanisms are used to convert motion, types of motion, rotary motion, linear motion, reciprocating motion, oscillating motion
Mechanisms and movement mechanisms are used to convert between one type of motion and another, ...,  Crank, Bevel Gear, Cam, Cardan Gear, Chain, Crank, Crank Slider, Gears, Geneva Stop, Lever, Linkage, Piston, Pulley, Rack and Pinion, Ratchet, Reciprocator, Quick Return, Wheel, Worm Gear
Nokkenas in Dutch
Pulley shows a small driver pulley pulling round a larger driven pulley. The rpm (revolutions per minute) of the larger driven pulley wheel will be less than the smaller driver pulley wheel. The same principle regarding speed of rotation regarding gears applies to pulley systems as well
Pulley system pulley system
Pulley system pulley system
Pulley system pulley system
Ravigneaux gear set
Riemoverbrenging in Dutch
Tandwielen rechte vertanding
Winding gear how a steam engine was used to power the lift that transported miners and equipment between the surface and the bottom of the mine shaft
Wormgear avi file
Worm gear drive
Worm gear drive
Worm gear drive Worm gear drive
Worm gear drive Worm gear drive
Worm gear drive Unlike ordinary gears, the motion is not reversible, a worm can drive a gear to reduce speed but a gear cannot drive a worm to increase it

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